J.G Leathers site virus free yet?

Discussion in 'Off topic discussions' started by Cape Cod Richie, Jun 6, 2009.

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    Once a week I make the rounds of fun sites and J.G. Leathers is one of them.

    About 2 weeks ago there was a warning on the home page about a Trojan virus in the site with a warning and also a message saying that it was being cleaned up. I left.

    I checked every few days and finally the warning was gone about a week later so in I went. There was nothing new since my last visit so I left; no problem.

    A few days later (last weekend) I visited again and there were updates so I started browsing. I quickly got a pop up from my anti-virus saying there was (surprise!) a Trojan virus detected.

    I immediatly locked down my firewall and watched the fun. The Trojan is a anti spyware program that says you have problems. Sign up and pay for solution. What was really humorous was the second popup showing increasing amounts of spyware detctions and IP addresses. Pretty amazing since my firewall was locked.

    I did my whole computer scan (wasting about 3 hours of my time) and cleaned the Trojan out. I then deleted JG's link from my Bookmarks.

    Has anyone visited the site since last weekend safely? I really miss my visits but don't feel like all that virus removal nonsense again.

    Any replies would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    I would e-mail J.G. but to do that I would have to go to the site so you can see the problem. Stupid viruses!!

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