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Is a cream pie or felching the ultimate in service.

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by Boydavid, May 12, 2017.

  1. i felch for my big man. It's something that most guys stay away from. I love my Dom and for me it's an act of total trust in him and submision from me. I don't have much feeling up my rectum and I can't feel it when his tongue is licking up his own cum but when he comes and transfers his load into my mouth it's something special I can feel him inside me. I was felching before I was disabled but it was a forced thing now I want to do it. You straight guys that clean up your partners vagina I suppose it's your own sperm. Mine is His load. Do it willingly guys it's an act of total submision in my book.
  2. Come from 47 years in the BDSM world, the ultimate in service is whatever your Mistress feels it is. I lived with a girl in an open relationship and sometimes she had a faint taste of semen. I did not give it much thought or desired it. In the pre-AIDS days condoms were mostly used when the woman was not on the pill. Now the girl asks the guy if he has a condom. In my day the guy asked the girl if she was on The Pill. STD's were not as prevalent as they are today. So cream pie eating was not something anyone our circle of playmates were into. I did both give and take anal sex with two guys when I was young. I am not attracted to men but under the right erotic circumstances and with enough drinks in me, I can have sex with a guy if a girl(s) is playing with me. Since I am not repulsed by gay sex, it is not really a big deal to just do it for a woman's pleasure. Only my longtime Mistress wanted me to do this but I had already tried it and crossed it off my bucket list, so I said no thanks.

    I was mostly into S&M so the ultimate submission was to take whatever she dished out, without being tied down. I have endured lit cigarettes, knives, kicks, punches, nipple torture, whips, canes, paddles and choking. Sometimes all in the same night. So there was not one single thing, it was just enduring what your Mistress wanted.
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