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Infibulation / foreskin piercing

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by PuppyMastersPet, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Has anyone had any experience with foreskin piercing? Or has anyone actualy had there penis infibulated?

    I am tempted to have my foreskin pierced, I have quite an usually long foreskin so I think infibulation could possible work for me long term. Master has his reservations as do I but it seems like a good was of enforcing chastity, specialy as the devices I can reasonably afford at the moment dont seem to work for me at all.

    Any advice would be great thanks.
  2. Why do you want to be infibulated? To prevent masturbation or intercourse?

    I had a very long foreskin and at one time I had eight healed piercings in it. I could and often did lace myself up with nylon line. That was certainly enough to prevent both masturbation and having intercourse. But long term wear was neither comfortable nor hygienic. In fact it became downright painful and smelly.

    If you want to prevent intercourse then one or two large diameter rings through one or two foreskin piercings will work. But you will still be able to masturbate.

    To stop both masturbation and intercourse I suggest a PA piercing and a tube-type chastity device. A Lori might be great.

    I eventually had myself circumcised as my long foreskin was actually hindering my reaching an orgasm. I now have a PA with an 8 mm thick ring. I use this to hold on a plastic chastity tube - can't masturbate, can't have intercourse.
  3. Hi, thanks for responding.

    I was thinking it would make masturbation uncomfortable. It would be more of a symbol, I’ve done ok so far with just plain old self control but I would like Master be able to see he is enforcing some sort of physical chastity.
  4. Hi Kris,

    It looks like RingedJohn has some pretty good reasons why infibulation isn't a realistic proposal for chastity. If you're considering getting a piercing as a symbol, perhaps a PA? It has practical applications in chastity if you go that way, if not, it looks good!
  5. I am infibulated

    I have piercings in the north-south position through both sides of my foreskin, and my top has fitted a ring which is so tight it can only be opened with a special tool. I had been fitted previously with a barbell which was fixed with a drop of super glue to stop it being unscrewed.
    I have been infibuated like this for three months now and I emphatically can't masturbate.
    The only relief I have is when my top gives me a thorough prostate massage through my anus. Semen drips out of the end of my foreskin but I have no sexual relief at all.

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  6. How have you found it so far? Comfortable? Hygienic?
  7. It's very, very comfortable, although erections are starting to stretch my foreskin...but they are not painful as my foreskin is quite long. As to hygiene, I can't answer that as I haven't seen my penis tip for quite some time now...but there's no nasty smell, I guess my urine must be flushing it out.

  8. I must say I'm still tempted. I was thinking a piercing from left to right that way I could pass a ring through one side of my foreskin through my PA ring and out the other side of the foreskin. Be good if you could let us know how you get on with it.
  9. Foreskin Infibulation

    My top thinks a north-south piercing is sexier than east-west and I do agree! The advantage is that *if* the foreskin is ever liberated then you can dangle a ring from its lower lip and that feels (and looks) very, very sexy.

    Don't think a moment longer, get it done, you will not regret it. With the north-south you can post your PA ring through the lower lip, then through the PA in your glans and back round again through the upper lip. It feels *really* good!

    You have to be patient when stretching otherwise it *will* hurt - but perseverance pays off and my top has been able to get an 8mm ring through the piercing. As I said it geels so good, I haven't seen my penis tip for ages and I am *quite* unable to masturbate on my own. My top says that if I'm good I may get a prostate massage this weekend....Can't wait.

  10. Ricky, can you post a photo please?
  11. Image's please.

    [quote name='Ms Tinks' wand']Ricky, can you post a photo please?[/QUOTE]

    PLEASE i would like to see it too if possible, I already have 10mm PA ring and have been thinking about the forskin north south for just the same reasons but would like to see how it actually all works and links together.

    Thanks for a great thread.
  12. My infibulation

    Here are some sample pics with various secure rings and a padlock (key kept by my top)

    My top is happy for me to answer any questions.


    Attached Files:

  13. Looks cool, thanks
  14. what happens when you get hard? How much strain is there on the piercing? I am very interested but I am worried that it would rip out
  15. My wife and I are constantly playing erotic games. I am submissive in bed and I have read all I have been able to regarding chastity. We also have a CB 6K. I have long wanted to pierce my foreskin and have permanent rings installed and also have the liittle place between my scrotum and and anus peirced. She could put a real lock on me and while I suppose I coulld masturbate, I certainly could not get erect unless she unlocks me. I am concerned aobut migration of the holes/rings. Also, I am concerned about the fact that the foreskin is actually two layers and I wonder how the two layers would match up with each other.
    Thanks. Salonslave I keep her beauty salon perfectly tidy and all the towels washed and folded.
  16. We have done some play piercing of my foreskin, including safety pinning it to my scrotum. Also stitched the foreskin closed over the penis head. These were not permanent, but the sensation while the steel is in place is quite intense.
  17. Foreskin Infibulation

    Ms Tinks,

    I have been stretching my foreskin for quite some time and it fits like a glove over the glans without stretching when I am erect, so there is *absolutely* no problem. I feel a little tension against the piercing but the sensation is sexual; in three years there hasn't been a problem so I would say go for it.

    On the Foreskin Coverage Index scale of 1 to 10 I would not hesitate to say I was a very full 10, if not 11!


  18. something around a CI8 I guess, so maybe I just go and get it done and find outif it works!
  19. @ricky
    wow, great pics, thanks for sharing !!
  20. You're welcome. My top says I can share more photos with you, but you have to ask first! :smilies_xxx06:

  21. well if that be the case....wasting no further adeu...

    dear ricky and his top, we would all love to see some more of those nice pics! please show us some more !:anim_37:
  22. Foreskin Infibulation

    My top says I can post these but you have to say what they do for you!



    Attached Files:

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  23. Impressive - I bet that sets the alarms off at the airport!
  24. what do they do for me?

    well, first of all i like looking at good looking cocks, expecially those with good piercings. as i am also into piercing myself.

    if you mean, does it make me want to beat off...sorry i'm not that bi, more in a sm situation, forced and so on.

    but i do enjoy seeing the pics ! thanks for sharing !
  25. well first of thanks to your top for allowing you to post them.
    Is that 8mm or 10 mm ring do you have a PA as well and does the ring go through the pa at the same time and what are the rubber rings and do they help stretch your foreskin ?
    What do they do for me ?? make me ask more questions in the hope that you will show more images in the future.
    Thank you BOTH.

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