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Is the term PIV offensive?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by PouchPantyLover, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. This came up in another thread when someone made the comment that the term PIV was offensive to women on the site. I assume by extension women in general. I found the concept fascinating because it seems so bland and clinical to me. The acronym stands for (I assume) Penis In Vagina. There are no more clinical terms for genitalia than those two and it's further watered down by conversion to an acronym. I could see someone getting riled up by DIC as I know from experience how much women hate the C word. It never occurred to me that anyone would take offense at PIV. Then again the whole avatar thing revealed I am not the most sensitive person on this site. What do you think? Is it offensive? What's a better term?
  2. Intercourse or coïtus have a neutral connotation whereas PIV lacks the element of mutual respect or perhaps even mutual willingness for me. I'm a non-native speaker.
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  3. Interesting to get the non-native speaker opinion. I take it that you think PIV is offensive?
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  4. It creates a feeling of discomfort, offensive would be a step too far. I haven't seen an example in which PIV was used to describe loving, respectful or meaningful sex. I could be totally wrong though.
  5. It doesn't offend me as such, I just think it is really silly. I cannot imagine a scenario where I would say "I'm really horny ... piv me now"!
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    Lol , not a phrase that trips off the tongue, is it. :)
  7. Agreed, in that context it is ridiculous. What about descriptive though? When I'm trying to provide context to a text discussing our (my wife and I) chastity practice I have used it without thinking it offensive. i.e. my last PIV orgasm was in July. I'm genuinely curious if there is a more appropriate way of saying this or if this is acceptable. To the point @Pietje12@Pietje12 made I could say the last time I had an orgasm via intercourse with my wife was July. I don't usually use acronyms, it's the bane of texting permeating society. IMHO ;) My least favorite of which is LOL. Somehow PIV seemed natural to me. It just struck me as odd that someone found it offensive and thus the thread.
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  8. PIV to me would simply explain a scenario with out the need for need details.
  9. I just think it is to impersonal. I just think of TGIF toes go in first not really a term of endearment. I feel that it is a cold.
  10. too many people are easily offended these days lol. I say keep using it. If they get offended then oh well :rolleyes:
  11. Like LockedUp I think its ok when describing briefly an event or series of events that were or were not included in a particular scenario or session. Its easier and more inofrmative of course if you are familiar with the users previous writing which may enable you to develop a better indication as to whether disrespect or coldness was intentionally being implied or not.

    We all fall into the trap sometimes of failing to remember that whilst much of the writing here is done by men from a male perspective and often lacks the consideration that some of the readers will be women and their perception or appreciation of some of the more typical male writing will not be in the same way that most men might view the same piece of material.

    So for some the term PiV is nothing other than an abbreviation for what is basically an abbreviation of a description of an event and for others it will be a phrase that may grate on their sensibilities but can be overlooked by mature people. Its like some peoples habitual misspellings or mispronunciations can be very annoying to some of us but wont make the world stop turning.
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  12. As I never goo out
  13. As I never go out of my way to offend anyone it does seem like people are always looking for something to get offended by. I have good advice for people that get offended by things.... get over it and scroll on.

  14. piv is exactly what happens. Intercourse also means conversation. Precision is all.
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  15. This has come up before, and stems from our interpretation of sex.

    Many of us still have “sex”, quite often, but doesn’t involve actual penetration. We still like to refer to it as sex, because...to us it is. But here people want to know if actually was released etc.

    Example: my kh unlocked me and we had sex.
    I am still so very frustrated.
    What did you gleam happened? I could have just been unlocked and went down on her, I could have used a bunch of toys etc, I could have actually gotten to be inside her. Here, sex has a variety of interpretations, least of which involves a penis in vagina. So, when they are describing a detail of what kind of sex without actually describing the play by play, piv is used.

    It’s not meant to be hot, or offensive, it’s jut being descriptive of where the penis went during sex. I might add that it has been overtly thrown about that a “locker room” language was offending some. I also heard from a female asking why not just say you f@$ked? So most don’t want to upset the Puritan population and use the most clinical way that know to say what went where.

    I lobbied for FODIP

    I haven’t seen it used though, maybe it just needs more exposure. Im sure if I bribed a lady or two here to use it, it might stick:p
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  16. Exactly - I'm sure someone would be offended if you referred to it as "normal sex".

    Also, sex is largely but not exclusively a matter of fitting an insertable into an orifice and a couple equipped with a dildo and a 'stroaker' have between them approximately 16 orifaces and 46 insertables so there are over 700 possibilities for 'sex' (I'll grant you that there are few erotic possibilities for left little toe in right ear either solo or as a couple but still...). So there is considerable scope for ambiguity!
  17. So let's use DIP rather than PIV...sounds funnier and the acronym is probably quite accurate for all the premature squirters!! Just a DIP and it was all over....he he he he
  18. I think we need a suitable acronym for the all too familiar post-penetrative penile softening syndrome (PPPSS?) - you know, the situation where the purple plunderer has been pumped to popping point during a very long period of tease or general foreplay only to turn into something resembling a short length of damp string shortly after being allowed to initiate the aforementioned PIV.
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  19. That made me laugh!

    The abbreviation doesn't bother me its just that it lacks emotion. If anything it would probably be the context in which it was used. "My mistress doesn't like PIV so she keeps my useless clitty locked." Okay, well I suppose that just about explains everything then. Nice chatting with you.

    It's all about personal preference and what sort of stuff you are into. I'm really into loving relationships that use tease and denial to spice things up. So if I were to explain a scenario about love making I'd be as explicit as I felt necessary. I might say I mounted him, or he was thrusting into me. It feels more alive and passionate like that to me and expresses alot more about the situation than PIV ever could. It just seems unemotional and blah. It's not offensive to me but taking one of the most intimate and passionate things a man and woman can do together and stripping it down to penis in vigina definitely gives it a negative vibe.

    It kinda makes me wonder if some guys actually say it to their wives Lol? Excuse me Wife, it's been a while and I was wondering if you'd mind if I put my penis in your vigina for a while? Umm yes I'd mind! This isn't one of your science experiments again is it? Just look it up on your computer honey. Besides I need to pluck my eyebrows and tonight suddenly seems like a great time to pull hairs out of my face one by one.
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  20. Just to continue winding up the pro-piv lobby, surely a better solution is to use a real word that is a synonym for intercourse. I refer to "Roger". In addition to being a real word those who delight in acronyms could pretend it stood for Real Orgasm Got Entering Rosebud.

    (Sits back and waits to be flamed)!
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  21. I think it was me that brought up the fact that the women of the Mansion find PIV offensive. I was just stating what I had read in another thread from comments made by our female members about the acronym. I also asked my Wife how she felt about it and while she wasn't particularly offended by it she really didn't like it, she found it too clinical, and this is a woman who has a rule that I call my penis a penis, not a cock, prick or any other term.

    My Wife's response to what else could we call it was traditional penetrative sex, which then led to us having a conversation about how that was as equally dry as PIV. Made love was her preferred description, as to her this is what we would call PIV but with the inclusion that the people taking part had feelings for each other. If she was just having sex with no feelings towards the person she was having it with then PIV would be appropriate. Its a penis in a vagina. It doesn't matter whose penis, it's just a penis
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  22. So I think the vibe I am getting her is that the women prefer that us men put some more passion into our writing. Put some color and emotion into it instead of dumbing it down with acronyms. Makes sense. Although I wold like to point out that most men write in a matter of fact way. We're not used to writing about our sex lives akin to a romance novel. But hey were are fast learners and can adapt :D
  23. Thanks for all the great comments. I think I will continue to use PIV when I want to be detached and clinical, but avoid it in emotional context. I think FODIP is my favorite alternate thus far. I feel like I am making love to my wife when I'm providing her with an orgasm even though my P is getting nowhere near her V.
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  24. One of the issues with saying making love is I make love to my wife all the time, but I do not penetrate her with my penis. I also penetrate her, but I do that with a strap on. That being said i do not go around saying piv piv, but it is an accurate handy acronym.
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  25. Plus it's really easy to guess what it stands for. If everyone started saying dip, Roger, or fodip I'd have no idea what they were going on about lol
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