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Discussion in 'Novices and newbies' started by Gryffin, Feb 23, 2019.

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    I've been on the boards here for about a year now and wish I'd read this book a lot earlier. Plus I read it for free using Kindle Unlimited!

    It doesn't focus on the games but the power dynamics and change in psychology for both male and female. Some of the book hoes further than I would but it helped me relate to my keyholder a lot better. I'm not in a FLR but it may have started to lay the seeds.

    My Mrs seems keen at the moment too - she's noticably stopped checking on my safety and letting me take it off for baths
    Tonight we had the house to ourselves and she gladly took whilst I got to curl up with my head on her lap as she stroked my head and bsck. I really should get her to read the book too as it explains both the male and female urges. I'd be worried tbough that she might never let me take 'it' off again though!

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