Imperfect (but dirt cheap) chastity accessories

Discussion in 'Chastity and orgasm denial' started by allfullup, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Moved from the "Perfect chastity accessory thread", where newsub4a said:

    Not too much, but I haven't thought to look at it up close when I've had the opportunity to do so. I just modify my sitting posture to reduce pinching or pulling as much as possible, maybe discreetly nudge the cage up closer to the body. I plan on getting my PA redone pretty soon anyway and using it instead as a thicker, more durable anchor.

    My frenum piercing has a 12ga ring through just the thin part of the doubled up flap of frenulum, nowhere near as deep as yours; I'd think the extra tissue to hold on to would be helpful. The cable runs through the large triangular spaces on the sides between the C and D rings, which allows more freedom of movement, and then over the side to loop around the lock's shackle. The cable is pretty tight for steel but the ring is of a fairly large diameter and has a bit of room to move. I just took a look at my old 3000 and the holes on the bottom are pretty small and probably don't allow much room for movement, which may be putting lots of extra stress on the piercing. But with the 3000, you don't need much movement to masturbate to some sort of ejaculation.

    Everyone, what do you crafty souls do to keep your cages comfortably secure?
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