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Intercourse whilst wearing a device?

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by PauloChaste, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Last night after servicing her orally, I climbed up and thought I was just rubbing the cage against her clit. I was also thrusting some and because of her reactions kept it going for awhile until she unlocked me and we had piv without me cumming. We were just talking and she mentioned how she was surprised that I was able to enter her with the cage and how good it felt. I had to admit, I had no idea I was even inside, I couldn't feel a thing!
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  2. I use a 6 inch strap-on for intercourse while locked. She doesn't have me use it very often since she really only cums via oral, but it's a nice treat to be able to use it on her.
  3. Recently tried with cage on, she said there were sharp spots. I could not feel any with fingers but can imagine it's different. We stopped after a minute.

    We do however have a strap on that she loves. I keep my cage on, and she says she can feel my cage slap her clit and she said it drove her over the edge. This cage has a stealth lock so no sharp padlock like my other one which she said bothered her.
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  4. We have tried but the lock hits tender spots so just the tip went in
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  5. While locked we usually just use a strap on.
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  6. My wife riding the cage is one of our favourite parts of chastity play - wonderfully frustrating for both of us. :)
  7. Mine loves the combination of me locked in my Queen's Keep while wearing the Spaceports Deuce harness and a Vixskin Outlaw dildo. It is terribly frustrating to do all the work while she reaps all of the benefits......
  8. I used to spend a lot of time making soft lock covers to overcome this issue. The new integral lock devices are a big advance on all that (though I wish they were all as well done as the HTv2)
  9. I can see the concept redefining frustration !!

    Xx Wendy
  10. I know that some people do that but I have been denied intercourse for well over 20 years. We cannot remember how long it is because it is that long. My wife enjoys the type of sex females have with each other so no penetration at all. In fact, no penis either. She only cums with he vibrator. My only use to her is to be teased and edged until I am moaning in sexual frustration which in turn sets off her orgasm.

    Unless you use one of those strap on dildos I would imagine that intercourse using a cage would be a little painful since your cage will be pressed into and pulled away from your body. Of course the size of your cage makes a difference as does how hard or fast the woman wants you to go. My wife does not like the feel of metal so even if she allowed me to penetrate her she would want me to do it uncaged. She never even inserted a dildo into herself. She gets her orgasms from direct clitoral stimulation so no penetration required.
  11. Some times when I've been restrained in my cb6Ks I have been instructed by my wife to give her an oral orgasm after which she has teased me further by sitting astride me and inserting my restrained pee pee into her. She seems to enjoy riding away knowing that whilst I can gain an erection I cannot climax. After teasing me as much as possible she has then instructed me to utilise her favourite 8" vibrator to bring her to at least another if not more orgasm's. Once again I have been left high an dry and have only been allowed to reach or achieve my climax when she allows or permits me days later.
  12. My wife got on top and rode my little holley trainer all the way to an orgasom Sunday morning it was the most frustrating and erotic thing I have ever done !! After she came she stayed on top and just layer on my chest I could feel her throwing vagina making my cage shake back and forth . So hot . !!!!!!
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  13. i wish i cud do it but i cant cos it not long enough.
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  14. Mine isn't very long either she just kind of grinds on it an rubs her clit on my pelvic bone . It's pretty hot you should try it .
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  15. when we got are first cb6000 she was teasing me and it did slide in her lol not to far . all I could feel was at the tip
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  16. We've tried it a couple of times. Once with old cage and once with new one. She said the old one hurt and didn't want it anywhere near her delicate bits, but the new one she said feels much better. Was one of the most erotic things I've ever seen, and she said it was pleasurable for her too. Hopefully next time she can ride to an orgasm. I've also used a strap on with my cage on. She says not the same as the real thing but again she enjoyed it, and I was sooooo worked up afterwords. First time i've been "desperate" in chastity.
  17. A girlfriend and I tried it with a CB3000 it went in her and was ok but we were concerned with it hurting her so we only did it once or twice

    I now have a MM and it wouldn't be long enough to penetrate as I'm a grower and it's short to keep be from getting erect
  18. Hot for sure.
  19. Haha! Love this post!

    I will always remember the first time she put a strap on on me and ask me to fuck her...
    My body and mind were so confused! Doing the motion, and seeing that cock entering her: My mind was completely tricked and looking for sensations my body was just not getting.

    My wife also rode my MM pet trap once (no padlock, which might help) it was so frustrating!
    My frustration turned her on so much she had a big orgasm!

    Sweet memories
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  20. wifey has tied me down to the bed and straddled me like this.....i was thrusting my hips up to get in to her sweet juicy pussy....but she was having none of it, my caged cock was just desperate to feel her warmth....but she was just cock teasing.
  21. I have never understood how anyone can get their cage into their KH's pussy. We have tried with his cheap metal cage and MM cage with no luck - just can't get it past the entrance no matter how wet I am or even with lube! And forget about the Evotions # 8 with the PA prong. We were playing in the shower a few weeks ago and I was rubbing the entrance of my pussy with it and suddenly felt a sharp pain in my urethra....yes, I accidentally inserted the prong into my pee hole!!! Ouch and NO thank you!
  22. i cant do it cos my cage don't reach. :(