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Introduction SlaveKennynl

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by SlaveKennynl, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. HI all,
    I’m new here And want to introduce myself.
    I’m Kenny And i’m 27 years old (slave Kenny for mistress And masters). I’m from the netherlands . I first had contact with bdsm 8 years, I experimented with iT (Some solo bondage etc) thats when I found out that I Love to be a slave/submissive. Last year my ex And I tried chastity. First iT was a Joke, but after that she locked me up And refused to unlock me for a few weeks, I started to like it. And asked her if she world like to keep the Key And keeping me locked up as long as she wanted. And we did iT. I loved iT. Being a servant of someone else. But Yeah she is my ex now. And i dont have a keyholder. And I really would Love that sensation of giving control over to someone else.

    And thats my introduction.
  2. Welcome to the Mansion Kenny. Hope you enjoy your time here.
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  3. Welcome and good luck with your search.
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  4. Welcome to The Mansion, slave Kenny. :)
  5. Welcome, Kenny! You'll find a lot of help here.
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  6. Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  7. So I was enjoying my chastity, I was So frustrated but I coudnt :(
    So I try to stimulate my prostate with the my inflatable buttplug. But Yeah I went a bit to far with the pumping. So right before iT got out iT broke :( So now I locked with no possible way to stimulate me. It’s frustrating but I kinda Love iT. That I decided to make a little game while my quest for a keyholder is busy.
    This is the game: for every response to this thread I will add 1h lockup time. (Initial start 7h).
    But there is a catch if you are a mistress of master you can add as much time as you want with a maximum of 12h.

    Currently i’m Locked up till 2-11, 20.30 (CET+1) that is also the last possible moment to ADD extra lock up time.

    Also my timer lock can only Lock me for 98h 59mins. In case we hit that mark the person who managed to get me to that lockup time Will be able to chose something extra:
    First I Will be locked for 98h And 59 mins And that person may chose if I the timer restart with the Amount of time missing or Chose How long I Will set the lock (no limits except the timer limit)

    So right now the amount of time for the next chastity is 11h.
  8. Accidently double posted sorry :(
  9. Hi!!!!
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  10. Hi! And Thank you for adding 1 more hour to the lockup time ;)
  11. Welcome home... ;)
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  12. Thank you all for the welcome And as Saïd in the post I Will Lock myself up And set the timerlock for 13h. Mostlikely I Will be locked for longer since I Will be at work when the timerlock Will allow me to get the Key
  13. And when we get home and find the box locked again we read the small print and find that the box has an auto lock... and is now locked for 26 hours.... giggling
  14. Imagine if the lock would do that when you dont open it in a certain time amount the lock auto locks And double the amount of time. Sounds fun And for sure something I would play with
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  15. Giggling... and not able to get to it in time...
    Just imagine....lol
  16. Why doesnt that type of device exists?
    I would buy it right away if it was on the market.
    But I love the idea tho.
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  17. Ok I got a little bit scared. First thing I did when I got home was to check if the timer lock was unlocked. Luckily for me it is. So no automatic locking mechanisms.
    Funny I'm happy but kinda sad as well would have been awesome way to tease en denial me.
    Even the key to my CB is free for the taking I think I will keep it on for now. And rest the timer lock to a new amount of lockup time this evening
  18. Try freezing the keys in ice
  19. I think I will tie myself up and freeze the keys of my cuffs and locks and wait for the key.
    Also I found your idea of not unlocking kinda something I want to try. So I came up with a plan. I will play a game and the outcome of that game will say how long i'm locked. In case the lock is open I have 30 minutes to get and use the key. If not in time there I add 20% more time and start timer lock again.
  20. Dice can help in the game... also.. put the keys in ice cubes... then hang near where you cuff your self... when the ice melts and the keys fall.... can u reach them?... giggling
  21. Al
    So... set the timer lock to open when maybe your not home... so msybe youll miss it... then have somebody reset it for u so u dont kbow the time...
  22. Too bad thats not possible to let someone come by but you know what you may chose a random number from 0-98 and a second from 0 to 59. And that will be my initial lockup time and after that it will be based on the 30 minute rule. Also my keys are already in the ice. Will wait till tomorrow for the session
  23. So to help you out with the digits its currently 20.46
  24. How bout 98.59...
    No friend or significant other to torture ?
  25. Ok i had hoped not for the maximum but yeah thats the game. And yeah nobody who can do it for me :(
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