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is chasity a must for flr

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by 2inch, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Is chasity a must for flr? What i mean is can most men behave and serve like they are told with out being locked up? is it just the way a typical guy is? Could any mistress imagian having any sub/husband/live in boyfriend free? Im sure there is a few out there that could serve just fine free.im talking about the adverge male,is my species of male just flawed? As intelligant human beings why is a device a must? I know for kink and fun chasity is great just like othe toys and sutch,im refering to attitude and serving.
  2. Each Woman should decide for Herself what to do with Her penis, that is, the penis connected to the man She owns.

    If I took my husband out of chastity, he would be just as obedient. But he would get erections. he knows I have forbidden that. So I got his chastity device to help him. he would feel terrible if he did anything that I would not like.

    I don't consider chastity devices a "must." Some Women may have other uses for their penises. But it should always be the Woman's decision.
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    It's certainly a must for sissymaids. The idea of a sissymaid walking around with an erection is unthinkable and ludicrous.
  4. Hi 2 Inch

    I have been in a FLR for 5 years now, and have been in and out of chastity devices over that time. Brendajjq is correct. It is an individual thing, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. The only thing that matters is what the Mistress wants. In my case, my Mistress wants to be able to make love to me like she always has once a month, and the devices just made that impossible. So for now she uses them as punishment for me if I misbehave. But that is not really very often. I love and adore her, and would never do anything that would jeopardize her desire for me to serve her. What I am not allowed to do anymore is have orgasms. Mistress on the other hand has many orgasms. In a month’s time I would say 10-12 days with orgasms with me orally satisfying her, and also large dildos and vibrators. She also requires me to edge myself at these times and any other time she is in the mood to see me tormented. I haven’t had a pleasurable orgasm since May 19[sup]th[/sup], although I had a ruined one on June 16[sup]th[/sup]. But for me, that has been it. The point is, for us, the no orgasms for me, and many for her keeps my head and hers where it needs to be for the FLR to be successful. But it could be a disaster for others. I suggest experimenting to find the things that bring you the closest together. That way it will last a long time.
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  5. I have found that for me, being out of chastity makes it very difficult to remain submissive around the clock. A FLR relationship with out chasity would be difficult if not impossible to sustain. Said but true, I am a difficult sub.
  6. i find i agree with slave@heart. It is more difficult to remain as submissive as required when out of chastity. The device reinforces the submissive mode just by being worn on command as well as preventing unpermitted erections.
  7. For me i expect & want to be kept locked up in a FLR. I dont think a sissymaid should be allowed unfettered erections or male orgasms.
  8. i quite likes being in my little cage, its comfy and it keeps evrything nice and snug and warm.
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    That's the point. What an FLR should contain is what She wants to contain, a cb is essential for me, but others may have other desires.
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  10. Well said Joro
  11. I find it much easier to wear a CB than not. If I'm not it takes loads of concentration not to cum. At night I can't sleep cause I am trying so hard not to touch myself. You see, even if I'm not wearing my CB, My wife forbids me to cum. So wearing it takes a lot of the pressure off of me. When I'm in my CB I can't cum... period, so I don't have to think about it so much.
  12. I agree. A cb prevents us from coming and maintains us in contant horniness. The beauty of it all is that we cant do anything about it. We are not in control of our sexuality anymore. Period.
  13. Being locked is essential for me to remain focus on pleasing my Mistress and fulfilling her desires. It's also a constant visual reminder that she in charge and I belong to her. I guess you could say it's almost like a wedding ring for a FLR giggles.
  14. For me, the cage i wear is a constant reminder that i am the property of my Mistress. I would obey her without it, but it reduces the temptation to have any unauthorized orgasms. I think it provides my Mistress the peace of mind knowing that her property is safely locked up and that she is in control.
  15. I hate making blanket statements and speaking in absolutes.

    With that said, I can't imagine a FLR where the male is allowed to decide when he cums. The whole nature of a man's orgasm, and the feelings that come after it, fly right in the face of what a FLR is. Maye it can work for someone, but I just can't see it.
  16. It is not a deal breaker for me to date someone or not... but I certainly do enjoy and prefer there to be some kind of chastity or orgasm control involved.

    I notice my relationships with kinky partners are long lasting (4+ years) and the times I have tried to "go vanilla" we rarely get past the third date and they never get invited back to my place.
  17. A chastity device puts all my focus there along with the realization that it's out of my control. And of course she gets whatever she wants in the slim hope I may get a little attention where it's needed most. The frustration and denial and service all mixed up into one.
  18. The chastity device not only serves to make me feel important and in control, but also lets my sub know that he is wanted and valuable enough to be locked up. He is so important to me.
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  19. Personally i would rather be locked down than being allowed to be out and about...i like not thinking about being a good lil squid and not touching my loving wife's property...out of reach out of mind. The honor system is much harder (no pun intended) to stay true to...no touchy squid gets it but squid feels better securely locked away.
  20. Wife says it is needed to keep me from being sexual toward her when she does not want it.
    I try to avoid getting hard when I'm locked up.
  21. I have to admit although i hate chastity, I am totally obedient and focused on my Domme when I am locked up, if I was released outside my scheduled chastity time slots, I maynot be so submissive and the temptation to masterbate without my Dommes permission would probably be too much
  22. I feel as a sissy that is now locked 24/7. I am much more the sissy being locked it is always a reminder that I am a servant sissy slave maid owned by my queen controlled by her and never out of her reach. Never have an erection much less orgasm without permission. Chastity brings it full circle for this sissy panty slave maid
  23. I have to say, without my cock locked up, I would find places and times to sneak an orgasm. I used to masturbate three or four times a day. I admitted this to my wife and told her that I had ordered a chastity device so she could help me control myself. Silly me, now she is in control of every aspect of my cock. I could not imagine this journey with the ability to pull one off anytime I could get away with it... shameful but true.
  24. I think of it like a wedding ring. It doesn't matter that only my wife can see it. She is the important one. It gives her a tangible sign that I'm hers, that she is in control of my, I mean, her dick, and that her orgasms are all that matter to me. Her orgasms give me more pleasure than my own at this time. And yet, she still wonders if I'm truly comitted to her. A couple of days ago, I gave her my atm and credit cards as a further sign of total control for her. I will have to ask her permission to spend money for the length of the gesture (2 days). Will she return the cards? I don't know, and since she can change my password at any time before the end of the two days-- it will be up to her. But if it gives her more confidence to hold onto the cards (I'm obviously not going anywhere with an empty wallet and locked in a chastity device), that is her right and I'm happy for it.
  25. Enforced male chastity may not be a requirement for a female-led relationship but it's definitely a plus!!! I'd highly recommend it, myself. LOL :)
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