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Intercourse whilst wearing a device?

Discussion in 'The Play Room' started by PauloChaste, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Has anyone managed to have intercourse whilst wearing a cage?

    I have recently bought a Holy Trainer 2 and it looks like it could be possible!
    By intercourse I mean just gentle penetration.

    My wife thought the attached image might be fun!

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  2. @PauloChaste@PauloChaste Mistress once rode the tube on my fetish Felix belt to orgasm it was so frustrating but I say give it a go !
  3. Sounds amazing Lucy
  4. Just have him wear a strap on. We've done it and it drives him crazy! He goes through all the motions but gets no satisfaction in return. I enjoyed it but sometimes his cage and lock hit me in tender areas and wasn't comfortable. Once he got the motion just right so his cage didn't touch me, I loved it.
  5. Yes a Times but it was more to get me even more frustrated.

    1st time I had a chrome piece of crap at was too big for me and the 2nd time I was in a very open cage (A080) and I could feel her warmth.

    Now we use a A086 looker 2 knockoff and I don't feel much when we do that as the head is covered.
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  6. Intercourse with my cage on is torturous and should be a rare reward - I loved penetrating my ex and feeling her warmth would make my limp chub bulging through the bars of my metal cage.

    Sex with the strap-on over my diapers was more common, and more satisfying in the sense that I could make her cum again and again without feeling a modicum of pleasure.

    both have their place
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  7. This sounds interesting!
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  8. We've tried myself wearing a strap on whilst caged twice with little problems here n there, my KH won't keep trying to get it right which is a pitty......Practice make perfect.
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  9. We also tried it but the only one we found was very big!!! Ouch!
  10. We never did so I no longer have intercourse. My wife has some medical problems which make it uncomfortable and this was a good excuse to cut me off permanently. She does not even insert a dildo into herself. She just needs clitoral stimulation for a few minutes to orgasm.
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  11. I at one point found a video of a mistress teasing her boy. He was wearing a longer version of the birdcage design. He laid on his back and she got on top of him so they were facing each other. She laid back a bit then slowly inserted the majority of his cage into herself and then slowly started fucking the cage. You can hear his frustration. You can't see either of their faces but you can tell that she is more than likely smoking hot. I'd love it if my mistress did that but it's not a possibility with the device I wear. Best I can do is rub her clit with my device.
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  12. i wudnt be able to do that as well. :(
  13. Sounds like it could be interesting and pleasureful for her
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  15. OMG, This is something that turns me on too. Its one of the reasons we've ordered a Loris 5 so her penis can still become erect. I'm hoping it will be small enough but I know I might have to smooth the locking area down. The PA5000 is a little too big where the lock is for this. I cant imagine what feeling the warmth through the metal tube would feel like!
    The frustration would blow my mind too.
  16. My wife rode my cage the other night, it was unbelievably sexy. I had to be careful of the padlock on her delicate bits, but she said it was one of the horniest things she had ever done, she came after just a few short minutes leaving me desperate to feel her warm moist pussy again. I almost came in my cage.

    We have bought a hollow strap on and the cage fits snugly inside. Not tried it on her yet, but I'm sure it will be less pleasurable for me, and more of a denial than getting to feel her warm moist pussy.
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  17. That sounds amazing! Can you send a link to hollow strap on!
  18. I like straddling my boy and rubbing against his length when he's uncaged, but I worry about hurting him if I try it while he is caged. Based on all these responses, perhaps I shouldn't worry so much. ;)
  19. Yes numbing cream, two condoms and a hollow extension tube/ oxballs. One minute intercourse for every month locked. Or use a strap on whilst locked
  20. yes, it hurts a lot.
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