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Integrated lock replacements?

Discussion in 'Chinese Devices' started by Greggy, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. Hi there - quick question - I have a device that came with an integrated lock - http://www.ebay.com/itm/USA-SHIP-Re...s-for-New-Male-Chastity-Devices-/262874043611
    This kind of thing. Rather than deal with shipping from China (mine arrived with a broken lock) is this a standard type that I mighht be able to find in a hardware store or elsewhere on line?
    Perhaps there is a higher quslity replacement part?
  2. This kind of integrated locks is (according to me ) based on furneture locks for closet doors etc.
    So, after getting the size correct, I'm convinced that you could find one in a hardware store or other 'normal' shop.
    When you stil have the broken lock, then take it with you to the hardware store. then you can get the correct dimensions from the beginning, and don't worry, just tell them that it is for a closet door and it broke.;)
  3. IIRC, they are also sometimes called "keyhole" locks if that helps.
  4. Thanks - it looks like it would always be the weak spot of the device, so I ended up drilling out the end and putting a bolt through it - much more secure!
  5. I know this is two months old. However in saying that you can buy replacement integrated lock with two keys for three dollars on eBay from a seller in USA.
  6. i wish there was a hardware store that sold these locally.i would have a dozen or so and change the lock every time i took it off to shave.since i cant find a keyholder,i would put the keys to each lock in a different location(friends garage,neighbors barn,etc.
  7. Another thing I noticed is all the integrated lock keys seem to work in the same lock. I have picked up numerous devices with these locks. Wife and I decided to play a game with the keys where I would draw a key and if it worked then I would be released. However before we started we tested them. They all opened the same individual lock I had on. Just something to keep in mind.

    We ended up still ordering some more keys knowing they would be the same. Using nail polish on some of them to signify the difference(punishment, cum, release). Put them in individual sealed envelopes to draw from so the game is still there.
  8. Hey thanks - that's awesome. Wife's Submissive - would you mind posting a link to the ebay auction you mentioned? I can't find it, thanks!
  9. Look at this on eBay:


    USA SHIP Replacement Stealth Lock and Keys for New Male Chastity Devices

    Here you go.
  10. Interesting...
    I have 3 genuine Burg Wachter locks (and 2 Chinese knock-offs that I can't find right now). None of the genuine keys opens the other locks. I'll try to find the junk Chinese locks and try them...
  11. Don't know what burg watcher is. These were all from Chinese device keys I tried.
  12. Burg Wachter is the German company that makes the genuine version of these locks (found in genuine Holy Trainers and also SteelWorxx devices like the Looker). The Chinese devices come with low-quality knock-offs of the Burg Wachter ME/2 mortise lock.
  13. Well, I suppose to be lucky then, because we have 5 Chinese knock off devices and the keys do not fit to another lock.
    What does fit are the locks to another device and that is what we do now: use only one lock for all devices so that the little envelope with my security key will always be the one that fits the lock in my device.
  14. That's very strange. However that is the way I would think it would be.