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Judgeys Jornal

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Judgey, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Myself and my wife have been playing around with short term chastity for about 12 months.

    I have always been in bdsm from an early age. I had never told my wife about my desires and it was onky about a year and half ago that I decided to let her know some of them.

    Over time I started to let her know more and more about what I liked. I would of classed my maelf as a switch but now im more submissive. She wasnt really into being tied up and whipped. Where I loved it. About 12 months ago I thought it was a good idea to try chastity as after reading about it I thought it would be fun and rewarding for my wife. Leting her control my orgasms. At first she wasnt really into it to much.

    Over the coming months we only did for a day and it would always lead to sex. But the more we did chastity the more I wanted to become locked up more.

    The main issue I had was the device I jad the cb6000 would become painfully after an extended period of time. We decided to try out a smaller device which was a steel one and although it seemed ok for a longer time. Again it would become painfully and we would have to take it off. The issues Inwas having were pinching and an extreme burning under my balls.

    After some advice and lot more reading about what the bear devices are. We decided to get a holy trainer v2. I must admit as soon as it arrived i out it straight on and it fitted like a glove and wasnt painfull at all.

    We started to go longer on the lock up periods but the night time lock up was always an issues and I had to take jt off a few times over night.

    We finally had a break though and inwas able to go all night and only woke up once.

    My wife loved the idea of me bwing locked up but never really paid me much attention and I was starting to think that maybe chastity wasnt for us as she would lock me up but wouldnt take the key or tease me or denie me.

    I was making sure to show my wife what the benefits would be for her with me being in chastity. Slow but sure shes started to show a lot more intrest in it.

    At this point We hadnt really talked about what we both liked, what we were prepaired to do and not do and how far to take it. Like anything its trail and error.

    At this point the longest i had gone wearing the device had been a weekend.

    Were recently just had a new born baby and all the bdsm stuff has been put on hold. But the chastity device hasnt been. My wife has been showing far more intrest in it for a while now.

    Up until this point I had only been locked up over a weekend.

    I went in leave last wednesday and to my susprise Thursday my wife said i want you to put your cage on first thing in the morning. I complied and pit the cage on first thing Friday morning and presented the key to her and for her to inspect that is was secue.

    Im not due to go back to work until week coming this tuesday. To my susprise my wife said i was going to be locked for the next 7 days and I suggested that we could keep locked until I return to work which would mean 12 days.

    Before this came about I had spoken to my wife about me being caged and using a strapon on her which she dosnet mind trying and I then asked her that perhaps we could then get her to use it on me which she hasnt been keen on. What she did say was that I can order some butt plugs which we have.

    Today has been the 3rd day and 3rd night that I have been locked up woth the only time out was yesterday to wash myself and then straight back in to my device. Also this time she has kept both keys and hidden them.

    Today we have made a break though and had a long chat about everything. She has got me to write down 3 diffrent lists from soft medium and hard.

    Soft = is all the things Im happy to do
    Medium = is all the things im not sure on
    Hard = is a no go.

    This susprised me today for a few reason. One i was expecting it and secondly i have had to pretty much write down everything.

    The other thing that Has susprised me today is that she has come up with a new edging game one that we have never done before. What it is, no matter what im doing shes saying anything from 3 mins to 6mins. Shes giving me that time to go to the bedroom and get the wand out to edge myself. The rules are, i have to get to the point in the cage where im about to cum but stop. If i cum theres going to be a horrible punishment. The other rule is I have to return to her within that time she has given me. Failinn to results in a punishment. If i dont get to the point where im about cum then thats another punishment.

    The other thing that is news ti my ears but im also anlittle nervous about is my wife has said to me today. That shes really enjoying this at the moment and she may decided to make it fully time.

    Im a little bit blown away as well as nervous at the same time while being excited about it also. After all it is what I was after.
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  2. Nice one, any update ? ;)