I want to be a baby maid

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by omegastar013, May 13, 2009.

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    Well firstly its been my lifelong dream to be a real female but my financial situation wont permit that. So a fantasy I have had for years is being a maid forced to wear diapers and be very fem and dominated for another's amusement/pleasure.

    Even though its a fantasy I really think that I could live this way 24/7. The diapers don't have to be an issue really its just part of the fantasy I have. And the diapers are not part of my disability. I would be just as happy to be a maid in training.

    Or even feminization really. Forced cocksucking is also a fantasy I often think about. I would be willing to sign over my disability checks to anyone willing to train me that has some experience. But you would have to take care of me if I did that since I would not be able to pay my rent anymore.

    I could also just come over to your place for a bit maybe like a short visit to have training. Although I probably cant afford to pay for any sessions. I'm sorry about that. I really wish I could afford things like that.I would also love to find a sissy playmate to cuddle with and play together. Preferably a diaper sissy.

    If anyone is interested please tell me! If my post sounds pathetic or inappropriate I apologize!
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