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Infibulation / foreskin piercing

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by PuppyMastersPet, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Well that's a 6mm BCR top left and 8mm bottom right. The padlock is about 6mm and the barbell is 8mm.
    You will just have to ask me more about a PA - did my top pierce me or not? And what do you suppose the rubber rings achieve? Can I fit more of them over my foreskin?
    More pictures for the person with the right answers! :penisdance:

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  2. Does anyone here have a guiche piercing along with a foreskin piercing? If so, how has it worked so far? That's one style of infibulation I've always been interested in, though I've always worried about the guiche being very painful. That and I've always wondered about the hygenics of it. Personally, I've never had a problem with my foreskin collecting anything or developing any odors, though that may just be me.
  3. This is a copy of an e-mail I got from the guy that has done my piercings in the past. Not sure what to do now.

    After 19 years of piercing I have had lots of experience with all piercings.

    I always try to persuade people not to do the foreskin as it is a really
    awkward piercing to heal and the success rate is very low (20-30%) due
    to the movement of the skin during the normal course of the day. Many
    foreskin piercings migrate within 2-3 months, leaving a nasty purple
    scar. The frenum piercing is much more successful (90%) as is the lorum
    (70-80%). It might be worth having a look at bmezine.com and reading
    other peoples experiences before deciding which piercing to go for.
  4. :penisdance:Well, that really isn't my experience as you can see from my Avatar!

    My Top made me have foreskin piercings about 6 years now and they haven't migrated out, even under extreme tension with foreskin fully infibulated and a huge erection bursting to get out.

    We think it most important that the piercing is well back from the tip of the foreskin so there is plenty of room for enlargement - I can now slip an 8mm ring through both sides without problems.

    My Top wishes me to have a guiche or a pubic piercing (base of the penis) so that the foreskin can be tethered, but is undecided which one. Perhaps I will be made to have both.......:gen085:

    Any thoughts about foreskin tethering, to either a guiche or pubic piercing will be very welcome


  5. I did try to have my guiche pierced but that did grow out. I was always on the move with my job so it never got a chance to heal properly. They do look good though.
  6. Ricky, did you have your's pierced by a profesional? If so did you tell them what the piercing was for. I'm guesing whilst it heals you need to wear two rings one in each hole?
  7. Yes my foreskin was pierced both sides by a professional. My Top was with me and explained to the piercer that it was for cosmetic purposes only - though only we knew the *real* truth.....

    We decided on "north-south" (top & bottom tip of the foreskin) rather than "east-west" as we wanted a large ring to dangle from the lower lip. When I am allowed to do that it swings with my every move, with pants off of course, and feels *so* sexy..... :jerkit:

    Yes it is important to leave the rings in while the piercings heal otherwise they close up within just a day or two. The other reason for leaving them in is that the foreskin has two layers and trying to line the holes up again to get the ring through can be very, very difficult. - and painful. :balls:

    Gradually we stretched the holes- initial rings were 2 mm diameter, and eventually we got 2 rings of 1.6mm diameter in each hole, then one of 3mm and so on until we are where we are now at 8mm.

    We both like the idea of a guiche because the foreskin will be stretched over the scrotum, preventing almost any type of sexual pleasure at all. On the other hand a pubic is good too - because the foreskin can be linked to it on just the one side if desired, keeping the skin peeled back off the glans more or less permanently. However (and I am going to get punished for even thinking it) I would be able to stimulate my glans to orgasm so maybe the guiche is better after all. :anal:

  8. It occurred to us that an infibulated foreskin could be linked to a tight cock ring instead of a guiche or pubic piercing. It is quite secure - we have tried it. There are two ways of doing this - (a) above the balls and (b) below the balls. To connect the foreskin to the ring above the balls, the cock needs to be soft as it is curved around to meet the cock ring. It is very comfortable like this but the disadvantage is when you come to pee - you can only pee in the shower as the fountain of urine sprays everywhere!

    Connecting the foreskin to the cockring below the balls has several advantages. (a) It looks good, as the cock curves around and separates the balls nicely. (b) The foreskin is stretched by doing so and does eventually elongate permanently. Mine now overhangs the end of my glans when soft by over1 inch. (c) It is much easier to pee, but to do so you need to sit down or squat like a girl which is wonderful if you are a sissy. The pee goes nicely downwards and doesn't spray everywhere: like a girl it is a good idea to use toilet paper to mop up the excess pee afterwards.

    Erections are almost impossible which is the name of the game after all!

    We do have pictures we can post, if anyone is interested.

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  9. Thought I'd re-awaken this thread. It looks like I might be going ahead with it after all. I've given up on CB style devices and can't afford a neo-steel yet.

    I just wanted to know if there are any subs that have used infibulation as chastity for long periods. And how effective it is at deterring you from committing selfish acts. And any other details you think might be useful to know.
  10. I have had a vertical or east-vest foreskin piercing for 25 years.

    The healing time is very short for this type of piercing and I have never had any problems with the piercing.

    I have been locked for month with a padlock direct through the holes and this is an effective form of chastity. I have tried to mastubate and it hurts like hell.. ;-)

    Of cource you still need to get cleaned once a while. I was out 2 minutes every 2 weeks and then back again.

    Feel free to ask any question you might have.

  11. Homemade device
    Cannot be removed with ought cutting the device off Erections very painful and no possibility of masturbation

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  12. Chrish
    Sounds interesting, do you have any further details of your device?

  13. Yes Please post more information about your device. So many of us would love what you have there. I know
    I'd make one and offer it to my owner right now.
  14. [font="'Century Gothic"]
    [font="'Century Gothic"]Booked in this Thursday for an East West piercing. The piercer seems a bit pessimistic about doing it, as he says they tend to grow out. But seeing that people have had them for so long and I have more than enough foreskin for him to get hold of I think I will be fine.[/font]
    [font="'Century Gothic"]
    [font="'Century Gothic"]Currently nervous and excited. [/font]
    [font="'Century Gothic"]
    [font="'Century Gothic"]Anyone else got any experiences? It really does seem like a good form of chastity for those with long enough foreskins and who struggle with other devices. [/font]
  15. Hello!

    Anybody here who has tried actually being sewn shut using your foreskin, I would be interested being in that case as young again and could think of sewning my foreskin shut.


  16. My top pierced my foreskin east-west about four weeks ago so I now have north-south and east-west. I also have a small bar inserted just above the ring through the bottom lip of my foreskin. He hasn't infibulated it yet for me but says that if enough people want to see it on this forum, he will do it for me and take photographs. Does anyone want to see them?
  17. I always thought that the useless piece of skin on the end of a penis was refered to as a 'man'.
    You must be talking about the other end I think?
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  18. I am duly chastised Mascara^Snake. Yes you are right and I am useless, almost as useless as my foreskin, that's why it has holes in it.... Was it Woody Allen who said that when (Man X) was circumcised, they threw away the wrong part?
  19. I have a guiche since a year back and really love that piercing but locking it to my PA is not a great feeling in my opinion.
    I think the constant pulling will stretch the piercing to much...
    Sewing in the foreskin is no problem but doesn't work for a long time...

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  20. All so interesting.
    I have two geuch piercings both very well healed and a conventional pa but at the moment I have a 3.2 barbell in a reverse pa .
    So thinking about a north south forskin piercing I could connect all three .
    Just trying to work out placement and what to use in the initial piercings before I connect all together .
    The head of your cock is very tough and not easy to pierce or stretch nor can you let bars be out for even a couple of minutes before it starts to contract and really painful to get it back .
    Xx wendy
  21. I have just pierced my foreskin as an infibulation I used a 2.4 barbell as soon as I find out how to upload pix I will do.
    Xx wendy
  22. At 9 days just replaced the single bar with two rings.
    One 3.4 mm and incredibly the other 4 mm that did hurt getting it through took a little while .
    Now my foreskin is real sore and very tender but hey got to suffer for you fun .
  23. Hi
    I have just gone from two separate 6 mm rings to one going through both my north
    South foreskin piercings done aug 6 stretched quite quickly to 6mm.
    Its so comfortable definitely no erections possible manually !
    As I was playing with my big toys last night my prostate had a very good massage. So be interesting in the next couple of nights to see if things get uncomfortable .
    Its just about possible to wee standing up but sitting better.
    Security you need the ring pliers to open a 6mm .
    Comfort totally don't know it's there perfect. .
    Xx wendy
  24. Read this article: http://www.bme.com/media/story/833351/?cat=ritual
  25. Had my foreskin removed years ago and was glad to see it go. A marked imporvement for me in all regards and would not have waited so long had I known back then what I know now. So can't comment on infubulation but I would point out the dangers of not being able to retract your foreskin and clean yourself properly for more than a few days.