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I'm Back

Discussion in 'The Foyer' started by PouchPantyLover, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. I went about a month and a half with no CM and found that I missed all of the many positive things I got from being a part of this community. I started coming around a week ago and reading as a lurker. I have a few observations about both the events surrounding my departure and the state of the mansion.

    1. If anyone was offended or put off by my previous avatar, I'm sorry. I never received a negative comment in about 5 months of highly active participation until a few days before it was unceremoniously removed. To the contrary I received many compliments and inquiries about sources for pouch panties. Never the less there has been a favorable reaction to the culling of the avatars, so I guess some found it offensive.

    2. Regardless of whether it should have been changed or not the way it was handled was poor. Furthermore the comments by Lucy in the thread were openly mocking of my other posts and in her position of authority as a moderator were clearly cyber-bullying. I have no intention of starting a war of words, but I will not stand for that in a place as open and accepting as CM. I will stand up for myself as anyone should when confronted by a bully.

    3. Volume and participation are way down on CM with many long time users being alienated or bored with the "new direction". As Jemima said, no one comes here anymore. Well I'll come here and I'll participate and I will not allow myself to be driven off again.
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    Welcome back, I am glad to see you here again.
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  4. Welcome back .. I confess I am intrigued.
    I do not recall your previous avater to be honest.
    But I see your new one is of what looks like some discarded underwear.
    Of a type normally intended for the use of women but containing what looks like the 'box' from a male athletic support.
    Forgive my ignorance are these not panties with a pouch?

    Obviously this picture is not offensive as it remains your avatar.
    The guideline re avatars is if I might respectfully suggest... a little vague as to what is considered acceptable or not
    I have no intention of changing mine in the near future but where the guidelines on this or any other guidelines are located should perhaps be better know to us all.
  5. Hi @filltee@filltee, if you read my thread Adios you'll get the full story on the Avatar. Pouch panties are female underwear with a pouch built into the front for a mans package. I had a pair before chastity as a bit of a lark, but I found they work wonderfully with a chastity cage. Sort of a cradle for the whole set up and keeps you from moving much. All in all quite comfortable. My old avatar was me in a pair close up of my upper thighs to just under my belly button. This was deleted by a moderator as a "locked cock shot". Don't agree with that assessment, but it's water over the dam. The two panties in my new avatar are my favorites. I very much like the feel as I walk around one of my construction sites in blue jeans and work boots with a pouch panty and a jailbird hidden just beneath the surface. ;)
  6. Yeah all this is kinda crazy when ya think about it, I wouldn't even tell my coworkers and friends I'm pierced, let alone wear a steel cage attached lol.
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  7. On the bright side, you never have to worry about getting caught jerking off at work.
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  8. That actually happened to me pre-chastity. Both me and the person that walked in on me just pretended nothing had happened as I pulled a bunch of papers from my desk into my lap.
  9. Lol omg that would suck! And they might pretend nothing happened around you, but you know you were probably talked about for awhile
  10. I was doing a construction job in a shopping center. The center had a shared office that we had access to and use of. We were doing night work and after I got the crew started in the space I went back to the office. I was seated at a desk thinking I had the place to myself and pulled it out and started going at it. About a minute in the door pops open and in walks one of the maintenance guys to get something I guess he left behind. It was not direct line of site as the desk was between me and him, but it was pretty obvious what was going on. I'm sure I was talked about, but we didn't know each other or dealt with each other, so there wasn't a lot of pointing and giggling around the water cooler.
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