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I'm new here.

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by Miss Alison, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Just peeking my head in.

    My husband and I have been active in the BDSM lifestyle for many years, but we're beginning to explore new areas. Chastity and FLM.

    We participated in Locktober, and so far no desire to unlock.

    I've been doing a lot of reading and research, hoping to network and meet new friends.
  2. Welcome, Miss Alison, I hope you enjoy yourself here. There's definitely a lot of reading you can do in the mansion, with many different viewpoints and ideas on chastity and FLM.
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  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We have several female key holders, and of course the male members are always eager to answer questions too.
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  4. Welcome and congratulations on your new journey
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  5. Just realized I posted this in the wrong forum. Sorry mods! feel free to move.
  6. Welcome to the Mansion!
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  7. Regardless of location herein: welcome!
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  8. Joroincharge

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    Welcome here and you'll I'm sure find plenty. The sky's the limit!

    [Mod note - also moved to The Foyer]
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  9. Welcome to the Mansion! Be comfortable to ask questions!
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  10. Welcome, @Miss Alison@Miss Alison. Great to have you here. Many women 'peek' into the Mansion, mostly for posts from other women. They appreciate (...learn, and often choose to also join as a result of) reading about our experiences putting men in Chastity and firmly leading relationships.

    So, please do feel free to share moments and milestones of your own FLM experience and Chastity's role in it. You'll help to change lives and relationships for the better in doing so.
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  11. Sharing a warm HELLO from Texas! We are also new here and have come to communicate with like-minded visitors. We look forward to meeting fellow caged and KeyHolders for advise and conversation. All are welcome to partake!!!
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  12. Welcome @Miss Alison@Miss Alison and hope you find what your looking for. By the way you said you participated in loctober, curious who it was that had no desire to unlock? You or your husband?
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  13. Thanks! yeah I've been lurking for a few weeks, hesitant to post. But I need info/advice/support, so, here I am. :)
  14. Both of us, but the desire started with him. It's new for me.
  15. Welcome Miss Alison, i hope that You find all that You are looking for and more. Ask questions, post Your experiences, learn and enjoy Your time and experiences here in the Mansion.
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  16. And a welcome from Spain

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  17. And also a warm welcome from the Netherland
    Kind regards
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  18. Wel
    Welcome aboard Miss Allison
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  19. Welcome to the mansion! As the others have said, there is plenty of info here. My Wife/Key holder is also a member. She's still learning as well, and has really settled in on the Mistress/FLM aspect.
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  20. heloo @Miss Alison@Miss Alison . curtsy. and please welcome to here and i hope that You like it here very much.
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  21. As many have already said Miss Alison, welcome. There are many here who have much knowledge. It is always nice to see Ladies come to the Mansion to either offer advice or learn more. Whichever may be the case for you, have loads of fun and enjoy.
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  22. Sounds like you both enjoy it and are on the same page then. :)
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  23. You seem to be on the right track, @Miss Alison@Miss Alison--you'll find what you need as you initiate and participate in conversations/threads.

    Have you started your FLM journey, and if so, what steps have you taken so far? Common suggestions here include: ensure you start with a truly secure chastity device; never --ever-- allow him to 'top from the bottom', and more importantly, impose your wishes and discipline; tease and have fun, and demand to be satisfied at every turn, every day. But share your own thoughts and experiences.

    This could be the beginning of something special for you. Enjoy.
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  24. Thanks so much @RexVa@RexVa !

    He has been in a CB device since late September. Slowly I'm gaining my footing, he's bad these desires for a long time, and he's being good at being patient and letting me discover this and walk at my own pace.

    He has only had 3 orgasms in that time, He's enjoyed the denial and teasing though. I might permit more orgasms in Nov but I wanted to really participate in Locktober.

    He requested me to take his access to most of the finances away - so I left him with just our debit card and removed all the credit cards.

    I've definitely taken some advantage of service. He's stepped up quite a bit at home with our kiddo, and other evening chores. I've had more relaxing evening baths this month then in the past year or more lol.

    I am timid to push too hard or go too far I think.
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  25. Also trying to be creative to make it feel real while parenting a toddler. Life gets busy lol
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