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I love Chastity

Discussion in 'The Vault' started by OwnedbyLeeanne, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Well after plucking up the courage to approach my wife on the subject of Chastity I was very surprised
    to get a YES from her.
    I purchased a cheap device that seems comfortable enough and does the job until we can purchase a better device.
    I am going through the first days and being constantly horny especially at night when next to my wife in bed.
    When I am lying next to her now I feel like I did when we first met, I want to be inside her all the time and yet I cant.
    Anyway that is my short story and I hope that anyone reading this who has not asked their partner to lock them up, DO IT.
    You may never have another O but that is a small price to pay.

  2. This is such fun, I love the thrill of being so close and yet so far!
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  3. I am just starting my journey and cant image what it would be like after 2 months, but I cant wait.
    Bring on time travel that's what I say.
    I just noticed I am typing this while gently swinging my knees in and out as it feels soooo good making my cage press
    against my cock.

    I better stop or I might have an accident, time to take a walk I think.

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  4. Be careful what you wish for. I did not plan on all the things that have gone along with it, at the time. Hope it goes well for you as it does for others. Enjoy
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  5. Oh, You make we walk down memory lane:) Introduced chastity over a year ago. Thought it was all about me and more kinky sex, not to mention that I somehow expected my wife to become constantly horny along with me Lol!

    Well, I soon discovered that it in fact was all about her, and that I loved being denied longer and longer. Over time her libido has in fact increased a lot! - but all on her terms and she is is more or less the only one who is getting...
    I have had like approx 10 releases all together since april last Year, - and most of them in the first 2 months. Currently I am on a diet -Lol!- and will not know when the next is going to be. We are close to 60 days now I have for long been in a state where my release is becoming "less important". i an totally focused of serving her and to give her satisfaction.
    Your might like to read this this thread: http://www.chastitymansion.com/foru...he-cycle-of-submissiveness.12743/#post-107436

    Here is a little sample from the post:

    "Day 21 after release and beyond - I am settled in in complete submissiveness and I starts to think back on the roller coaster ride a release will inflict on me , and the hazel it gives my wife, and end up concluding that I - for the benefit of her and the entire mankind, - just as well can be kept from release forever. Really, - why go through all that, if you are feeling so good and are being so service minded and all once You arrive at this level?"

    I wondered a lot in the beginning if my emotionally behavior was like others, -or if a was "wrong" in anyway.
    "Yu never walk alone" seems to be the conclusion, but read for yourself...

    So - you wish for 2 months- may sound as and impossible task,- but you will most likely discover that the hardest part was much earlier...

    Good lock Lol!
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  6. How is your wife liking it?
  7. Well I thought she was very vanilla however she slowly seems to be getting it.
    She is normally submissive and I am obviously trying to turn this around however she has not yet
    realised that she holds the key.
    I gave he some reading yesterday to open her eyes on the topic and so far so good.
    At the moment I am behaving pretty normally and each day she seems to push it a little further however
    she still thinks she needs to ask rather than command.
    Early days yet, but looking good. ;-)
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  8. Truly, my wife likes chastising me when our lives/schedules are too hectic for sex. No really. So, since she is the busier, it makes sense for me to support her, help with the house, etc, and be teased by circumstance, looking forwards to when she unlocks me... meaning... sex and romance!
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  9. Well last night my wife teased me while I was still in the cage, the pain was unbearable in my balls as she teased and my cock strained in the cage.
    Eventually she felt sorry for me and decided to let me out and she allowed me to have sex and cum inside her.
    This was amazing and afterwards I did not go back in the cage and we went to sleep.
    This morning as we lay in bed she asked me to do something for her and I said "NO" with a little laugh.
    She said Mistress wants you to do this and then I said "NO. You have lost your power, I am not in my cage".
    I did this to help my Mistress learn that her power comes only when I am caged and it also helps if I am Horny as hell.
    I think she is getting the message and so I said to her that when she returns in a few hours she can put me back into the cage.
    It was also a lesson to show her that maybe she should restrain my hands when she lets me out so she can get me back in without any issues.
    It will be interesting to see what happens during this next lockup period which has been set at 2 weeks.

    I no I am naughty but it is fun watching the light go on in my Mistress's head as the parts of the game click into place.
  10. ....a lesson for 'Mistress', do be cautious dear little thing owned by Leeann, do be careful!
  11. Two months, yes indeed, I didn't wish for it... I guess I'm resigned to it now...
  12. The lights are indeed going on in my Mistress's head.
    She is realising that I will do things for her when she asks even if they are things she knows
    I would not normally for her.
    She asked me in the middle of a TV show I was watching to come and watch TV with her, I said No and she
    said Mistress wants you to watch TV with her.
    I got up and went and sat down with her and then she said I could go back because she just wanted to see if
    I would do it.
    It is getting very interesting :)
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  13. Mistress B

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    @OwnedbyLeeanne@OwnedbyLeeanne There is a word for what you are doing. If your Mistress needs any suggestions do tell her to pm me.
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  14. Mistress B,

    What would that be?
  15. I'm certainly no Mistress, but... I'd guess at a combination of:
    A. Running with scissors
    B. Topping from the bottom
    C. Playing with fire
    D. Teaching her this type of play is a "chore" for her
    E. Not seeming to try to find out what's in it for her
    F. Making the situation potentially adversarial
    G. Sorry, there *is* no G.
  16. Yes I can see the issues but in my defence I am talking to her about everything that I am doing
    even telling her that what I am doing is frowned upon and is as you say "Topping from the Bottom".
    She seems to be getting a lot of enjoyment out of it and even starting to tell me how she is going
    to go and buy a whip to punish me with.
    We are both still at the stage where whenever she tries to give me a direction as my Mistress she will start laughing and then the more she demands the more we find it funny.
    I don't think this is a bad thing at this stage I think she is also testing me to see what I do.
    Anyway so far we are both having fun with it but I suspect over the next week or two things will start to establish themselves in a more permanent way.
    I would be interested to hear from others when they first started and their partner was so called vanilla and new to this sort of thing, did they find it humorous at the start and if so when did things get serious.
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  17. ......glad to hear of the back and forth play, keep it fun!
  18. Well it has now been 3 weeks since we started chastity and I have now settled into wearing the device with little discomfort.
    The only time I get pain is when my wife teases me of a night, I get so hard the burning pain from the ring becomes
    unbearable and she has felt sorry and let me out.
    This is not what I want her to do but the pain is telling me to get the "Fucking thing off" before something bad happens.
    I would like to know what the other Mistress/Keyholders do when this happens to their partner.
  19. Well I had 2 ring sizes. The smaller ring caused that to happen to me as well. After a break-in period I was eventually able to drop to a smaller size ring and unless I am being teased and have to pee at the same time I do not normally have that problem anymore. Believe me if she starts teasing me I head straight off to pee just in case. Otherwise you get full and it completely blocks off the ability to deflate and is painful as hell.
  20. Yes this sounds exactly like my problem. I am using a 40mm ring and it seems just fine size wise, I have a larger ring however I slipped out of the whole thing one night without trying so I went back to the smaller one.
  21. Mistress B

    Mistress B Mistress B
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    Feb 29, 2012
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    @OwnedbyLeeanne@OwnedbyLeeanne Reading through the lines I assume you have a plastic device. Try metal.
  22. I would not trade my Jailbird for anything plastic. It is comfortable, easy to clean and just plain feels good on me. Like a second skin. And I too have found myself loving chastity. It is definitely another level and so far a wonderful adventure. I have a feeling this will be a permanent lifestyle change for me though I do want a chance to have an orgasm every so often so I do not forget what it felt like. LOL
  23. Mistress B
    I am using a Chinese device that is metal.
    It is pretty comfortable and I can general forget it is on while sleeping, unless I get aroused
    that is.
  24. Well I was released today for my hygiene ritual but not before some good old fashioned teasing.
    I was a good boy and put my device back on before presenting myself to my Mistress so she could have
    the pleasure of Clicking the lock shut.
    So no orgasm for me for the last 2 weeks and now after being locked back up I am feeling a bit sore, I suspect it
    may be the infamous "Blue Balls" and I hope it passes soon.
    I find it interesting that even though I had been teased before being unlocked I did not have the urge to masturbate
    when I had my shower, I was alone and could have easily however I just did not feel like it.
    Instead I cleaned myself up and fitted the device again.
    Is this typical behaviour even after only a few weeks of Chastity.
    I feel like I would be cheating if I denied my Mistress the pleasure of teasing me and deciding when I would orgasm.
    My Mistress also seems to be getting into the role more and more each day and I think if we did not have children at home I would be in a lot of trouble.
    Anyway I am off to adjust my underwear again to see if I can relieve this ache.
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  25. One day we will get a metal device, its just the fear of getting the sizing wrong