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    From http://chastity-belt-stories.com/chastity_belt_story_1.

    I think the woman in this story has got it soooo spot on.

    Enforced male chastity training

    CB3000 chastity belt training

    I wanted to share my thoughts and my experience with enforcing male chastity on my husband. I utilized the CB3000 as his training device. I say training device because that is what a chastity device is meant to be, a training device, not a permanent device.

    I recommend the CB3000 because it is clear, plastic and hygienic. Leather chastity devices are acceptable for use during a D&S session but they are not practical for long-term training.

    I became interested in male chastity when my husband gave me the book, Female Domination. He asked me to read the book and to underline if there was anything that interested me. I was not interested in physically dominating my husband but I did underline some excerpts regarding him doing more housework, him wearing a chastity device, me controlling the finances and I underlined a few of the stories about cuckolding that I found to be erotic.

    I discussed the book with my husband and allowed him to read the excerpts that I had underlined. He was enthusiastic about me dominating him but he was a little apprehensive at the same time, especially the part of him wearing a chastity device.

    I did my research, found a couple valuable forums on the web, and I made it clear to my husband that we would experiment before making any drastic changes. We experimented with a couple devices but he seemed to be most comfortable in the CB3000.

    I had him wear it for seven hours the first time. You have to work a man into chastity, therefore I recommend doing it in stages. I worked him up to 24 hours. Then I got him to where he was able to wear it for 3 days straight.

    It was around this time that we discussed our relationship and if he really wanted to have a FemDom marriage. I gave him the choice because he was going to have to make the most adjustments. I told him that if he agreed, there was no going back because I was not going to undertake these big changes only to have him change his mind later. I also told him that if we go down this road, I may decide to date other men, and if I do, I can't be given that freedom only to have it taken away again. I told him that if didn't want me to have that kind of freedom outside our marriage, speak now or forever hold his peace.

    Well, he got an erection as I was going over my terms. I reminded him what I read in the book, that he needs to be careful not to allow his lower head to rule his upper head, but he insisted that he wanted a FemDom marriage. So we began.

    One of the interesting nuggets I got off the chastity forum was how it was critical that the wife be strong because it is easy to give into a whining husband who begs to be let out of the chastity device. It takes a determined woman, which I am.

    Once he made his choice to embrace a FemDom marriage, I began by having my husband wear the CB3000 for a week at a time, then letting him out for a couple days, then putting him back in for another week. It takes time for the male body to adjust to these changes, and the chastity device is a training device. The key is for the device to reprogram both his body and his mind. That is what the device is for. I believe it is impracticable to expect a man to wear a CB3000 all the time without allowing him some intervals where he is free of the device. Otherwise, how will his body adapt? The device is to train his mind to what is acceptable when it comes to his erections and ultimately his orgasms.

    What my husband discovered is that he could not obtain an erection when wearing the device. He would start to become erect but the device restricted him and caused him pain, which made him go limp again. Eventually his mind told him not to become erect when wearing the device. When I let him out of the device, he immediately became erect and would orgasm very quickly when I stimulated him. That was fine with me, as it made it simple for me. When I want him denied, he wears the device, when I want to allow him release, I let him out and give him release. Then he cleans himself and the device, and I give him a couple days of freedom before going back in the device.

    I began to extend his time in the device, going from one week to two weeks between his scheduled release. He had his struggles and he complained but I didn't give in, and that is important. I kept the key and I did not allow him to manipulate me. I set a fair schedule and I stuck to that schedule.

    Over time, his mind reprogrammed his body. The device trained him and his sex drive came under my control. We did this for over a year, closer to 18 months. Now I don't have to place him in the device as often as before. I now use the device to reinforce his previous training, but now when he is out of the device he does not become erect as readily as before. It takes him time, and only when I stimulate him in a certain manner. That was another key. When I had him wearing the device for two weeks at a time, when I let him out, I stayed to a certain regiment to allow him to orgasm. I stroke his erection with my hand while verbally reinforcing to him that his role in our marriage is to obey me. Eventually his mind was trained to only orgasm that way and only when I gave him the verbal command to climax.

    Like I said, this entire process took over a year but I like where we are at. He does most the housework, I control the finances, and my husband's orgasms are under my supervision. The biggest drawback, not for me but some wives might find it to be a drawback, is that he is of little use when it comes to intercourse. He is fabulous when it comes to performing oral sex on me because I keep him denied long enough to unsure that he is full of passion. If you want to really experience passion, keep a man locked up in a chastity device for two weeks, then let him out and have him orally worship your body. But the drawback is that he is no good for intercourse because he will not be able to hold back his orgasm long enough to do you any good.

    I do date other men and have sexual relations outside my marriage, but I am not promiscuous. I have one gentlemen friend that I see a few times a month and I have another man that I knew many years ago that takes me out when he comes to our city on business. I have sexual relations with these two men and my husband has been trained to be supportive of my sex life outside the marriage. But like I said, I am not promiscuous and I am very careful when it comes to health and safety issues.

    It takes a commitment and staying power to make all this happen. It will not happen if the woman has a casual attitude because the husband will come to the place where the chastity experience loses its excitement. That is when the husband will want to be let out of his training device and that is when the wife must hold her ground. Create a fair schedule and stick to it.

    In closing, I want to reiterate that a chastity device is a wonderful training device. The denied husband is more eager to do chores and he is more obedient. But you must allow him frequent release, both from the device and from his denied status. Then once he is trained, the device need not be utilized as much but it is still needed to re-enforce his training.

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