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Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by McSlavey, Dec 28, 2009.

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    Over the last year My mistress has taught me a set of training positions that force my body into vulnerable or stressful postures. She has instructed me to describe them here and to ask you all for suggestions on new position(s) to add to the set. Here is what they currently are:

    Position 0: I approach my mistress from behind, place my hands on her breasts, and slowly trace circles around her nipples for a minute, then switching to stronger gripping and massaging of her breasts. (this one is unique because it is focused on Her.)

    Position 1: I strip, kneel, then lean backward to lay on my back, folding my calves under my thighs. This causes my thighs to spread open and my back to arch. I fold my arms behind my back, gripping each elbow with the opposite hand, and lay my on the ground. (This one is the most stressful on my body - it puts a lot of pressure on my lower back and on my legs. It makes me feel incredibly vulnerable.)

    Position 2: Classic wall-sit, also called a phantom chair. I put my hands behind my back and lean my back against a wall, bending my legs until my thighs are parallel to the ground. It Burns. My record is 5 minutes and my Mistress loves pushing me. I get so shaky!

    Position 3: I face a wall from 3 feet away and lean in towards it, keeping my body stiff and straight and my feet at least 3 feet apart. I put my palms above my head on the wall to support my body. On my Mistress's command, I slowly walk my hands down the wall and bend at the waist until my back is parallel to the floor. (My Mistress loves seeing her property hanging between my legs in this pose. It's also ideal for her crop.)

    Position 4: A pyramid squat. I squat on the balls of my feet and widen my legs as much as possible, keeping my knees apart, opening access to her Property. I raise my arms straight above my head, fingers splayed and thumb and index fingers of my left and right hand touching. This gives my silhouette a triangular shape. This one is also good for her crop.

    Position 5-9: ? My Mistress will choose from your suggestions :)

    Position 10: A "subtle" position. I place both hands palm-down under my butt (She says she doesn't want me to even be able to squeeze myself). Mistress likes to use this one on me in public places, such as at dinner, making me wait to eat or drink. Sometimes she just orders me to put my dominant hand into position 10. Recently she instructed me to only drink with my left hand will the right was in position 10 for the WHOLE DAY. It was awkward, but no one asked what I was doing... :)

    She has ordered me to practice every position every day, so I do them all the time. I'll be doing yours every day too, if she picks it.

    We can't wait to see what your devious minds come up with!
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