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Interesting couple of days

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by edgedontcum, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. My Wife / Mistress decided it would be fun for me to stay in our room, for at least two days, and only come out to have meals. (We have an ensuite bathroom). So, She painted my fingernails and toenails a nice red, bought thigh high stockings for me, gave me a few pairs of see through panties and gave me the freedom to edge as much as i wanted to and look at and read porn as much as i wanted to for the entire two days. She slept with me, but other than that only came in to the room for me to pleasure Her (a couple of times a day), and for me to receive my three times a day spanking with Her cane. i have no idea how many edges i achieved during the two days, but suffice to say it was well in to the hundreds and hundreds.

    At the morning of the third day, i begged Her to allow me to leave the room, and take off the nail polish so that i could leave the room and even the house. i know that this was quite unbecoming of me, but i was getting really scared of having an accidental ejaculation. Also, the idea of a third entire day, doing nothing, but edging was difficult to accept. The frustration level had nearly driven me to tears on a number of occasions.

    She mercifully relented, and removed the nail polish, and let me out. i did not ejaculate, and there is no plan to have me do it either. i continue to wear panties and shave my body....nothing really changed, except i got out of the room, and have reverted to my "normal" edging schedule.

    It was fun, and i cannot remember my penis feeling more pleasurable but it is not something i would like to do more than once a month or so....but that is not up to me of course.
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  2. :rolleyes: Hundreds and hundreds is a lot of hundreds. Why stay in the room? My wife would never leave me alone unlocked to edge while watching porn. Do not know any KH who would for more than an hour much less two whole days. I had to go outside our home wearing nail polish, panties and a bra because I can easily wear anything in my own home with no problem. Wish my KH was as lenient as yours. Even the best of us will go over the line into a full orgasm if we edged hundred and hundreds of times to porn. You must have super self control that the rest of us lack. You did not mention any chastity device which is a pretty standard thing for those of us in chastity for longer than a week or two. It is sort of the main thing of chastity play for most. Your ability to not orgasm for a month unlocked is amazing. It took me a full year to get to that point and only while locked in a chastity cage.

    Caned three times a day? My butt is bleeding after just once, so I could not bear being caned 3 times a day for two days, and I was into S&M for 47 years. Your butt must be made of stone. Not to mention muscular arms to edge that much. You must post pictures of your butt after six canings in two days. If you look at mine, it was just once and just a maintenance one at that. Just when I thought I heard it all, someone like you comes here and shows us how much can be accomplished in just one month. Hope you hang around as there is a lot you and your KH can learn from our members, many who have been at this for years and for real. Much of what you read online is pure fantasy and as I learned the hard way, not easily translated into real life. Feel free to ask questions as we are a friendly bunch.
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  3. Vinny, thanks for your reply. Just for some confirmation and clarification...

    There are a couple of pictures of me and my marks in the FLR section of Photos. I should mention that Her cane is not a very big one, and She doesn't strike with 100% force. She says its about 80% normally. But it does hurt a lot, and She often brings me to tears. Normal maintenance "caning" for me is 20 in the morning, 15 in the afternoon and 25 in the evening. With more added on for any discretions, or if She just wants to. i am continually marked and bruised.

    Regarding the edging....i am not locked in a chastity device. i should point out that quite often, if allowed, i edge quite rapidly. That is to say, when i reach the edge, i stop for only a few seconds and then reach another edge, which only takes a few more seconds. If i do it like this, i can reach 7-8 edges a minute. She prefers me to go much slower and constantly chastises me and tells me to slow it down and enjoy myself more. She says i should try and count to 20 before going after another edge. At that pace, would probably have 1 or 2 a minute. However, i will sometimes stop for five or ten minutes, and then it will take me a few minutes to get back to the edge again. She will sometimes help me get there by rubbing my balls with Her bare feet. i have been a serious and chronic edger since i was a teenager, and i am not 62 years old. (We didnt call it edging back then)..I don't think there was a name for it, as the internet did not exist. Normal, required edging for me is 15 in the morning, 30 in the afternoon, and 15 before sleeping. As I explained, these can take anywhere from half an hour or less, to two hours or more depending on how fast i go. She urges me to go slow, but there is no punishment for going too fast. As you said, She is lenient.

    You asked why stay in the room. She wanted me to stay in the room, so as not to go out in to the rest of the house and start doing anything that was not related to the edging. As long as i remained naked, or in panties or thigh highs on the bed, and looking at porn, She could be assured of what i was doing. i do go out with some nail polish on, but not full bright red on fingernails and toenails. I am too shy for that. i have gone out with light pink on my toes only. I live in Thailand, where flip flops are the norm, and that is all i wear...so i do show my toes. My body is totally hairless, and i wear shorts year round, but i am not shy to show off my hairless legs. And i always wear panties when going out.

    Anyway, i am no super duper edging hero...just a sissy pervert who loves to edge and please my Wife.
  4. Thanks for the clarification. I cannot imagine my wife telling me to watch porn and edge as much as I can. When my former Mistress feminized me, my penis was off limits. The whole purpose was to make me feel more feminine and playing with my penis does not do that for me but I can see where it is a form of denial. Perhaps one of the guys into sissy play can clarify things. Everyone does their fetish different. I have lead a fetish sex life for decades, so when I hear something I have not heard before, I get curious. That stems from my early days when there was no internet or cable TV. The only way I found out about fetishes was word of mouth and I still listen in case I find something new to try.