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Is your mistress soft-hearted?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Cincy, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Yesterday, during a tease and denial session, I went over the edge and had a ruined orgasm...my wife said "I'm not adding another week"! The rule is that if I have an accident, a week is added to my next scheduled orgasm. This is my second mistake in the last couple of weeks, and my last regular orgasm was about three weeks ago.

    Now I know that I am not allowed to break the rules, I also know that she is allowed to break the rules at any time. I don't know if she is being soft-hearted, or in need of a PIV session?
  2. My wife loves me. She is not looking for excuses to punish me. If that were the case I would have been beaten dead by now. :) She is stern when it comes to orgasm denial and when we have sex. Took her 4 years to get that way but in the end, it is only a sex game, one of many we have played over the last 4 decades. In fact, it is the mildest one we have done. I do not end up with burn marks, bleeding welts on my butt or bruises on my face and thighs. Most of all I do not get kicked/slapped/punched in my testicles anymore. All I have to do is forgo orgasms for a long time. I have always been more interested in giving sexual pleasure to women, than receiving it. I feel joy in giving a woman pleasure, especially one I fell in love with at first sight and is my wife for over 44 years. She plays with me and makes sure I do not go over the line from safe to sorry. Most of all I owe her big time for participating in every fetish people know about and sharing her girlfriends with me for most of our marriage. Not many guys can say that they had a few thousand threesomes and for this I turned over control of our sex life to my wife. She does not have to be stern though since I will simply do as she says when it comes to sex.
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  3. My key holder is also soft hearted. At most she keeps me for a week and during the last I was supposed to be punished but she let me cum a week early.
  4. my Mistress is lovley and i love Her and i love being Her maid. i know that i sometimes am silly and do the wrong thing and sometimes Mistress gets a bit angry with me and that when i get paddled but it better than Her not bothering with me and being angry with me for ages and ages. and after its over and i have had it and gone in the kitchen in the corner i can come back in the lounge and we am ok again. anyways i'm ok and i'm happy than i was before when i was on my own a lot.
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  5. Maybe try looking at it another way gentlemen. She has agreed to play out your sexual fantasy of orgasm denial which basically means no sex for her. So maybe she is a little fed up that you are getting your fantasies come true and she is not.

    One of her options is to cuckold you and go take a lover to get sexual pleasure whilst you live out your chaste fantasy as real life. What is more likely in this day and age is she will get a vibrator, have some fun and then realise that really she would prefer someone who enjoys having sex with her. Divorcee rather than cuckold, not really what you were hoping for is it?

    Be careful what you wish for gentlemen,
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  6. Life is full of rules. Don't make sex too complicated I say. If she wants some PIV then get some.
  7. I agree. The biggest thing is two way street. Are both of you satisfied? Communication is everything
  8. Two weeks since my last orgasm. I know she wants it as bad as I do, but we have set rules. Now, if she says screw the rules and bend me over...then hell yes! I'm going to do what she says. She is getting an orgasm everyday though and sometimes two a day. So, surely she can't be that bad lol. Oh and yes, she's a very loving KH, but she really has turned it up with some of the punishment. She's been reading a couple if different books to help with that