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Issues with jailbird

Discussion in 'Other fetishes' started by Merc04, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Im not usually one to post here as i can usuallly resource answers pretty well, but I'm having recurring issues with my MM jailbird.
    At first, the fit is pretty comfortable, but nighttime erections lead to painful, abnormal swelling in my scrotum. With previous devices, I'd lube up and fall back asleep, but with this cage the pain and swelling are of concern.
    I can easily fit a finger inbetween my body and ring, but this is the smallest ring I've had.
    Another problem I'm facing is, if i can bear the pain for a few days, an open sore develops under my sack.
    Everything I've read says the gap is too small, but my senses tell me the ring and gap may be too small.
    What are your thoughts? I dont want to send this in for mods multiple times, but then again maybe thats what it takes to get the proper adjustment?
    This has been an issue that has kept me, and my partner, away from chastity play for some time now. Any help input would be appreciated!
  2. Same device, same problem. Talked to Mistress MM and she said it was the gap and I thought it was the ring. She increased the gap and all was well for the next 3+ years. Email MM and tell them about the problem and listen to their solution. I swore it was the ring. Never thought about the gap. You should not be having any problems if you can fit a whole finger under the ring. In fact, a proper fit will allow just the fingertip under the ring. That is how tight mine is and still very comfortable that if my wife asks me if I want a few hours unlocked, I say no because it does not bother me to wear it at all. Mistress MM will probably ask you if you can fit a finger under the ring at the top where your penis is. If you can, it is not a ring problem, it is a gap problem. They fixed it and had it back to me in 2 weeks. I think it cost about $25 including my shipping cost to them since I went UPS rather than regular mail.
  3. I’ve done the rounds of the cheap and custom devices. While I like the Jailbird, I get the occasional sore in the same spot you describe. My theory is that the base ring is too narrow, and therefore isn’t spreading the load over a wider area of skin, I think it’s about 5mm. The cages from Steelworxx (eg Steelheart) have an 8mm wise ring which I find more comfortable. I recently got a cheap Chinese cage with an ergonomically shaped, very wide ring, it never slips or moves around and I was surprised to find it very comfortable with no chaffing or any other issues.
  4. Awesome guys. Thanks for the quick responses! Ill have to follow up with Mistress MM. Hopefully I can get this thing wearable
  5. This really makes it sound like the best option would be a double base ring
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  6. Thats not a bad idea, I think I still have the sizing rings from when i ordered.
    I could see pinching becoming an issue between the rings though.
    Its worth a shot anyhow
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  7. I made the mistake of adjusting both the ring and the gap bigger at the same time. Now I need to make ring smaller again. Go with the gap first and see if that fixes the problem.
  8. Solid plan, pouch. Ill let yall know what happens
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  9. Just sent mine back yesterday to have the gap adjusted. Previously went down 1 ring size.
  10. After discussing and sending in photos of the sizing with Mistress MM we came to the conclusion the gap needed to be increased by 1/16". Hope this works out. Thanks for all of yalls help in the matter. Cheers
  11. I have been wearing my jailbird but unlike you had to squeeze mine in a vise to close the gapso my balls can't sneak out .
    great now !