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Is there room here for a sissy dog?

Discussion in 'The Veterinary Center' started by PuppyMastersPet, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. After my rant on Friday Ive had a lot of time to reflect and after receiving some helpful advice Ive decided that I need to give master what he wants most of all, his dog back.
    Before I decided that I preferred being a sissy I was literally masters pet a doggy in fact.
    I made the decision last night after receiving some advice from mistress watchful, So this morning I asked master if he wished for me to be his dog again and to cap it all off I even said I will go back in my CB.
    So this afternoon after we had done the shopping and I cooked some dinner. Master ordered me into the bedroom and strip completely. He then told me I was to dig out the CB2000, I did so and then he began to put it back in its rightful place, around my cock.
    Master was very happy he seems to be more at ease bossing a silly dog around. Master was so happy in fact he decided that he wanted me to pleasure him by sitting on his cock.
    I dont think this is the end of my sissy life though. Master is going to let me dress for him as a treat and I think Ill still be dressing in my usual casual wear when the mood takes me. I think of my self as more of a sissy dog, brings a whole new meaning to me being his bitch.
    As for the CB Ive had to make a choice, am I to completely submit or continue submitting but only on my terms. Im going to get over my stupid irrational fear of the CB and will have to endure the bulge, when my perineum piercing heals I will always have the option to lock my cock down when the bulge gets too much for me to handle. My fem/trans feelings usual go up and down, very erratically from feeling like a horrible butch male to hating the bit between my legs.
    For now though master is happy and thats all that matters. Now I can completely submit and master will be comfortable and happy taking control of me. I think once and for all Ive proven to master and myself that I do want this lifestyle and will do what ever it takes to please my master.
  2. OOOooooh kris...

    Been away for a lil' while... and looks what happens? Your life has gone to the DOGS... BUT, i betcha you'll make such a cute, sexy French poodle. Your Master must get you a lovely pink collar and a leash to lead you about and then train you to do all sorts of doggie tricks like... cum on command, play fetch the dildo and even how to play bury the "boner"... wag your tail and pant your tongue and sit up to beg to lick your Master's balls.


    Of course there's always there's the rolled up newpaper if He catches you humping the furniture...

    You two are such a creative pair... LOVE to hear all your miss-adventures in Chastity Land
  3. kris... I'm so pleased you found your way back to your Master's lap! The CB is only temporary, as you said, I hope you can bear it for that short while if that is what your Master desires. :smile:

    Muffy.... that picture is SO hot!
  4. Well hello there maid muffy, missed seeing you aroung here lately. I love that picture.

    I'm sure I'll be posting many of my miss-adventures over time. Master seem a lot more comfortable controling me now, He loves his sissy dog. Will ask If he would like to buy me a pink collar that would be nice. Think he wants me to have a new tail first though for me to wag :tongue:.

    I'm not sure if the CB is temporary anymore, been looking at the CB 6000. Think master will only use the perimium when my fem feelings get really strong.
    Slept ok last night it's like I've always been wearing it. I'll keep wearing it for Master, see how I get on. Aslong as I can manage not to have an irrational thoughts then I should be ok.
  5. Well... "doggie" Kris...

    We have to thank Mistress Watchful here for creating this special "Veterinary Center" and hunting down pedigree "sissies" to be leashed and collared for our members' pleasure.

    i figure being transformed from a human to a pet is a complete departure from normal existence and a chance to forget about the daily burdens of real life. But most of all, it's a lot of fun. Sadly, adults don't often get to "play" and yet our sexual expression is one area that remains private enough and recreational enough (if we're lucky) to allow for just that: a bit of well-earned playtime and a chance to partake in something enjoyable simply because it feels good.

    Personallly, there are times i would like to trade place with our cat "Rusty", especially when he's all nestled between my Wife's soft lovely breasts pillows... except he's been neutered... WAIT A MINUTE?? Isn't being in a chastity device a simular situation?
  6. I don’t think I have thanked mistress watchful how rude of me. Well Mistress Watchful if you’re reading this, thank you for creating a place for doggies to tell thier story.
    Things seem to be going better than ever now I’ve given master what he wants rather and telling him what I want.
    Been pricing up a new CB and master would like to wear a tail again. The tail if you haven’t seen one uses a rather large butt plug to stay in can be nightmare to get in but it’s worth it to make my master happy. Have to buy a new tail though, we had one but it get left at the bottom of one of the toy boxes and the butt plug snapped off :sad:.
    Toy lists only ever seem to grow I find. :tongue:
  7. maid Muffy,
    Not my usual thing, but love that picture. Who's the artist?
  8. Hello maid Muffy, my Mistress saw the picture and got inspire and She wants to do something like this eventually...

    Thanx for the inspiring picture.
  9. I have the long red hair to be him! I want to be him!
  10. Thank you...

    "Petite Salope" and "Bound Captain" for the kind compliments... yanno, i should DO more pictures like this... who knows how many Mistresses and Masters out there might just get inspired enough to treat their sissies like lil' puppies!

    Imagine being treated by your Mistress like a little French poodle.... wearing Her adorable collar and leash... being lead crouched on all fours and cowering at Her platform high heels. Every time She pulls on the leash attached to your balls, your cock would jerk and get HARDer, bobbing obscenely between your legs...

    Life for you will be nuttin' but DOG BISCUITS!... from now on.
  11. very wise. i like that
  12. Thank you "Iago"

    i DO have my moments... HOWEVER, if my Wife/Mistress ever decide on having a puppy (animal or human) quess who gets to do all the work? Who else but ME?... Imagine, "you-know-who" all dolled up in "her" maid's uniform while "Fido" is lead about crouch on all fours, cowering at my high heels and fishnet stockings. After gobbling up my dog biscuits he lifts his leg, and..... {{gasp!}} before one could say "FIRE HYDRANT" he hoses down the front steps (marking his territory i presume).

    Little Miss Muffy went to the corner to...
    to get her poor dog a bone...
    Went "she" bend over.
    Rover took over...
    And gave "her" a bone of his OWN!!!

    (Sigh... say good-bye to my moment of wisdom)

    "OOOooooo.... pleasssse, i not a REAL girl!" i cry but that doesn't stop "REX" ... Penisaurus REX, that is (doggie name) Inspite of myself that pretty billowing maid's skirt just gives way exposing my very accessible "pantied" bottom making such an inviting target.

    i can see... Mistress "N", the most CRUEL and DEMANDING of ALL MISTRESSES... standing over us with a very menacing riding crop dangling oninously at Her side.

    "SO!!!" She hisses in mock defiance. "Playing "BURY THE BONER" are you!!"
  13. can you repost the image? A dogs life is ideal for me. and those tails can be really shitty, I had one and the tail broke off too, you can re glue them easily enough though..
  14. Oh..i've always wanted to be a doggy...but Daddy doesn't seem interested in that. Always thought about eating and drinking from a bowl on the floor, begging, sniffing Daddy's ass, just sleeping at his feel, curled upon under his desk on the floor, leashed alot, and of course, humping against his leg in order to try to get myself off....

    Sissy Puppy is such a great idea..

    and i totally get it that at some point some of us submissive types (who are generally dominant in the normal world) tend to try to "top from the bottom" and that is NOT a good thing if we ever truly want to achieve the type of relationship we imagine. So i am so glad that my Daddy is taking more and more control...learning to say no to me and not letting me sway him with my hard to resist, superbly logical, analytically convincing lawyer reasoning....

    i'm going to be determined to enjoy the life that Daddy wants.

    enjoy your puppy life..
  15. i always had sissy dog dreams. Most of them is being a cute poodle taken by Dom. Fully training too
  16. I train my slave-maids to be both "sentient domestic appliances" and "sexualised human pets". The best of both worlds; I get the place clean and tidy and they get to be treated like a pet.
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    Great to have you posting here again Guy, you always seem to be having fun in some way or another! :D
  18. Yes, I've been a bit of a hermit the past year or two, as I moved out here to Portugal, then took this property on.

    It was pretty grim at first, but I'm kicking it into shape, we've already done pony-play here, outdoors in February!