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It is no longer a game. It is my sex life.

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Vinny, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Just came to realize that being locked up 24/7 and having 4-6 orgasms a year is not long a sex game we are playing. It was at one time but now we just go about our life as if I was not caged anymore. We do have sex once a week where she has her orgasm within a few minutes of starting. It is all over so quickly and now she wants me locked up during sex so she does not have to edge me. She said that she cannot make sex all about her if she has to edge me, which is harder than making me orgasm. She is right about that.

    I have mixed feelings about this realization. The game aspects have all but disappeared and what is left is Teasing and Denial with 24/7 lockup. My wife has become very serious about being a KH and no longer feels guilty for denying me. She would love if I never had an orgasm again, but knows that without the anticipation of an orgasm, all pleasure I get from our Chastity would disappear. I do not know how to describe it. Before there was a sense of Chastity being a game we played but now it is just our normal sex life. No game, no BDSM, just our everyday life as if it were perfectly normal like all of our friends.

    How do you feel about chastity? Does it feel like your normal? Does you KH fully embrace her role? That is it. It is no longer a role. I do not see her playing a role in chastity. It is something she just takes as normal.
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  2. It is basicly the same in our marriage and has been for some time .we both love It
    I am very rarely allowed an orgasm
    My wife made it quite clear the other week she does not want to change back to the old ways this is my life
  3. That is what my wife said. Said that she does not like the way I am when I orgasm regularly. I go along with her, not because she dominates me as she cannot dominate a flea, because I feel that I owe her for sharing me with her girlfriends and other women I knew up until 7 years ago. She is enjoying being the star of the show for once.
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    She is doing things properly. What is, or isn't, to be your sex life is now her decision, not yours. Accept it.
  5. While it is certainly my regular life now, I am the opposite in that I don't feel a sense of loss. Rather I feel I have gained a lot and can't believe we functioned sexually in any meaningful manner before chastity. I feel like we have gained a sex life that we never had before.
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  6. I was having threesomes as my regular sex and had a good S&M partner in our girlfriend. I did lose a lot. That is why we got into Chastity in the first place. We did not know how to be a monogamous couple and it took a few years to figure it out. I do miss our girlfriend as she was the sadist to my masochist. Chastity seems to satisfy my masochistic needs, but it is like taking a weaker drug that barely controls your cravings for a stronger drug. Then again, it took me a few years to accept old age. You know when you are old when it is rare when you have a month without a doctor or dentist appointment.