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I have failed!

Discussion in 'The Medical Suite' started by rebeccacd404, Sep 25, 2017.

  1. I feel terrible, sick inside my stomach. I had to drive a long way yesterday, in Chasity, and I was wearing tight jeans. By the time I got home my scroatom felt like it was in fire. When I checked myself out in the bathroom I had swelling and redness it felt unbearable. I had to take off my device, I have been struggling at work as my work clothes are also a bit tight round that area. I have not touched myself and honesty have no desire to do so. I want to put my device back on but feel I should wait until the swelling and sore redness go down. How does everyone manage with this?
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  2. A proper fit would likely fix this issue as a man that is locked at all times I dont have issues with pain since getting a proper fitting device
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  3. I checked out your picture. Maybe you can try a bigger spacer? Looks like your sac is being pinched?
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  4. It is I will try abigger
  5. Hello @rebeccacd404@rebeccacd404 the title of your tread says I have failed , well in my opinion you have not failed with anything , your profile shows you have only been wearing your 3000 for 7 days , to me 7 days straight off and for the first time with that device is good going , My advice would be to give your self time to heal and let the swelling go down before you try again , it may well be you need to adjust the device a little , spacer ring combination , however these things take time for your body to get used to even when the fit is good , at first driving and tight clothes are probably the worst 2 things to try anyway , but take heart with a little adjustment and time you will find things get better , you are off to great start keep going ,
  6. You haven't failed. You just learned something you didn't know before. If you've been reading on this site for awhile you probably have heard. It Takes Time to Find Your Perfect fit. I like to compare it to your wedding ring. You sized that perfectly and still probably played with it for along time untill you didn't know you were wearing it. Your chastity cage takes even more time. A different style of jeans can also help along with just adjusting how your cage is while your driving.

    You are doing great you just hit a little bump in the road, your not the first and won't be the last person to hit that same bump.
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  7. Thank you for the really nice comments, I do plan on trying again as already I miss the tight restricted feeling....also strongly for a chronic masturbator I have no desire to touch myself!
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  8. Please don't mention bumps in the road, that really felt uncomfortable...lol
  9. A few people have mentioned the fit, I hadn't noticed before but my device does come with different spacers...I will try a different setting.
  10. I have been wearing a device for very nearly two years, a Holy Trainer for about the last twenty one months. I still have episodes like the one you have described, more often than not caused by my trousers if they are a bit tight. Driving also causes issues due to how that area can get squashed and warm for an extended period. You haven't failed at anything.

    When I started off I also wore a cb6000 knock off and I would rather put my testicles in my dogs mouth than put that damn thing back on. It was horrific. I have matching scars on both sides of my scrotum from where it tried to chew my balls off, and the longest I ever wore it continuously was two days. The Holy Trainer was so much more comfortable and also looks less unappealing. It was the breakthrough that I needed to make this lifestyle a reality. My Wife was going to stop the experiment due to how ridiculous all the previous devices had been, so this is definitely not on you.
  11. Thank you for your compassionate comments, they mean a lot, I will look at the Holy Trainer.....something that put me off though, I thought I read somewhere that the fit allowed a lot of movement inside??
  12. There are essentially two types of people who wear chastity devices. Those who will try to beat the device and masturbate, forever looking for a more secure device. Those who will wear a device and treat it as a symbol, a reminder, and submit to the chastity despite the ease with which it could be defeated.

    If you wear a Holy Trainer you must be type two. It is not in any way a secure device, though some people can wear a tether device that makes it more so. It is however very comfortable so if this is going to be a 24/7 thing that is an important consideration.

    Obviously that is a huge simplification of reality, but the essence of it is true. Without the HTv2 my Wife would never have got involved with my chastity. We have talked about graduating to a more secure steel device but so far she is in no rush.