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Is 90 days enough?

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by Doug Scibor, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. I'm 60 days into this lockup and a month away from release. I'm sooooooo looking forward to getting out and having an orgasm but then I had the idea, what if I added 10 days to make it 100?

    100 days. I could do that and it is nice round three digit number. Yeah, I'll make that suggestion.

    Now I'm reading all the Locktober posts and thinking, "Wouldn't it be better to stay caged through NOvember?"

    What's wrong with me?

    My wife may not be willing to continue onward we'll have to see.
  2. Her decision IMO.
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  3. Agree, her decision. My wife and I talk about it because she is curious for what my opinion is and because she wants feedback on how long I think I can go. I try to be consistent and tell her I want to cum sometime between right this second and never. I love every orgasm I get to have when I have it. I am disappointed with every orgasm I have after I have it. I am a better submissive without orgasms and I am happier when I am submissive. Whatever she decides for me will be right, because it is her decision. That is when I am rational and coherent. When she is toying with me I beg for that orgasm like a starving dog looking at a piece of meat. :confused:
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  4. I completely agree that it is her decision but I have to suggest these things to my 'very vanilla' wife or they don't happen.
  5. My wife does not set a time period so I never know when I will be let out. Sometimes two weeks, sometimes (longest) seven weeks. She says it keeps me on my good behavior and the longer it last the more subservient I get toward her. Since I told her about those celebrating Locktober (may have been a mistake on my part), I know to will be at lest six weeks this time. It is entirely my Wife's decision as to how long I will be locked up, and since she holds the key...
  6. I made a suggestion once to Ms K/H that I wanted to see if I could do a year. She proved to me that I could.
    I've learned to request very politely please not a year again.
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  7. Decisions Decisions Decisions. If you've already been Locked for 90 days. You or someone else has been keeping your Wife happy. If your treating her like the Queen she is and she's happy than let her decide how long you should stay Locked. Have you ever heard of the word Permanent
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    It also prevents you from "counting down the days ", which is neither good for you or helpful to her.
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  9. My hubby almost ruined it for me by wantING to go for longer and longer when we first started. My advice would be to her lead without encouraging her to keel you locked longer. It will be more fun for her if she's allowed to push your limits on her own. Giver her time to find her own way. IMO it's probably more important to let her feel like she's challenging you even if it feels like baby steps to you.

    For me my hubby saying let's do it for a crazy length of time.... took a lot of the fun out of it for me because I wanted to feel like I was pushing his limits and he made it seem like I was no where near them.
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  10. Now this is very good feedback, thank you @Sarah8@Sarah8 because I made the same mistake when we started.

    Meanwhile my wife has overcome that (lucky me ;)) and since we evolved into complete erection and ejaculation denial, she really likes our chastity. :cool:
  11. It is her decision completely.
    We have been using the cage for about 3 years now. Never over 3 weeks before and usually barely a week between my orgasms.
    For her it was like a light switch being turned on. She decided we had talked enough about doing longer lock up times and not making the goals. She dug out the time safe. Threw all the keys in it and set the timer until my birthday. Leaving us No option but to make it 132 days. Which will put us at the end of January.
    As we are making this journey, she has realized that even then she does not want me to release then. Unless she is just weak in the moment. I will only get out to be rode until she achieves all the orgasms she wants. Once she is satisfied it's back into the cage until July. She has her mind set, that it will be a year of no releases for her bitch.
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  12. Yes it is her decision, It would be fun to chat with her and say if he has gone this far and wants some more, What could be a better Christmas present than to have a key wrapped up under the tree.
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  13. I don't recommend trying to set your time. If I asked my wife for longer, she would happily oblige and likely go much further. That's really not a concern for me, since her idea of chastity is pretty much permanent, but be careful what you ask for. Some women love locking their guy and she could steer that direction.
  14. We started out with short time lockups but over the years my wife has become to like my fantasy more than me lol so she is now wanting more I am allowed out once a year but now she wants to stop that she says she enjoys it so much
    This procession has taken years and with a lot of ups and downs and good communication but it has worked out as a win win
    I have learnt to get pleasure in other ways and she loves that....be Care full what you wish for they say very happy wife and husband
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  15. My Goddess sets no time limits or countdowns. She just decides on a whim. It is both exciting and gloriously frustrating. I just never know. Hours has been the shortest and up to months the longest.
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