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Introduction SlaveKennynl

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by SlaveKennynl, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. So it's set and locked for 98h 58mins so basically in till wednessday somewhere at 2AM.....
    well so now the maximu is passed and its no longer possible to add 30% then it will be if i miss the 30 minutes its 98h59 of lockup if I manage to get it in time. I will lock me up after a few hours for 16h 37mins
  2. Giggling... ya gotta find a cute neighbor chic to help out.. giggling
  3. If she is into chastity I would not ask her to rest the lock but just to keep the key
  4. Or check on you when u cuff yourself.. like come by when u are free un an hour or so... so u dont really know...
    Or she has your jeys at her place and u gotta go ask for them... and she has friends over... and make you specificalky ask for the keys to your...... in front of everyone
  5. that would be so humiliating, but I would love that to happen.
  7. but I dont think it will happen tho
  8. Always have to keep yor eyes open..
  9. you are right. If it happens I will be the happiest man (slave) on Earth
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  10. Becareful what you wish for... giggling
  11. Well my mind is made up and I really want that.
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  12. You go girl... lol
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  13. sure will do. In the mean time the ice with the keys in it is starting to freeze. It will be a long wait.
  14. Keys in an envelope addressed to u...
    Mail to someone.. ask no questions .. dont open... mail back...
  15. What if the keys dont come back then I'm stuck in Chastity. Not sure if thats something I can do.
  16. Giggling... the ultimate ... in steel... a lil harder... in plastic no prob... but for someone alone with no kh... the ultimate fantasy... what a trip....
  17. True, but I think before doing that I would throw the keys in a bottle at sea. And wait for them to return
  18. Lol.. ok ... thats drastic... lets not fall over board... lol
  19. well let's hope I quickly find a KH so that she can keep the key
  20. Buy a electronic lock box at lowes...
    And go online to emlalock...
  21. Oh will do that thanks for the tip!
  22. Just here to help.... torture.... i can never tell the difference... giggling
  23. Dont worry I like it. And that will be easier to lock for longer then 4days and 6hours
  24. U can give out the address and people can ...... help u..... giggling
  25. And how would they exaclty help?
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