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Infibulation / foreskin piercing

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by PuppyMastersPet, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. My foreskin was pierced on either side and the holes enlarged to take an 8mm ring, with this ring in place penetrative sex is impossible however I can still masturbate. The ring on the shaft of my penis is slightly smaller than the foreskin ring and cannot be removed without first removing the foreskin ring. This arrangement is perfectly comfortable (while I remain soft) for long term wear while insuring that I remain chaste.
  2. As an update I took mine out , for several reasons.

    The pr 6 mm rings were stretching my willy which I did not really like as I would prefer a really nice neat small one.
    The holes were developing scar tissue and my foreskin was getting very tight . Very good for chastity but getting increasingly painful during night time erection. The good thing was the rings were not migrating and we're as good as per min ant.
    However the cleaning issues were becoming a little of a problem especially once I went to one ring. A syringe was the only way and sitting in the bath .
    By about 6 months it was getting quite sore and definitely total chastity no way was an erection something of choice !
    I took the ring out for a proper clean in the bath but very difficult to retract my foreskin at all . Pre piercing very easy all the way back .
    Anyways did get it back cleaned and then had a little lie down after my bath. Hour later woke up to find it impossible because of the pain to get anything through the holes . So end of my infibulation, yes I could just repierce it and start again the original holes compleatly disappeared , but kinda done that let's do something else.
    Xx Wendy
  3. Hi Wendy, I understand the problem of hygene with an infibulated foreskin. I had a similar problem to you when trying to keep clean at first. However, I used a bigger foreskin ring (big enough to go over my penis) so I can still retract my foreskin without first removing the ring, so hygene isn't a problem. Plus my piercing is an old and well established one (I pierced it before the millenium) I can remove the ring for over a week if I need to without it closing up (for air travel etc).
  4. @Chastityslave3@Chastityslave3: I have very similar experiences. My foreskin piercings were done in the Nineties and did never close - even when I did not wear any jewellry at all for several months. Unfortunately they are very sensitive and any tension heavier than a padlock will cause irritation. After several years the foreskin length increased and so I could retract it for cleaning when flaccid. If I try to masturbate, the erection efficiently prevents retraction. I am basically able to orgasm, but it feels frustrating and of course I am not able to penetrate any other woman than my keyholder.
  5. Hi Berni, My foreskin ring is 8mm thick so it's weight is spread and doesn't irritate. However, the shaft ring is designed to discourage full erections so I'm unable to orgasm in any satisfactory manner while wearing it. Naturally penetrative sex isn't possible.
  7. Sorry for the blank message..I effing love that cock...beautiful.....wonderful, long hood. slurps Jackie
  8. Yes, yes, yes please...Jackie
  9. @JackieP@JackieP . Yeah, your right about airport alarms, fortunatly in England you can still travel by train and bus without passing through security alarms.
  10. Sewing the foreskin is a good idea. Well I pierced mine east west one day ago. It healed almost. No pain and all. I think I'll get a small padlock through.
  11. Hi Pious,
    I would go slowly with your piercing, trying to rush things will result in pain and dissapointment with this piercing. I wore two rings in my foreskin piercing while I gradually enlarged the holes up to 4mm before I started wearing a single ring through both piercings in the manner shown in my pictures. I continued enlarging the holes until they reached the an ideal size (8mm). Remember, thin rings can cause pain when put under pressure.
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  12. Hey @Chastityslave3@Chastityslave3 I did the same piercing as the pic of yours. I'm gonna take it slow and steady, and won't rush. Thanks for your advice.
  13. Glad to be of help, let me know how you get on.
  14. @Chastityslave3@Chastityslave3
    Thanks for your advice. I added two different rings (well they're just stainless steel wires) in my piercing holes. And when I did that, I felt no pain.

    The wound is healing.
  15. [​IMG]@Chastityslave3
    Thanks for your advice. I added two different rings (well they're just stainless steel wires) in my piercing holes. And when I did that, I felt no pain.

    It's healing slowly. ( I have this rapid healing process. Most wounds of mine usually heals within days).
  16. How much time it took for healing?
  17. I didn't rush the process of healing, I allowed more time than necessary at each stage of enlargement of the holes. I think the initial piercings healed after a couple of weeks. However, I waited a few months before replacing the small rings with larger ones. And again at each successive enlargement, I allowed a few months to pass before moving on.
    I wish I'd kept a photo record of the progress at the time, but I didn't think anybody would be interested. However, many people, like you, have asked for information about this piercing.
    I think your decision to pierce "north-south" will be an interesting variation. Good luck.
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  18. Thanks.