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It's Time! We are getting a PA!

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by Thatgirl, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Expect some bleeding for 2-3 days.

    I used a nitrile glove around the package with a rubber band to hold it on. Also, a gauze pad wrapped around the "end".
  2. We are four days into @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet 's PA piercing. We think the ring may be a little too tight during erections - he is getting irritation near where the piercing goes in on the bottom of his cock, so he is going to call the piercing shop tomorrow to see if we can get a different ring. Also, see how the skin near his urethra is kinda of being pulled in? Not sure if that is normal or not. The ring pictured is a horseshoe ring bent open a little bit. So what do you guys think? Too tight?
    Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.47.12 PM.png Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 12.47.34 PM.png
  3. That's a bent barbell and will not be forgiving when pressure is applied to it. Try to get a captive bead ring as soon as possible in maybe 5/8 inch diameter. If you want to stretch a size it is aggressive but can be done. He will squeal but atleast he will heal at a larger gauge. Will probably hurt less than what is there now
  4. A CBR (captive bead ring) is a better piece to use during healing. The diameter to use depends on how far back the piercing is from the tip. You have to sort of eyeball it, taking into account any expansion which may occur.

    When I was pierced, I received a 3/4 inch diameter ring for my effort. That proved to be a bit tight, so I went with 7/8 inch diameter rings when I stretched the piercing.

    Now, I have a bent barbell and a circular barbell, both 2 gauge x 3/4 inch in titanium alloy, which I can use whenever I am out of my device. They rarely get used these days.
  5. Put some pics on here

  6. @Thatgirl@Thatgirl mentioned this thread and the recommendation to switch to an actual CBR because of the uniformity of the curvature. I had been under the impression that a round bent barbell was the same thing just minus a few degrees of the circle.

    The piercer manually bent this one to widen it. Not sure why. I think because I had asked for something minimalistic (I wanted as little hardware down there as possible to snag on stuff during healing) and he didn't have an 8g round bent barbell in the desired diameter, so he hand-bent this one.

    Unfortunately they're closed today. So we either wait till tomorrow or @Thatgirl@Thatgirl can try to change it out later. It's sore to the touch around the new hole, so that idea frightens me some :)

    I'm not sure about a stretch to 6g. All the devices we're looking at will accept the 8g. Plus I'm a big wuss and the thought is intimidating - particularly if we have to change out the jewelry ourselves.

    After thought: any reason a smith segmented ring wouldn't work? Like the look but worried about the seams at this stage.

    Thanks again to everyone who's replies with helpful info. MUCH appreciated.
  7. A captive ball ring has tapered ends, probably easier to switch to one of those. I didn't care for it at the start, but I've gotten used to it. One of the benefits is that there is only one ball, so you don't have to worry about the balls exerting pressure at either end. Skip the stretch, unnecessary pain at this point. I went big because cheese cutter effect scares the shit out of me, made more sense to start big, not have to stretch and not have to worry about splitting. Not to mention, really not into that type of pain.
  8. I don't think i would like one. Ouch
  9. i would if Mistress would approve it.
  10. well made
    Well made segmented ring with very smooth joints is fine, but you will need pliers for sure. Some CBR at your gauge don't require the tool to get ball mounted in ring.
  11. Do not worry about it being sore, just keep up the sea salt soaks twice a day at least, and it will heal.

    I would strongly suggest stretching it up to to 4 or at least 6 gauge once it is healed. 8 gauge is still pretty small, only about 3 mm. But, don't even think about that now, just concentrate on healing.

    A segment ring would work, but they are more difficult to install.
  12. Thank you. It seems to be healing well. Just sore at the piercing, otherwise feels pretty good. Hopefully after I get the ring changed out for something of a larger diameter the soreness will abate quickly. Despite my cowardice the logic of @thundar@thundar 's recommendation to make the bump from 8 to 6 when I change the ring out is undeniable. A little more discomfort early on to save time and more discomfort later on is preferable. Just not sure I had planned to go to 6 at all. If it's inevitable then getting it over with now makes sense. Though cowardice sometimes wins out over sense. We'll see. I'll have to find out where @Thatgirl@Thatgirl comes down on me having hardware that big in general. I'm sure she'll post an update one way or the other.
  13. Another point of view on stretching a PA. I have found it's rather easy to stretch a fully healed PA with zero pain. So why would you subject yourself to more stretching now, which will just slow down the healing?

    My advice: Change out the jewelry for a beaded ring of your gauge, but with a larger diameter. Then after it heals, you will find the piercing will have enlarged itself, just have the next larger size available, and install it when it fits. If you want it even larger, just do it again, until you have the size you want.
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  14. Either way, getting rid of the barbell is most important. Allowing the natural stretch of a healed piercing to go larger is a viable option. Depending on circumstances, it is possible to fast track the process. Keysafe has sound advice
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  15. I was sore for a good month after getting peirced. Though I think that mainly came from my foreskin pushing on the jewelry when flaccid. Eventually it will get better but I would try the larger size jewelry also. If the diameter is too small nocturnal erections could be putting pressure on the new hole.
  16. I have a silly question. Once healed, is the PA locked to the cage with a pad lock? Or is there another way a bar/ring is attached through the piercing then locked to the cage?

  17. I'm gearing up to go see the piercer in an hour or so for a larger diameter ring. I'm not feeling any undue pain, just some soreness at the hole. But when erect the diameter is definitely pulling my head down and putting pressure on the new hole like you say.

    @submissive Bobbie (Bob)@submissive Bobbie (Bob) - people do both. Check out @thundar@thundar 's album. I won't likely do the lock thing. Just a cage with a PA prong. Though I never say never. Maybe in a year I'll have a ladder and a 00 PA :)
  18. Because I am uncut, I found a CBR to be very uncomfortable. I got a curved barbell instead - like you have. I found it to be comfortable, while I was healing and afterwards. I don't think you necessarily need to use a ring but you could try a different length, different ends etc.
  19. I stopped back in to see the piercer and told him that when I grow the jewelry he provided me pulled and was uncomfortable. Asked for the next diameter up and for it to be a CBR. Unfortunately he didn't have a CBR to fit the bill. So he put a larger diameter (3/4 - 19mm) round barbell in. He said he preferred not to do CBRs in the first couple weeks because if it needs to come out and your not used to removing it you can slip and tug at it, etc. I think it was just that he didn't have them, to be honest. But the 3/4 round barbell is much more comfortable, so that's cool for now.

    I ordered a smattering of CBRs and smooth segmented rings in 5/8 and 3/4 to experiment. Hopefully when they arrive in a few days I'll have mustered up the courage to try changing it myself. Then at around 4 weeks or so, he said, moving to a 6g would be pretty easy.

    Anything to know about taking out / putting in a ring for the first time?
  20. expect some bleeding
    do it submerged in some water as the blood will cover up the hole and make it harder for you to insert the ring otherwise
  21. It's easiest to get the ring in and out when it's got some sort of lubricant. A little urine works if you're used to putting the ring in and out quickly. Emu oil is another good choice as it also helps keep the skin soft and supple.

    I was putting mine back in last night after having boiled and alcohol wiped the jewelry, and I found my emu oil's gone bad, so I used a drop of olive oil instead. I don't know if that's a typically recommended option, but it is high in vitamins and safe to use on skin, so I was willing to assume the risk. No mutated penis yet.

    If you've never changed it before, go slow. If you feel pain, back up a little and try a slightly different angle. It may look healed, but the tissues are still settling in there for up to 6 months from your piercing date, so listen to your body as you go.

    Typically you go in from underneath, but occasionally if I've left the ring out too long, I have to go the other direction and work the piercing site around the ring. Again, gentle, you don't want to shred anything inside.
  22. yeah some sort of lubricant is a must when changing jewelry, at least for me. olive oil works well. sometimes just a little bit of water will work also.
  23. Do you have a pair of ring pliers for a CBR or segment ring?
  24. I usually use Bacitracin or Neosporin as a lubricant.