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I have been given a task

Discussion in 'Female led relationships' started by dirtydvd, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. My wife has told me that she wants me to find her some very specific porn that I am not having any luck with. She wants us to watch a wife/girlfriend instructing, or observing the male having gay sex. I've found very few that fit the bill, and those that i did, she wasn't pleased with as they were all pro and she wants real life situations. Anyone else ever run across any of this? Thank you from her in advance.
  2. Have seen some online. Try XNXX.com. Some women love masturbating while watching hubbies/boyfriends sucking cock. Ever done it?
  3. We have a Pipedream fuck me silly doll that is basically a torso with a cock, balls and ass. She has made me suck and fuck it, but not ever the real thing,....yet
  4. Would you be up for the real thing?