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Is Your Partner/KH Naturally Dominant?

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by Mistress Jules, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. When I'm teased and denied, we don't have any arguments, she just gets her way all the time, and that makes me very happy. We started orgasm denial about six months ago, and have not had an argument since.
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  2. My KH is dominant, but as you describe, she is not comfortable in it and feels she needs to play the caretaker role to be the ideal woman. Chastity and the D/s aspects of our sex life have empowered her to privately engage in her natural position. I can always tell, as she often surprises me with just how dominant she can be. The longer we play, especially chastity, it is starting to spill over into our everyday life. But it is a slow transition, very slow.
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  3. While having another talk about kink yesterday while relaxing together on the bed yesterday my Goddess/Wife @n2toys@n2toys mentioned about how much She enjoys denying and tormenting me - I asked "Are you becoming more and more a Sadist?"

    Goddess - "I'm 'discovering' the Sadist in me ;)"

    My only response was a huge smile on my face...:D
  4. I think my KH has always been on the dominate side, but was not taught to be that way. As time has gone by I have come to see that I am a lot more submissive
    than I thought I was. As of late there has been a big change and she can see that she can really take control. She told me it was time to go to the next level. I have to say
    that this past month has been eye opening for me. I have a full belt from Behind Barz that You can keep clean without taking it off. I did have a key before this and she said
    that she wasn't sure if I was that chaste. Locked one key to the spindle on the head board with a plastic lock for emergency and has the other one. She loves it and said that I have passed the test for no O for 22 days so we will go for 28 ( longest was 8). Her on the other hand has had what ever she wanted and can't believe that I haven't
    complained. She said that I have been wonderful. Have to say very big change but I am right where I should be.