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In defence of pony girls

Discussion in 'The Veterinary Center' started by Iago, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. I have read a few posts on here about pony being boring, some said the demonstrations of pony girls were uninteresting. I myself have never been to one however I imagine they probably are. I have therefore taken it upon myself to explain at least my feelings towards the appeal (I was going to just post this onto a thread but I thought this is an interesting topic)

    Part of owning an actual horse is keeping it aesthetically pleasing through careful monitoring of exercise and behaviour. Horses on the most part are wilful what could be more appealing then breaking in a beautiful stubborn animal until its submissive! This, for me, is what is most attractive.

    For example me and my (quite snobbish very well spoken) girlfriend might go out to the opera or an expensive restaurant and discuss womens rights. Later after polite but heated debate shell be on her on hands and knees face flushed, evening gown pulled up over her toned bum, mouth bit, anal plug with tail and reigns in place, me standing behind her crop in hand.

    For me and my pony girl the turn on is all about the contrast, I mean shes a feminist! If she was submissive in all respects then I probably would not be interested in treating her this way. But then again I ride a lot and so might see something different to others when I look at a real horse. This is why I understand some of you when you say it sounds dull, the real pleasure I think is in the getting and maintaining the obedience of a gorgeous proud animal. Not necessarily purely in observing one.
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  2. I don't think pony girls are boring. Becoming an animal for any length of time is great fun. I love being Masters dog an love to get lost in the moment.

    There's nothing more kinky than having to drink and drink out of a dog bowl and not being allowed to talk. I love wearing my dog collar also.

    Master gets a lot out of it as well. The thought of forcing me to act like an obedient dog gets him going.

    Humans as pets is erotic, kinky and a lot of fun.
  3. there is room for all here in the Mansion. it's all about what does it for Y/you. Enjoy! life is not a dress rehearsal.
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  4. Your master must be very happy with you. This kind of role play is the most pleasurable experience I know.
    Iv been trying to find decent online guides or tips to pony training but whatever I type in normally just ends up with a bdsm porn site which is fine but id rather read about the practise. Iv seen some clubs I could join but I its not really for me, I just want someone with experience to give me a few general pointers.
  5. I have included a section on human pets in my new web site. I'm just trying to get as much information on each subject I hope to cover at the moment. It's hard to find good quality advice for most BDSM subjects I find. I will try and include as much on pony girls as I can.
  6. I think i have written that before, but a few years back i was someone who found pony play rather stupid and ridiculous but as the world is like - things are changing and somehow the fantasy to be fully dressed as a pony girl crept into my mind ... The thought of being harnessed and decked out with bridle and hooves, pluged with a nice pony tail and my protruding nipples adorned with little bells is quite exciting ...
    I must admit that i am still reluctant when it comes to pulling a cart or exercising at the lunge but well, may be i would be one of those stubborn pony girls that need to be tamed ...

    maid katrin
  7. I completely agree. I guess lots of niches are not popular enough to warrant many sites. Iv found 2 forums for pony girls but they are mostly full of photos rather then tips, plus no one actually posts on them. I get the feeling they are more meant as porn sites then discussion boards. Its also hard to find equipment and reign-mouth bit sets I like. The few iv seen online are a bit too theatrical for my tastes e.g the one mistress watchful posted in an earlier thread. Each to there own but I want it to look practical and sturdy rather then pretty (you know like the ones they probably needed for those wild horses in Wuthering heights). I mean bright colours or tassels don’t exactly compliment my riding boots! This is the set I have at the moment http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=7973 , its ok but id rather not have the blinkers and the mouth bit is apparently as uncomfortable as it looks.

    Good luck with your website, this is one site that for me was a real inspiration, it pushed me from a fantasist into trying things http://www.xeromag.com/fvbdsm_scenarios.html
    It may seem a bit basic to some but I had no idea where to start and this opened my eyes. Also basic interrogation role-play guide… http://www.symtoys.com/ideas_sceneinterrogation.html AMAZING!
  8. I loved the xeromag web site. I also used it when Master and I were first starting, it's a great starting point. Am using it for some of my research.
  9. Well better late than never...

    Me and Mistress are very interest in pony play.
    This book is nice: http://www.amazon.com/Human-Pony-ha...r_1_10?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1253249040&sr=8-10

    I got it a few months ago and it's very detailed about almost all aspect of training for a human pony.

    For U/us it's not a cart but a saddle... She wants to ride me like a real horse.

    Full pony suit, 4 hooves, mouth bit, bridle with blinders and ears, reins, crop, tail, saddle and maybe with a nice black catsuit, a red body harness and a posture collar. Everything will be black and/or red.

    The fun with pony play is the training since I'll start as a wild horse without training and will grow in this adventure/fantasy.

    All the excitment of becoming an animal, it's very romantic.

  10. I completely agree... although pony training is not for me, I just love the idea.
  11. What about pony boys? Put a bit between my teeth, put reins and blinkers on me and I'll happily pull a cart around! Seriously, we don't hear enough about pony boys, do we? :love0055:
  12. I've been training human ponies for 20 years, pony boys, pony girls, and every other variation. (As well as human puppies, other critters, maids, and other folk.) Surely it needs no defence? If you like it, do it, if you don't, find something else to do!
  13. It depends how the set up works







    and what about the molars in the way of a good bit ( must come out)


    and only then you can go riding as in this clip


  14. Not a good or effective harness, branding is (very) optional, and there's no need to mess with teeth.

    I'm running a pony-play event In North Portugal end of this month.

    I am looking for a mature woman volunteer to be a pony-girl for me at a filmed workshop in Madrid, on 14 October, in front of a couple of hundred spectators with other experts from all over the world. Hotel and travel expenses offered, no experience necessary (actually complete beginner preferred), no other hank-panky unless you want it ...

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