Just bought my first cage - Looking for a female

Discussion in 'Personal ads - Looking for a keyholder or sub?' started by red_robin_wedding, Jan 13, 2021 at 3:05 AM.

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    Hi there! I am looking for a female, ideally local, that shares the interest of chastity. I am flexible on the type of relationship you would like to have regarding this. It could be a FWB type where I mainly focus on your pleasure while I am locked that also involves tease/denial and orgasm control. Or it could even be more platonic where you keep me in chastity for your amusement and we just friends. We could discuss this. For now I am just using my cage for short term wear.

    I think chastity would help me in various ways in life. It would change my behavior pattern of how men just think with what is between their legs. Make me focus more on the woman. If you are not local but want to communicate anyways I would be open to that too.

    I am very friendly and easy to get along with. Average type of guy. I have a geek/nerd side to me. I tend to like casual activities.

    If you are interested please let me know and I would love to talk to you! Thank you!
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