Ignorance is Bliss

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    If only I could live my life again it would certainly be different - or would it? It started like this:

    Jill and I had been married for sixteen years and we had one daughter Samantha who was fifteen. We were both twenty-one when we got married and I regarded myself still at the prime of life.

    Jill was now a senior executive in a textile company and had been there since she graduated with an arts degree. I was a lowly paid clerk in the dispatch department of a car parts company, in fact Jill was earning three times my salary and was, I suppose , the breadwinner. There was only the slightest resentment that I had been left so far behind in the salary stakes. We had a nice house which had been Jill's parents' and was part of a trust fund. It meant that I could make no claim on the house and effectively lived in it rent free.

    Our sex life was certainly not in its prime. For the last five years Jill had become less interested and whilst we still made love once or twice a week it was, frankly, hard work. At first I would come alright but Jill hadn't had an orgasm so I would have to play with her with my finger until she had an orgasm. After a while even making love became difficult and I would lose interest and go limp before either of us came. It was then that things changed for me.

    A new girl joined the office called Sue and she was very attractive, with chestnut hair and a good figure. I estimated that she was about twenty six and, I learned, was married to a man called Charlie who travelled for a paint company and would be away for a week at a time. The affair started quite innocently and after work we would go to the company's sports and social club and have a drink or two after work and I would tell Jill that I was with the lads from the office. She always arrived home about 8.00pm and we would have a meal then. Martha, our daily help would prepare the meal before she went home.

    About three months later Sue's car broke down and I offered to give her a lift home. This was no problem as she lived only about two streets from me. She and Charlie had a small but nice house in a secluded cul-de-sac backing on to the same park as my house. In fact if you looked out of my bedroom window you could see the back of her house and her bedroom window about 200 yards away.

    Anyway I dropped her off at her house and she asked if I would like a coffee or something. I quite fancied the something but that night I settled for coffee. We chatted and talked for half an hour and I decided I ought to go home for my evening meal. We usually ate about eight in the evening as I often did have to work late. It wasn't as if we were very busy but it looked good in the eyes of the MD and maybe one day it would bring promotion or at least a rise in salary.

    It was the following day that I suggested to Sue that I could give her a lift to and from work everyday and to my surprise she readily agreed. That is how the pattern started and each night she would ask me, once or twice a week, to come in for a coffee or something.

    One night, about a month later, she asked if I wanted to come in, not for coffee but for something. We both sat down on her settee and after a moment she leaned close to me and asked if I would like to kiss her. Immediately I could feel a swelling in my loins as I took her in my arms and took the rosebud of her lips. Of course my free hand had a mind of its own as it found the orbs of her breasts, whilst her hand must have become extremely heavy under the gravity of the situation. Where it landed made me even hornier than a bull in mating season.

    Just as things got interesting her telephone rang and spoilt the start of something interesting. As it happened it was her husband Charlie saying that he had finished early and he would be home in half-an-hour and she was to get ready for a pub meal. I beat a hasty retreat with a dampness between my legs.

    It was over a week before I next got invited into Sue's house and, maybe we felt a little guilty about the budding passion of our last meeting. However after a cup of coffee Sue confided in me that she got a little sexually frustrated with Charlie away so much and further more Charlie didn't go along with what she called her deviant leaning. Well I suppose I had leaning towards perversions and I grilled her a little until she revealed her feelings.

    She said although she liked intercourse with men she also liked to think of them as women until the final moment. Well she said her fantasy was to dress up a man in women's underwear so that they had a panty-girdle on and a stuffed bra and see the man apparently looking like a female then after a bit of foreplay strip off the bra and panty-girdle and see his manhood spring to attention before he plunged it into her.

    I thought this was a bit kinky but if it meant having a bit of sex with her I said I would try anything. It was arranged that Sue would buy this apparel but I would have to pay for them. She measured my hips, waist, chest and inside leg. I am not sure why she wanted to measure my inside leg but the measurement sent us in to howls of merriment when she said she couldn't decide where the top of my leg was because there was this thing in the way. There was some discussion where this underwear should be kept. Sue wanted me to take them home but I felt that there was nowhere safe from Jill's prying eyes. In the end Sue agreed to keep them in her wardrobe.

    It was several days later that Sue told me she had the garments and I should give her a fashion show to-night. I must admit just talking about it got me horny. We got to her place about six, and she took me upstairs to her bedroom and showed me the underwear. There was a white bra with a wide front which would come right down to the waist and also the panty-girdle. Sue told me to take of all my clothes and then put on the pants. She put her hands down the back of the girdle and pulled my penis as far as it would go between my legs and until everything was compressed.

    There was bulges where my testes were forced out by my penis being in this unusual position. The effect was extremely feminine looking and was fascinating in a weird sought of way. Next she put the bra on me and did up the numerous hooks and eyes. Sue then got to thick balloons which had been filled with water so that they were the size of grapefruits and popped these into place. There she said I will call you Jane. She took me across to the full length mirror and got me to look at myself.

    Frankly I thought I looked absolutely ridiculous and felt uncomforable. Still she said it really turned her on seeing me like this and gazed at me for several minutes. She said she had better get undressed and took off her skirt and blouse. She had on a pair of very brief pants, a suspender belt holding up her sheer stockings and a brief bra barely holding in her ample breasts. Slowly she rolled off her stockings and removed the suspender belt. Next she removed her bra and I was thrilled to see that she had a gold ring in each of her nipples. I said that I thought that was most exciting. The next surprise was when she took off her pants and showed me her completely hairless crotch.

    By now I could feel my manhood struggling in its temporary prison. Sue pulled me on the bed and kissed me with a passion I had not experienced since my courting days. My fingers were drawn to her nipple rings and gently tugged at on or the other and Sue moaned with delight. We broke for a gasp of air and she hastily undid the bra I was wearing. She then guided my hand down to her crotch and I marvelled at how smooth her pubic region was, not a trace of stubble. Gently I let my finger wander into her clitoris and she let out more moans of pleasure. She pulled my head down to her crotch and I gentle brought her to an orgasm. By now I was aching and wanted this damn panty-girdle off.

    At last she stripped off the panty-girdle and pulled me on top of her. My released penis immediately sprung to attention and I quickly slid into her. As we both heaved and humped about the bed I quickly came, at the same time she had another ear-splitting orgasm. I felt as if I had pumped a gallon into her. Not surprising as it had been quite some time since I had had sex and then it was because I had masturbated in the bathroom at home. I fell off her with a feeling of utter satisfaction and we lay there gently enfolded in each other's arms.

    After a few minutes I went into her bathroom and had a wash and then came back and got dressed. She was still lying on the bed and I leaned over and gave her a kiss and told her that it had been the experience of a life time but I had to get back as Jill would be home in a short while. Jill and I had never had anything like that. In fact I think Jill was a bit prudish but she was beautiful and earned a lot of money.

    We had several more of these Thursday night experiences with different variations with blindfolds on or mild bondage. One night I came home and found that Jill had arrived before me. At the time I didn't pay much attention but I saw our binoculars on the window sill and Jill passed it off that she had seen a strange bird in the park and had got the binoculars out to look at it more closely. About three weeks after that incident Jill announced that she had to go to a conference up North and she would be away from Monday to Friday night. She also said that Martha was taking a weeks holiday so I would have to prepare my own meals and keep the place clean.

    The next day I told Sue the news and said she could come across to my house and stay over night. Jill departed on the Monday morning and Sue brought a small overnight case with her to work. We drove straight to my house and took Sue in. First I showed her around the house and then rustled up something to eat. After letting the meal settle we went up to the bedroom and prepared ourselves for an evening of leisurely pleasure. Sue had me put on the panty-girdle whilst she undressed. Every time I saw her naked I was enamored by her hairless body and told her so. She said her hair had been removed with laser treatment. Having had my good look at her she blindfolded me and I played around with her nipple rings and I inserted my tongue into her clit. We had been messing around for about ten minutes and she suddenly pushed me away. I asked her what was the matter and stood up and took off the blindfold. To my horror Jill was standing in the doorway with a face that would crack the Boulder Dam.

    She took one look at Sue and said get out and if I see you within ten miles of my husband I will kill you. Sue just grabbed her things and fled. Stuttering I asked Jill why she was back so early and she threw a briefcase at me. "I forgot this, you two faced fornicator." She bellowed. I turned to get dressed and she said "No! Stay as you are. We have some matters to discuss." We stood there for several minutes as she glared at me.

    "It seems I cannot trust you to honour our marriage. I would divorce you immediately if it wasn't for our daughter Samantha. But I don't want to be subject to the trauma of a broken marriage at her formative years. When she comes home for holidays we will put on the appearance of a happily married couple, but things are going to change. I thought I must be mistaken when I thought I saw you in a house across the park, but now I know I was not."

    She paced up and down for what seemed like half-an-hour then she turned to me and said " The only solution is to fix you so that you can never go off on some flirtatious adventure. I will have to look into permanent ways of keeping you on the straight and narrow path."

    "What do you mean, Jill." I said.

    "You will wait and see." She replied. "Further there are going to be other changes in this house. First thing go into the loft and bring down several suitcases."

    I didn't like the sound of that and thought she was going to throw me out. I was told to pack all my clothes into the suitcase. Everything, underwear, shirts, trousers, suits, coats. Every item of my clothing was stuffed into these suitcases. My wardrobe was completely bare.

    "Now put these in my car." She ordered.

    "But what am I going to where?" I said.

    "You won't be needing anything, because you won't be leaving the house until after I get back on Friday. Anyway you have a dinky panty- girdle to keep your pathetic penis private."

    On her command I took the suitcases and put them in the boot of her car, rather concerned that anyone should see me without clothes on. Still it was accomplished and I returned to the house and found Jill on the phone.

    "I also want the your keys to the house and your car." She demanded.

    "Just in case you decide to wear my clothes or try and make something."

    "But what about me going to work, dear." I pleaded.

    "You can forget about that job, I have other plans for you. Your boss will be told that you have resigned. That will all be taken care of, my dear." She sneered.

    All the doors to the house were mortice deadlocks and went she left and locked up I was a prisoner in my own house. I tried to phone Sue but found that the phone was dead. She must have got the phone company to disable the line. I thought that was really sneaky and it also meant I couldn't use the internet either. Well, I wondered what I was going to do with myself, just this brief garment and not feeling to warm. I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it round my body. I decided to watch television but when I switched it on all that I could get was a selection of snowstorms on each channel. Obviously that bitch Jill had unplugged the cable to the aerial. I looked through the videos but they were a load of trash that Jill seemed to like. I did even consider masturbating but the trauma of the day took the edge of any sexual pursuits. In the end I found a book and settled down in the armchair to have a read. After about an hour I got fed up with reading and went and made something to eat. God! I thought how am I going to survive until Friday evening with nothing to do and effectively a prisoner. Perhaps I could tunnel out or make a glider and escape from the bedroom window.

    The week dragged by, much of it spent lying in bed reading, daydreaming. I spent sometime on the computer, playing games or trying to understand Visual Basic. I even tidied up my files, deleting a large amount of crud that always accumulates.

    Friday evening came and just after 6.30 I heard Jill's car draw up and then the key to the front door. I rushed downstairs, still wrapped in my blanket and met her in the haul. She even smiled at me and asked if I had an enjoyable five days to reflect on my position. I said it had been hell.

    "Well," she said, "That was only the foretaste of your life to come."

    "Run upstairs and run me a bath and then make me a cup of tea and then something to eat."

    "Am I your servant now?" I asked.

    "No," she replied, "My slave. But we will talk about that when I have recovered from a trying week."

    I was so taken aback that I just complied with her wishes.

    After Jill had eaten she went and watched television, which had now been re-connected. I asked if we could talk and she said to-morrow. Then she said to me. "I see you have been using my bed, I want all the bedding changed and the dirt bedding put on to wash. You in future will be using the spare bedroom."

    On Saturday morning I was up early and made breakfast and as a peace offering I took Jill's up on a tray. Eventually she got up and messed about for a bit, then commanded me to come into the living room.

    "Amongst other things I have been doing a number of things for your benefit. First, I paid off you employer so now you are no longer employed. Secondly your little friend has been dismissed and I believe her house is up for sale. Thirdly we have an appointment for you to ensure that you remain chaste in future. In addition, Martha has been given a month's notice and you will be taking over all the housework in future."

    "And what if I refuse." I chided.

    "Perish the thought." She said. "I would throw you out without a penny and you wouldn't ever get any employment. I would make sure any future employer would get the pornographic photographs of you that I have."

    "What photographs? You don't have any photographs of me." I retorted.

    "These photographs." She retorted throwing several photographs on the table.

    I picked them up and was horrified to see pictures of a man with a little boy sucking the man's prick. There was another with a woman with a strap on dildo pushing it up the man's arse and another with a man fucking a sheep. There were several other disgusting ones but what they had was one thing in common, my face on each of them.

    "These aren't of me." I shrieked.

    "I know." She replied. "I had to pay a lot of money to have them digitally enhanced to have your face put on, but other people aren't going to know that and I have several copies in a very safe place."

    I was dumfounded, the wind taken out of my sails and I knew I had lost. I was indeed a slave to this scheming bastard of a woman who was my wife.

    "Am I going to get my clothes back." I pleaded. I was still wandering round in this ridiculous panty-girdle but that and the blanket was all I had.

    "You will have something to wear when we leave for your appointment on Monday morning, so I suggest you give your underwear a wash. It is getting a bit high."

    Monday morning came and after I had prepared breakfast and cleared up she gave me a pair of tennis shorts and a tee-shirt.

    "Is that all?" I asked.

    "The car will be warm enough, but I have one more item for you to wear." She replied.

    I put on the shorts and tee-shirts and she told me to but my hands behind my back. I felt two things snap on to my wrists and I realised I had been handcuffed.

    "There is just one more thing to do before we leave and I advise you not to struggle or you will regret it. It is not my intention for you to know where we are going. Sit down on this stool and look up." She said. She produced a small bottle of superglue and a fine brush and with infinite care coated the bottom of the eyelid so that none got into my eyes. When she had done both eyelids she ordered me to close my eyes and stay like that for a thirty seconds. She should have said until someone pried them apart because I was now completely sightless. Struggle as I could my eyelids were firmly attached together.

    She led me out to her car and put me in the back seat. After she had locked up the house I heard her get into the car and start the engine. Well, I thought I could probably work out where we are going by the sounds of the road and the time we were travelling. It didn't work out. After the first few minutes I was lost. In fact the journey seemed to last for hours and, at times quite high speeds. We stopped once and she went off to the toilet and also bought some sandwiches and a cold drink.

    Whilst she was away I did think of getting out of the car but the child locks were engaged. When she got back she had to feed me as I had no use of my hands. We eventually arrived at our destination and I was led into the reception. The only concession was that she took the handcuffs off in the car. She gave her name and the receptionist got a porter to take us along several passageways into a room. She told me to lie down and gently eased my eyelids open. It was a relief to be able to see again.

    The room looked like I was in a clinic of some kind. The usual hospital type bed, barred windows and a door with a small window with a mirrored finish. There were two chairs and a bedside table.

    After a few minutes a man in a white coat came in and said "And you will be the patient. I am Dr Arthur Rowledge, not a medical doctor. I took my D.Phil at Oxford University, but I have had some medically training as well. Now I gather that you are to be fitted with our special chastity device. Would you please take off your clothes."

    I stripped down to the panty-girdle I was still forced to wear.

    "Ah, good," he said, "You still have it on. It will make my explanation simpler. Perhaps you will take it off now."

    I was now standing completely naked as he looked at me.

    "Yes!" he said. "You have a fairly small penis, but we will have to get rid of all your pubic hair. Laser treatment is used these days as it is permanent and very little pain. First let me explain what we are going to do."

    "Whilst I was working on a defence contract that was part of my thesis I stumbled across this organic substance with most unusual properties. It could be moulded into shapes and after it had cured it had some elastic properties but not a lot of long term strength. It was written off as another dead end, but one day it got accidentally irradiated with strong ultraviolet light. When I picked it up most of the elastic properties were gone but it was still flexible. When I carried out some test on it, to my amazement it had turned into a single molecule. It had immense strength and it could not be cut with a knife or saw, filed or abraded in any other way. I told no one of this material and removed all mention from my thesis. I was not sure what to do with it until one day browsing the web I came across a page on chastity belts and I knew I had a use for it."

    "I will briefly explain the procedure to you. We make a mould of your trunk and then use this as the former for your chastity device. When it is partially cured while it is still in its elastic form we slide you into it and then it is exposed to strong ultraviolet light for an hour. Because we do not want you moving at all during this process we do it under a general anaesthetic. We also have to ensure that the skin is masked from the light otherwise you will get very bad skin burn. Once the final curing is complete you will have to stay in bed for at least a week to ensure that there are no problems. As for your bodily functions the urine is piped up to a point at the front and an ample oval is left for the faeces to come out."

    "Have you any question?"

    "Well," I said, "What about showers and perspiration and it going mouldy inside this thing?"

    "Ah! A good question. The material makes a light bond with the skin so water can not get inside if you bath or shower. It also is slightly microporous to water and air molecules so it allows the skin to breathe but bacteria are too large to pass through. The chastity device is put on you under sterile conditions so that it safe for very long term use. You must stay in your room and I will have a talk with your wife. A nurse will be in shortly to start your medication."

    I didn't like the sound of that but one look from Jill and I lay on the bed and waited. At the time I had no idea what the doctor and my wife talked about and just now I have pieced together all the things they talked about. At the time I did not know that everything that happened in that place was filmed on video.

    After a short period a nurse came in carrying a small tray with a bottle and a hypodermic syringe. She filled the syringe from the bottle and injected me in the wrist. She got me to count back from ten to one but I can't remember how far I got. The room went all woozy and that is all I can remem...

    There were occasional returns to a sort of consciousness but nothing really registered and then suddenly I was fully awake. The first thing that I was aware of was a sensation in my earlobes and when I put my hands up there were two thick rings in my ears. I tried to remove them but they seemed to be continuous with no join anywhere. Next I felt down to my crotch and found that there was this smooth covering with only the slightest bump between my legs. There was a small indentation at the front and I could just about make out a hole through which a catheter protruded. I could not feel my penis or balls which surprised me slightly.

    It was certainly a good chastity device if it also removed all sensations, unless of course, I thought they are keeping them anaesthetized. I didn't give it much thought as I had come to term with the fact that I could not get at my private parts until the chastity device was removed. I seem to recall that he had mentioned that the device could be removed but he said that it was a very special procedure. A nurse came in and saw that I was awake and I said to her that I thought the whole business had been quick. "Oh you poor dear," She said, "You have been out a fortnight. There were complications and we kept you asleep until matters were sorted out. Still we can take you and have the catheter removed then you can have something to eat and drink."

    The doctor carefully removed the catheter and declared me fit, but advised be to let the urine drain out and wipe it with a piece of toilet paper and that would prevent any smells. I was allowed to put on my shorts and tee-shirt and tucked into the meal in my bedroom. I was told that my wife would be up in the morning to collect me.

    About ten o-clock she arrived and then repeated the process with my eyelids and I was taken out to the car and again handcuffed. Towards evening we arrived at the house and I was released from my confines. I was instructed to strip so she could see the handiwork. She prodded around a bit and felt it. She got me to lift up one knee then the other to see how it flexed and followed me like a second skin.

    "Excellent." She said. "We have now a secure slave. Go and look at yourself in the mirror."

    I was quite astonished to see myself. I looked completely sexless apart from the very dominant earrings. On closer look they were about one- eighth of an inch and a hole had obviously been punched in the ear-lobe to accommodate them. I could see no join at all and I commented on this to Jill.

    "No." she said. "These are very special earrings especially made for you. They have a tungsten carbide core and a gold outer. They are made in two halves and joined with a pin and socket araldited together. They are virtually indestructible and the only way to remove the is to cut the earlobe."

    "But what will Samantha think when she sees me like this?"

    "Have no fear, slave. She was home last weekend and I told her about your sordid adventures and what I have done to you. She was quite thrilled that we have our personal slave to satisfy our merest whim. There is your costume. I picked them up and there was a tee-shirt, some female pants, a pair of figure hugging lycra shorts with about a two inch inside leg and a tee-shirt. She said that there were four sets so I could change at least every other day. I was told put them on. When I asked what happened when it was cold she had replied that she would get me tights to wear.

    Then she said, "You will find the menus for the week and all your duties pinned to the notice board in the kitchen."

    I hurriedly changed and went into the kitchen. The list of chores was as long as my arm and meant I would have very little if any spare time. This was the start of many hours of drudgery.

    The following morning when I took Jill a cup of tea I said "I cannot find any shaving gear."

    She replied, "Obviously you haven't felt your chin this morning."

    My hand went to my face and it felt as smooth as a baby's bottom.

    "When they had to remove your pubic hair I had them remove all your body hair, your face, underarm, chest, legs. All of it. When I want someone exciting me I don't want a hedgehog."

    I was allowed out the house sometimes once or twice a month, always with Jill. On these occasions I was allowed to wear a pair of long trousers but even those were embarrassingly tight round the bottom. At first I always felt that people were looking at me but I let my hair grow long to cover the earrings completely and I was no longer bothered by my appearance. These days I tended to look more like a flat chested female. Once or twice a week I was summoned to Jill's bedroom where I was told to give her the tongue. Usually I would have to continue until she had three or four orgasms. Occasionally she would make me strap on an eight inch dildo and enter her. This really brought her to some fantastic climaxes. I got a little fed up with her telling me how much better I was at making love now I didn't have to use the puny dick of mine which collapsed more often than it performed. Personally I found no pleasure in doing any of these so called acts of love. I felt sexually void these days.

    At the end of term Samantha came home and seeing me said "Slave, bring my suitcases in and take them up to my bedroom."

    I was stunned that my daughter also called me slave but I complied and got her suitcases. The utter degradation occurred the following evening when Samantha told me to come into her bedroom and strip. She looked at me in absolute delight and muttered something about I must have one of these of my own.

    "But I am your father." I said.

    "You are no longer my father." She replied. "You are Slave. Now you will do as I order."

    I was relieved when she said she had nothing for me, even tho she insulted my "manhood". I was dismissed. That was the pattern over the next five years running the house satisfying mother and daughter, rueing the day I ever met Sue.

    Samantha had now finished at university and had been courting this fellow student. They were intending to get married shortly and secretly I felt sorry for the bloke. He didn't know what sort of monster that had been hatched and my bet that within a few years he would be in the same state as me.

    Eventually the marriage took place but I was not allowed to go. Jill said I was a disgrace to look at and anyway I had too much work to do.

    The bombshell came about six months later. Jill summoned me into the living room and announced that unknown to me she had obtained a divorce from me on the grounds that we were living separate lives and the marriage had irrevocable broken down. Furthermore she had found a new lover and was going to marry him. There was no longer any place for me in her life or house.

    "But what's going to happen to me." I blurted.

    "Frankly I shouldn't care, but since I have a forgiving nature I have purchased a one bedroom bungalow for you in a nice part of Greenwich and you can do what you like there. You will receive a pension which will be just enough to live on. You leave to-morrow."

    I was dumfounded and went up to my room an unashamedly burst into tears that this dreadful life was over. I would find some way to get out of this chastity device and feel my penis again and get these damn earrings off even if it meant cutting the earlobes.

    Finally the morning came and Jill had bundled me into her car, wearing the tight trousers and a tee-shirt, and we set off. A couple of hours later we arrived at this part of London which had seen better days and she took me into this bungalow. It looked very nice with a kitchen, bathroom, small living room and a bedroom. There was a television and video, telephone, computer, an armchair, a table and chair in the living room and, in the kitchen, a reasonable selection of kitchen equipment including a washing machine and microwave. In the bedroom was a stack of suitcases which I remembered from that fateful day when my clothes disappeared.

    She said goodbye and thrust into my hand a small package and disappeared down the garden path, got into her car and drove away. I went back into the house with a great feeling of elation at my new found freedom. I did not know what to do first but my ever present thought was to find that clinic and get the one person who could remove this chastity device to free my penis so I could live a normal life. I was conscious that I was still holding the package that Jill had given me and when I opened it it was a video cassette. On it was a title "Patient Number 4598" followed by the name "Bayen-Wills Plastic Surgery Clinic" and an address up north.

    Puzzled I switched on the television and video machine and pushed the cassette in. I immediately recognised Jill and I entering the clinic and then it changed to the bedroom I had and I saw myself put to sleep. The next shot showed the doctor and Jill entering his office and the doctor filling in a form. Jill was saying to him that she wanted a permanent change to be used on me. "I want a complete sex change surgery and I am advised that his prostate should also be removed to remove any sexual desire or swelling in the future."

    "That is very wise," The doctor suggested "But do you still want the chastity device?"

    "Yes," Jill replied "I don't want him to be aware that surgery has taken place until I am ready for him to know. I also want a special time bomb inserted. In fact two time bombs. You told me that there is one way to remove the chastity device, a special genetically modified enzyme you said."

    "That is so." He agreed. "We can contain it in a special cylinder which can act as a former for the false vagina and we can include a time switch to release the enzyme on any day in a ten year period. It causes the chastity device to return to its elastic mode and can be removed like a pair of pants."

    "I would like you to insert somewhere in his body a timing device that will slowly release oestrogen into the body for many years."

    She gave him two dates the first for the female hormone and the latter for the chastity device de-activator. I realised that the first date was just three weeks ago so my system had been absorbing female hormones for twenty one days. The de-activator date was to-morrow. I was in a complete turmoil, joy at the prospect that to-morrow I would be free of the chastity device, but horror that I was no longer physically a male and for the last three week I had been changing physiologically into a female. They talked about things like laser hair remover and the earrings and finally agreed on a price which astonished me. Revenge came expensive but Jill could afford it. The rest of the video showed, in minute detail my transformation into the female form and the fitting and curing of the chastity device. I just sat there numb at the complete and under punishment Jill had exacted on me.

    Finally I got up and made a cup of tea and went into the bedroom and saw my suitcases. I opened the first one and found that they contained only female clothes. The second and third the same. I had ceased being surprised any more. I had earlier received ten years' worth of surprises. Jill had changed me into a woman and I suppose I would have to live with it. I unpacked the clothes which were mainly underwear, blouses, skirts, jumpers and several pairs of shoes with heels one to two inches tall. There was some make-up, lipsticks and other things but I could not understand why Jill had included a box of tampons.

    The next morning I was woken up by a buzzing in my crotch and I leapt out of bed. The chastity device was loose and easily slid off my trunk, complete with the buzzing cylinder. Kicking to one side I looked at myself in the mirror. Gone was the orange thing that had covered my trunk for seven years and replaced by a narrow hipped woman with a definitely feminine pussy. My nipples were looking larger and I had wondered why they had been sensitive over the last week. The first thing I did was to have a long hot shower washing for the first time in years my lower half. It felt so good . I got dressed in the female clothes that Jill had given me although I did not put on any of the bras she had given me. They felt strange but I had no alternative other than the meager clothes I was wearing from my former life as a slave.

    Over the next four weeks I got into something of a routine and got used to going out shopping, for food, in my new attire. Nobody looked at me strangely like they used to do when Jill first enslaved me so I must look like a woman. I suppose the long hair and no facial hair helped. It had taken a little while to get used to using a handbag, in fact I also had to get used to handling money after seven years never owning a penny.

    By now I was beginning to notice that my hips and buttocks were getting larger and there was a definite swelling of my chest as breasts were forming. The left side was bigger than the right and I thought to myself that I might have to wear a bra before long.

    One morning I woke up and felt as if the end of the world had come. My inside hurt and my head felt as if it belong to a corpse and when I got out of bed I found blood on my nightdress. I stripped off and looked at my crotch and found the blood was coming out of my false vagina. I did not know what to do, call an ambulance or wait. Just then the telephone rang and I was very surprised to hear Jill's voice. She started by asking me how I felt and my first reaction was to tell her to piss off but in fact I replied, "I feel absolutely dreadful and I am bleeding."

    "Well what do you think about your first period." She enquired.

    "What do you mean, `My first period'?" I stammered. "Transsexuals don't have periods since they don't have wombs. Even I know that."

    "This transsexual does have periods." She said. "Let me explain. With your other kit is a programme which opens a valve which allows blood to trickle into your vagina. Also the hormone is changed to the one that women secrete during their menstrual cycle. I thought it would give some realism to your present state and you will know how I have suffered. It will be over in three days and I suggest you use the tampons I supplied you. It will make less mess. You should go into menopause when you 55. Well, Goodbye dear and many years of happy womanhood."

    She rang off leaving me trembling somewhat. I went and found the tampons that I had pitched somewhere in the cupboard and then had to work out how to insert them. After about ten minutes I had it sorted out and then went and had a shower. I had never realised the downside of a woman's body. In the past I had glorified the female form and just wanted to get my end away. But that was the testosterone talking. Nowadays my attitude to the female form had radically changed. After the shower I felt a little better, I got dressed and when and made some breakfast.

    Things settled down in the next few days and there was a ring at the door bell and my neighbour was standing on the doorstep. I had passed the time of day with her on several occasions when I had been doing a bit of gardening or hanging out the washing. She told me that she had one or two friends coming round for coffee and would I like to join them about 11 o-clock. I was a bit taken aback but I said I would like to. "See you later!" she said. I went back in and wondered what I had let myself in for. I went and changed and thought I had better prettify myself. I had on occasions put on lipstick but I thought I would try some of the other things that Jill had given me. In the end I settled for just the trace of eyeliner and a bit of blusher on the cheeks. Actually I thought it looked rather good, simple but attractive. So many transvestites or transsexuals go overboard with make up and usually look ridiculous.

    Just on eleven I went round to the neighbours house and was invited in. The one or two friends look to me like nine or ten and there was only one chair left between a fat lady and a woman of about sixty. I had to introduce myself and said that I was called Jane Russell and this caused a titter because I looked nothing like the film star of some generations ago. There was general chatter and our host served coffee and biscuits.

    Someone started pumping me about my background and I tried to be vague so I told them I was divorced and part of the settlement was the bungalow next door and enough for my needs. I said I had been a clerk in a motor-parts company but now because of my state of health I wasn't working anymore. I suppose it was all true although economical on facts, but it seemed to satisfy them. The fat lady next to me asked me what was wrong with my health so I blandly said woman's trouble and turned my eyes away. This seemed to satisfy her and judging by her figure she had some woman's trouble, overweight. There was more general chatter and someone asked me if I was likely to marry again and I said I would doubt it very much. About quarter past twelve the gathering broke up and I thanked my neighbour for a pleasant morning. I said it was the first social activity I had had in a very long time due to my trouble with my ex-spouse.

    Months went by and my figure grew, it must be a very potent brew they were pumping into my system. My breast were now quite pendulous and I definitely had to wear a bra. I thought they were the invention of the devil and I never felt comfortable wearing one but gravity defied me to go without. Women certainly suffer in more ways than one. Out of choice I would always choose to be male. I had no time for those who wanted to become women. Even going to the toilet was more complicated and I can speak of nearly eight years of having to squat. Gone were the days I could point Percy at the porcelain. Every four weeks like clockwork Jill's ultimate act of revenge caught me off the hop and I would usually just stay in bed for the first day of my `period'. The other day I tried on the trousers I had and I couldn't get them over my hips which just goes to show how much my hips and posterior had grown. Fortunately my waist was still quite narrow which meant I didn't have to buy more skirts. The one thing I did buy was a swimming costume. I thought my figure was quite good and I started going down to the local swimming pool. On one occasion this chap tried to chat me up and I told him by boyfriend was across the other side of the pool generally indicating a well developed hulk of a man so he scarped quickly. In a way I was flattered to think that a bloke fancied me, but I was not really designed for that sort of thing. Sex would not give me much pleasure, I thought, so best avoided.

    I had another phone call from Jill and she announced she was coming down to see me. I said I was not sure I really wanted to see her but replied I was still her property and would be down about 11 o-clock. She arrived and I saw there was a man sitting in the back seat. She breezed and looked me up and down and said "Strip off."

    I had been so used to obeying her orders that condition reflects took over and I took all my clothes off. I could tell she was pleased to see how I had developed a female figure and felt my breasts. She said "These are larger than mine have you had a silicone implant?"

    "No," I said. "This is the result of the foul brew you've had pumped into my system."

    "I am very pleased with the results." She said. "Are you pleased that you have a lovely figure now? Surely much better than the miserable shape you had before?"

    I didn't know quite what to say, but secretly I thought my figure was good for a female.

    But I replied. "Did you come to gloat over me and see the result of your revenge?"

    "Partially," she confided, "But I want you to meet my present husband and for him to see you as well." Before I could answer she went to the car, opened the car door and told the man in the car to get out and come in. through the living room window I saw that the man had his hands behind his back and I guessed that he was handcuffed as I used to be when Jill took me out. I was still standing there naked when the man was brought in. Jill asked him what he thought of the lady standing there and I could see there was look of lust in his eyes as he scanned be from top to bottom.

    "Well! What do you think of this lady?" She repeated.

    "I think she has a lovely figure and so well proportioned." He answered. "Well, this is my first husband." She announced.

    He was visible taken aback and then she continued her attack. "That is your future if you so much as step out of line." She snarled.

    "But I was only talking to the girl, my love. I would never be unfaithful to you, dear." He whispered.

    With that she gave me a kiss on the lips, to my surprise, and said "Goodbye Jane." She grabbed her present husband and took him back to the car and drove off. My thoughts went out to him. Was he going to end up a victim of revenge, in the future? I think it was in her nature.

    As I had settled into my life as a woman, slowly I gained some happiness in my new state. Perhaps there may have been a bit of female always in my genes, although some philosophers maintain that applies to every man. Men and women are and have always been victims of their hormones.

    Well this is the end of my story, well nearly.

    A friend of my next door neighbour offered me a part time job modelling clothes for the mature lady. It is not too hard and she pays well and I have bought a small second-hand car which gets me about for my modelling job. Last week it was modelling dresses and the week before I had do underwear for a TV advert. It was on last evening and I had a phone call from Jill commenting on it. Actually she was quite complimentary. She has invited me up to see her next week and I might go now that I have gained enough confidence and independence to face her, and I am curious to know what has happened to her second husband.
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