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I'll make him watch

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by TheKeyIsMine12, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. That's odd. We were sitting in separate rooms, post at the same time and both mention bucket list items. Yes, all her friends are very jealous, including one who is single (I never understood why you would be jealous if you can have your piece of the cake too). Put the birth control remark in perspective of our ages please. We have an awful lot of fun teasing each other with this, but at 48 yo the chances are 0.001% It's mind play. Other than that - he's a cool guy and when the pants are back on, we flip the switch from cuckold mode to friend mode.
  2. Sorry, I should have included the link to Maria's Diary when I mentioned it.

    And I'm certainly not trying to tell anyone what they should or should not do, just saying that this isn't a fantasy of mine, or something that I would try and encourage my Wife to do. I was very aroused by reading the diary while also realizing there was no way I could take a tenth of the things Maria's husband does.
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  3. No worries, I had you covered, my pleasure.

    I highly value your opinion, you always add a new element to every discussion. I didn't think you were judging at all. We are different people, we're wired differently and your game doesn't have to be mine or vice versa. I see a dress on your profile pic. That's not my definition of fun, but it is awesome that you show your true identity. A part of mine is described in this thread.
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  4. Thanks for mentioning her diary, I've just read her first entry. Very well written and I love all the minor details she includes and am looking forward to reading much more. it takes a special couple to live this lifestyle and still remain in love with each other and often times it seems like their love for each other is even bolstered because of the lifestyle. My wife in the past even before we started chastity confessed to me that one of her biggest fantasies is to have a 3some with 2 men. I think she was afraid of my reaction because she quickly followed up by saying how unrealistic she knew it was. I don't remember what I said to her but her fantasy certainly didn't upset me by any means but it's never come up again. Now years later and 3 years into chastity I think about that comment she made and wonder if she'd still like the experience. It scares me and excites me to think about it. I think she was afraid to admit to me that she wanted two men and thought I'd be grossed out or something which in reality doesn't bother me in the slightest. My wife and I are very content with our lives at the moment aside from our horrendously busy schedules but once that calms down I want to give it some serious though and offer her, her fantasy on silver platter. I know that will open Pandora's box but there's part of me that just can't help it. Sorry I wasn't trying to divert this thread lol it just got me to thinking on the subject and I needed to blurt out my thoughts.
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  5. @Wonderwomanssub@Wonderwomanssub: I read the remainder of her diary tonight. What she did is pretty tame compared to the acts we did so it should be an easy read, but is wasn't. At the end she mentions some positive characteristics of het husband and explains why she loves him.

    This paragraph for example: "How does it feel, cuckold?" I taunted between breaths. "How does it feel to know a much bigger, better man has just given your wife a fucking that you'll never be able to give her? Has given her pleasure that you can't match? Has left her wanting more of the same in different positions, which is what we'll be doing over the next few hours? What's it like to be an inadequate loser?"

    My wife could have said it. It is true, I can't sexually give her what he can. Period. I'm not jealous, just happy that she is one of few who can experience this. I'm joking along. The problematic part is the last sentence. Instead of looking down on her husband with words like these (Maria uses even stronger expressions), we look up to each other. She's happy that I support her and I'm happy that she doesn't deny my sexuality anymore. Win-win situation.

    FOR US. This works for us. For Maria and Martin other things work and as long as both are happy, I'm cool with it. I have no idea where the journey of you and your wife will lead you. Maria took control, we prefer to discuss as equals what we will do. Two stories, two different points of view and two different endings.
  6. You read the diary in a night? Wow, it took me a week, and I was on holiday! :p I thought it was really interesting that she ended up basically cuckolding her boyfriend as well as her husband.

    It surprised me to read that you think the diary is tame. To me it is outrageous, and I couldn't imagine it actually happening to me and being able to cope with it. I think if I was able to be an equal the way you describe it would be better, the risk is in the Pandora's box that is being opened. I already know my Wife takes this lifestyle in the direction that suits her, not me, so I am not going to risk doing anything to encourage her.

    All of this thinking about what I would do or not do is actually irrelevant as Elle has already told me she has no interest in it happening in any way. She is however interested in me wearing female clothes, or at least she enjoys encouraging me to explore that side of my psyche.
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  7. Professionally, I have to read insane amounts of text - that helps a bit.

    I don't think the diary is tame, but the cuckolding actions seem to be. The dynamics between Maria and Martin cover BDSM and specifically cuckolding. The common ground we share with them is limited to the latter. She took baby steps where we dove in head first. That makes this part a bit tame in my view. The degrading and BDSM activities are certainly not, but I can't relate to that, nor is it the subject of this thread.

    We're in a relationship for more than 20 years and I know the risk is small that my wife takes over control in a way Maria did. That allows us to experiment a bit more. Is "count your blessings" the correct expression for the both of us? You are so lucky that your wife supports and encourages you. I'm equally lucky, there are so many people who can't explore their wishes or urges.
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  8. Let’s get this party started!
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  9. Thank you both for sharing your intimacies. My evolution as a cuckold is just beginning so I am reading with great interest. My wife soon will be fucking my close friends and I hope that she will grant me cleanup privileges as well. Would love to see photos of your cocks
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  10. Why?
  11. Where’s this diary?!
  12. Because she said she'd post them.
  13. This was a very special intense and awesome experience. We did it and being so close underneath I didn't realize that I not only swallowed it all, but he put his penis in my mouth twice. The moment he fucked her doggy style and I put my tongue on her clitoris can't be described with words. Later more - the kids are still awake
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  14. I hope you will enjoy it. Its a wonderful yet very emotional play that requires a lot of communication..
    I am sorry but I am afraid I can't share any photo's.. I promised my black lover privacy and want to respect that. I certainly would not like him to share any photos of me/us.
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  15. Today the top item of our bucket list became reality. I always wanted to experience what it was like to be fucked doggy style while being licked by my cuck. And it was awesome, intense and unique.

    My husband went upstairs to our room and I met my lover on the parking lot, wearing nothing more than my lingerie, high heels and my coat... we walked upstairs holding hands and kissing, towards my cuckold, wearing his cuckold t shirt. And then the three of us went to our room. I started off undoing my coat and sitting on the lap of my caged hubby and joking with my black lover about how he was caged and pussy denied. And how we were going to enjoy each other, and telling my cuck to eat all the bb sperm out of my pussy. And then we started.

    I gave him a blow job and kissed my cuck to let him get used to the taste of his dick, then my cuck licked me until I was able to receive the BBC. And my cuck hold me when the BBC entered me.
    One of the great moments during sex was when my black lover was fucking me, while lying on my tummy and I my cuck was on a pillow next to the bed and we had our heads very close and passionately together. My cuck could feel and hear my excitement really close.

    The finale was really special and intense. You never know whether a phantasy is as good as reality until you experience it for real. This reality was even better than the phantasy. I enjoyed a BBC and the tongue of my cuck at the same time in doggy style and it drove me crazy. My cuck swallowed all his fertile sperm (big waterfall) and licked every small drop of semen out of me and from my arse. And of course from his penis... And then he made me cum big time...

    afterwards we had the best and intimate breakfast together, evaluating how great this experience had been... still so much more to come. Love you pietje12 for the wonderful chances you have given me and for being very patient with me.
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  16. [​IMG]

    reality not phantasy...
  17. It usually takes two, but in this case three to tango. There is just a chemistry that works and we start to understand what's important for every person and the things that we struggle with. I love to see her in ecstasy and feel uncomfortable when she struggles to give both men attention. This time they allowed me to be the fly in the wall, called me to the bed to assist and eat her out for example. That worked for me big time - she enjoys sex in a way I can't give her and that makes me so happy. This has nothing to do with inadequacy but acknowledging that he outperforms me in this field.

    There is a reason why 69 with your wife and doggy with him is often mentioned as a great wish. It is awesome. She knew that I would be very uncomfortable lying underneath and discussed it with him before today. Being so close and seeing a massive dick moving in and out of her is incredible. I could just touch her clitoris and she loved that. The down side of being so close is that I couldn't see that he was ejaculating. Apparently massive amounts of sperm fell straight in the back of my mouth making me unaware of it. I felt something odd twice and was told afterwards that he put his penis in my mouth. If you can't wear glasses and when you're this close you just can't see it. I definitely tasted it and I will never get used to that ugly taste.

    We high fived afterwards as we made it happen. Yes I wore the cafepress shirt with the explicit cuckold text to pay for his parking ticket at the reception and it was clear that they suspected something. I didn't blink an eye and wore the same shirt in the breakfast area. Few people even know the word and I think I'm a proud cuckold.
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  18. key12.jpg
    This is the file she wanted to share
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  19. Congratulations to you both on a wonderful breakthrough as part of the evolution of a cuckold. Pietje -- would you want to have his cock inside your mouth again? Was the first time you'd licked him clean?
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  20. I knew it would happen, I felt something odd, something very soft and slippery in my mouth and I loved it. When I realised what had happend I felt proud in a way. I'm able to do this in this situation. I don't think I'll ever give a man a blow job, but it didn't gross me out either. First time indeed, first time I touched another man's penis.
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  21. It was strange for me at first as well but over time I came to love a man's cock in my mouth. It felt natural. It may well work that way with you as well. Best wishes. I'm sure your next intimate encounter will be thrilling.
  22. Unlike the title of thread, you got to do a lot more than watch. You are very lucky.
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    Does not (necessarily) mean you should bow: it's just the evidentiality of it that can enhance the intensity of the enjoyment she and he have together: especially second time when both know you've been 100% 24/7 since the first time. Of course there are other variations (e.g. kitchen safe is a good one provided there's no more than 10 days between their two dates, or incorporating numbered plastic or wire seals.
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