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Just tried an enema !

Discussion in 'Other fetishes' started by nikkel, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. My Lady had me buy an 8" dildo for her to use on me .
    I am a virgin and decided I needed an emema ,so I unscrewed the shower hose , and having it on low, inserted it in my anus.
    The toilet was nearby and I repeated this about 5 times .
    After about the third enema only clear water came out.
    The thing I noticed was after 15 minutes to an hour or more , a bit of fluid still leaked out. Yes it was very little , maybe 2 tablespoons .but very disgusting to me .
    I have yet to have my Lady use it on me , but the day is soon coming.
    Is this normal ?
    How can I prevent this fluid not being expelled immediately ?
  2. Get the kind that has an inflatable tip. You inflate it and it has a way to stop the flow either way. In other words it blows up as a balloon inside your anus and you pinch the tubing closed so nothing can come out. It will be painful and was a part of our S&M games a long time ago. Much more fun with two people. Just where is this lady you speak about that she cannot be there with you? I tried BDSM alone once and it is a shell of the real thing.
  3. My Lady lives on the other side of town, and not turned on by enemas.
    We have a very strict D/s relationship. My Lady considers me her property , something she owns !
    I too enjoy being owned.
  4. Had the same issues. Never found a way around it other than to plan ahead. I generally prepare around lunch time and then generally ready for an early night.
    But I look forward to any advice from others experience.
  5. A shower nozzle is pretty harsh for anything but a quick rinse. It will shoot too far in and make its way to another section. With that comes it’s eventual departure at its own convenience.

    Try an enema bag like a hot water drip. Or if the tub is something you plan on using, there is an attachment you can buy that fits over the faucet part of tub. Keep it to a trickle, slow and easy. Once full, hold it in as long as you can to loosen everything up before evacuation.

    No place for a power washer, think very gentle fill up like filling a water balloon.
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  6. giggle. you has to make sure that all the water has come out you before you leave the loo.
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  7. Ha Ha , yes I had the nozzle removed and had adjusted the flow to a mere easy trickle. .
  8. Careful with shower enema, can cause a lot of pain for a pretty long time if done incorrectly
  9. There will almost always be a bit of "extra", if you look at anatomy, the transverse colon has a slight 'dip' to it, plus getting down to the sigmoid has one also. you cant stop it, just minimize and plan ahead.
    Just remember, go gentle and easy, it isnt cleaning out a can of beans to toss in the recycling.

    Other than that, enjoy that warm fullness... it feels great.
  10. Agree with all, especially @nickoftime. The best results in an enema comes from letting it have time to do its work. Mistress really loads me up and then massages my belly and it becomes serious torment after 10-15 minutes of it churning around in there. Then, when you evacuate, do as #jamina says and stay on the Pot until it all is gone. (Mistress uses this time to demean and humiliate me!) After that, you are clean as a whistle and anal activities are far more sanitary and enjoyable!
  11. I agree. If done properly an enema is profoundly erotic. I love the feeling of being emptied completely and immediately being filled with a 10-inch strapon.