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Intro/Wife's Ultimatum

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ChastitySubHub, Sep 11, 2017.


What should I do?

Poll closed Sep 12, 2017.
  1. End Chastity Play

    11 vote(s)
  2. Get Locked but also cucked

    9 vote(s)
  1. My feeling is that if being caged is the male's idea that the female should not have to deal with any erectile shortcomings. She should be free to get penetrative sex wherever she pleased and the male should be content to be a cuckold. If caging is the female's idea, she should accept the downside and find ways of fulfillment inside the marriage.
  2. Well originally in our case I brought up the topic. In this most recent instance she initiated the lock up. I'm not sure what her plan is for now. She just said that she wasn't interested in sex and that she thinks it will be good for me as a reminder until she's ready to again.
  3. Can't agree. There are as many different ways to approach chastity as there are individuals. My wife/KH and I have no intention of participating in feminization, humiliation, cuckolding, etc and yet we love the fact that I am locked up. Our intimacy and sex life has skyrocketed since we did this a few months ago. Every couple is different.
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  4. It sounds like she's still working it out in her head. It doesn't seem that she's asking for much more than the average wife wants. If she hasn't mentioned cuckolding yet, it seems that she's willing to let you do what's necessary. From what my friends tell me, cuckolding can work nicely if both partners want it to.
  5. Same here this chastity isnt about a this or that.... We have been practicing chastity for nearly 3 months. There are no thought of feminization nor being a cuckold, we are partners and lovers. Our sex drives have improved but now when we play I know I am likely not going to be getting to orgasm. As I always say communication is always a key in this, it seems your wife has some needs that are not being met and you need to make sure she is fulfilled and although we must all compromise about somethings in marriage you need to figure out if this is something you all can see eye to eye on.
    PS it sounds like when you put on that strap-on you better be making her one satisfied woman!
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  6. A little different for us! LOL-when she puts on the strap on she satisfies both herself and I by pounding my a@#! We love it!
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  7. If a couple wants to play cuck games, that’s certainly their prerogative. But to claim that a wife is free to ignore her husband’s desires of fidelity just b/c he’s chastised is insane. It’s not even good wank fodder b/c it is so unbelievable.

    Some people like being feminized, cucked, what have you...but chastity is always a two-way, consensual decision. The second a male wants out...he’ll be out. In the real world, marriages where one partner uniLaterally decides to fundamentally alter the marriage contract find themselves divorced tout le suite.
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  8. I agree. Cuckoldry isn't a game, it's a lifetime choice. There's no uncucking a hubby once his wife has gone over that line. Both partners need to accept that.
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  9. This is a very interesting scenario.
    You have a hard stop with being cuckolded. Your wife said if you continue chastity, she will cuckold you. She gave you an ultimatum. You chose to abandon chastity.
    She then puts you back in chastity after your decision.
    If the above is correct, then in my opinion, your wife has some serious issues that she needs to work through, I am concerned you are on the losing end of the stick. You need to confront this with her or have her see a professional, this is bigger than your fetish.
  10. I would personally say that she’s either already cucked without you knowing or has the opportunity to do so. Keen to know how this turns out.
  11. So am I. Caging reduces the possibility of penetrative sex for the female, which makes cuckolding a more attractive option. It's dangerous business, though, if the husband is unaware. Two hubbies whom I cucked without their knowledge ended up divorcing their wives, although it's unclear whether they knew that they were wearing horns.
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