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Introduction SlaveKennynl

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by SlaveKennynl, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. Giggling..... lock u up longer
  2. I'm starting to wonder if you could you just keep me for the rest of my life in chastity?
  3. Giggling..... not me... its all u ..... im jyzt throwin it out there
  4. I must say I had so much fun talking with someone about something we both enjoy to wear
  5. I do to... its fun...
  6. IT sure is. I think a soon this timer lock opens I Will get the electronic lockbox And start a session on Emlalock.
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  7. Giggling... right on..
    Im still fiddling with cages... Goddess has me in a 1" steel with urethral... its real tight... im looking at a larger ball ring for comfort... then i think the electrinic box
  8. WoW thats a really short cage!
  9. So no selfbondage session for me. The toys I bought for the session werent delivered :( but i’m Keeping the keys in the ICE
  10. aaaaa
  11. yesss
  12. Well it’s better since I Will do it next saterday with the new toys And stuff.
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  13. So I did a little mistake with the calculation. I tought I would be able to get the Key last night but there is Still 10h left on the timer. So tonight I Will be able to get iT.
  14. Giggling
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  15. I most likelly Will not be able to get the Key. Since i’m a complete wreck. Even tho i’m Sick I will keep playing by the rules I mentioned.
  16. By
    The rules... giggling
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  17. So as expected I woke up at 7.54 And saw I could get to the Key. But I press the engage lock since the time window to get the Key was over So Still locked up in chastity till sunday 11.54am.

    I taught to myself Lets make iT even better So I came up with the following rules set:

    1. The chastity device must be 24/7 on.
    2. The Key to the chastity café must be locked with the timer lock in a place where Slave Kenny cant access it while the lock is engaged.
    3. The time on the lock is minimum 16h 36min
    4. In case the time is over slave Kenny has 30 minutes to retrieve the Key And recieve is freedom for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes slave Kenny has to lock HIM back up with the time of rule 3.
    5. If slave Kenny woudnt be able to retrieve the Key in the time window he has to add 20% extra lock up time. Until the maximum time of the lock is achieved (99h).
    6. In case the maximum time is already active And the slave would not be able to get the Key. An adequate punishment should be carried out by the slave.
    The current punishment is: the slave has to put a buttplug for the amount of time between the unlock of the timer lock And the reengage of the lock.

    What do you think of the new rulesset? Feel free to ADD more rules/punishiments :)
  18. Nice... well done
  19. thanks
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