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Is it possible to completely drain a guys balls in an extended spoiled orgasm session?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by DMc79, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. I have had three or four spoiled orgasms in one sesion, but I have never been drained dry in one session. My sessions ended when I lost my erection after orgasm. Each time, my cock twitched and cum both dribbled out and pulsed out. I went soft within seconds. We stopped the session then, thinking I was in a refractory period. Does the volume of cum diminish noticeably as a guy gets dry? Does it feel different to cum as you are drained out?
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  2. I wish that I could offer something more reliable, but all that I can say is that if my balls are milked until they are empty they begin to ache a bit and it is actually a little bit painful (in the balls) to cum. Having said that, I should also say that after three days in chastity my balls feel like lead weights and are aching and throbbing from the inside with their need to be drained. I assume that everyone experiences that feeling.
  3. I just finished mowing the lawn on my riding mower (it has headlights). My balls ache because I squished them several times getting on and off the mower. Chastity devices tend to do that to me anyway. Are you sure they don't ache because of the device? I have been in chastity for a little over three weeks. Three orgasms in that time, two spoiled. One week is my limit right now, then I get released and get some relief.
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  4. I am still trying to get a cage that fits. I am an odd size, apparently. :-(
    While I am experimenting with various devices, Mistress has me on an honour system. The longest period so far has been 15 days. I almost went crazy with need by day 15.
    I love the feeling of the weight of the steel device pulling down my package and the grip of the ring is like the hand of Mistress has hold of my equipment 24/7. When I finally get the ring size worked out I want a Mature Metal Jail Bird.
  5. I agree, the feeling of a metal cage is great. I have a stainless CB6000S. Finally got a good fit with the largest ring and spacer combo. I can wear tight bikini briefs and not feel like my balls are going to either explode or pop out of the ring. I slept thru the night for the first time this morning. Typically I wake up around 3AM with as raging hard on, sore balls and I have to pee to make it go away. My ruined orgasm will occur tomorrow AM. Looking forward to how many times I can dribble without going soft. More later.

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