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Inflatable Plugs?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by Thatgirl, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. Hey everyone. @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet and I are toying with the idea of inflatable plugs. Does anyone know there are inflatable plugs with a removable hose? I would like to be able to plug him, pump it up, remove the hose and send him on his way. Suggestions much appreciated!
  2. ....let us know what you find, oh my!
  3. Great addition to his punishment!
  4. Why inflatable, is there a reason for this wouldn't a standard plug be ok or have you something special in mind. sorry to ask I am just interested to hear your thoughts
  5. We are not sure if this is the reason, but @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet 10 years ago or so had a surgery on a severe, dual tract Pilonidal Cyst which resulted in the surgeon stitching the top of his crack together, so he does not have a crack anymore. Essentially, we think he has scar tissue around his anus that has made it hard to insert very large plugs. His body has basically fought us tooth and nail with everything ass and/or penis/testicle related when it comes to Chastity and BDSM play in that area. I am going to post a thumbnail of his surgery site. You can see the zig-zag scar, which continues down to around the anus, which has resulted in a "ledge". We think he has less elasticity in his anus because of it. Just so you know he is very self-conscious about this, and I am very proud of him for allowing me to post this picture. This is the reason I have not posted many picture of him from behind because although he is my submissive boy, I do love him and respect his wishes.

  6. Thank you for your reply, I can see how it may cause problems and why you would be proud of him. He must find things problematic in that area he has my sympathy and best wishes, hope you both can find something that works
  7. He is able to take an 8 inch dildo and he can get in the Implicit Creations Medium Plug in just fine, problem is that is a very expensive plug and only comes in regular and medium! We would love to try something bigger, so we attempted the Doc Johnson Red Boy Large plug and he could not get it in no matter how hard he tried, which is why we are wanting to try inflatable. The ultimate goal is to basically "set it and forget it." I want to put it in, inflate it and then send him on his way to work. Or even just going out to eat of a movie or something. Makes me squirm knowing he has something in while we are out....mmmmm. I think we are going to start our own toy company. Every electronic toy we have bought, cheap OR expensive, has broken after some amount of time. The ideal plug would be inflatable, with removable hose, wearable under normal clothing and have a wireless vibrating option that is controlled by an app - and of course not have any connectivity issues! A girl can dream, can't she?
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  8. True that'd be hard to sit with :p , then again i hardly find myself finding the exact toy i've been envisioning. Always have to make some sort of concession at the end of the day :/
  9. If you find something please let us know. She used to send me to work plugged, but found that the base edge always irritated the area around rectum(butt crack area). Tried smaller, but the darn thing slipped inside...not fun retrieval.
  10. We use an Implicit Creations Medium Plug right now. He is able to wear it for HOURS with no irritation. It is designed to be worn long-term and under clothes. A little pricey, but worth it!
  11. The most comfortable plug i ever worn are made by Crystal delights. To me they're the best , i can literally wear the medium size for as long as i want, i even keep it overnight. Check them out :) https://crystaldelights.com/anal-plugs-18-category

    I little pricey but it's worth it !
  12. two DIY ideas:
    - on the inflatable plugs that I know, it's possible to remove the bulb from the valve. He'll be able to release pressure, though, but he can't pump it up again, so you'll know.
    - I use such couplers on my airbrush equipment: https://www.amazon.com/Master-Airbrush-Release-Disconnect-Connections/dp/B001MKGOUM The bigger part closes when it's not connected. The diameter should fit well for a butt-plug hose.
  13. Hum, not a bad idea. Wonder if I can DIY an inflatable plug by removing the whole hose, valve and bulb included, install a one way flap valve on the plug itself, and then reinstall the hose. That way I can pump him up, remove the whole hose, metal valve and bulb and just leave him with the plug? This is what I was thinking: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/China-Factory-Silicone-One-Way-Check_60518396731.html
  14. I would love to see all the stuff you two would build if you guys had a whole machine shop to work in!
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  15. Gah, we talk about that all the time! I am an atypical girl. I dress girly - pink everything but I LOVE getting my hands dirty, paint, grease from a car engine, power tools, you name it! I was raised to be able to handle the typical manly duties like changing my oil, tires, electrical stuff, plumbing stuff, and construction stuff on my own (both my mother and my father were construction workers) so it takes a lot of convincing of @Thatguyontheinternet@Thatguyontheinternet to let me get my hands dirty, lol! The Saint Andrew's Cross has been fun but I am SO READY for it to be finished so we can play with it...life is so busy its unbelievable. We both work full time, often to sunset, so leaves little time for projects except on the weekend and even so we often have prior engagements as well and time slips away.
  16. I am actually headed in the opposite direction, my son and I are moving into her home, and I need to de-bdsm the place lol!

    We never needed to hide stuff so, the shoe rack on the closet door filled with dildos, harnesses, plugs, cages, paddles, straps, and lube needs to find a new home. The spanking bench should be taken down, and the wand needs a more discreet landing spot.

    It is of course all worth it...maybe it will get my butt going on that hidden room hmmmm.
  17. It doesn't take a whole machine shop, I have built electric guitars with only some basic tools... main problem is always hiding the stuff, as you said... I'm currently playing with a suspension-frame above the bed, but I'll have to disassemble that sooner and later... would love to have the space for a hidden room...
  18. I think, that should work, but how do you release air?
    You could also use a simple valve from a bicycle tire. The gags of my mask have such and there's a bulb with a needle to inflate them (I think a normal bicycle pump should work, too)
  19. The hose is basically from a blood prssure cuff - the metal valve on the bulb releases the air when you turn it.
  20. If you has a house that's got a cellar you can have a hid room.