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I googled "Blue Balls " got a surprise!

Discussion in 'Medical fetishes' started by nikkel, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. After being without an orgasm for over a month, I started wondering about the expression " blue balls" .
    Turns out it's very real and can be quite hazardous . I often am very aroused by just the fact I'm caged.

    I live alone and have my Queen holding the key to my jailbird. I have been visiting her about 5 days a week to carry out errands and chauffeur her around .

    The one and only orgasm my Queen allowed me was last year on Dec 1st.
    I remember the date well because she had me cum on the grass by a stream then rub my face in it and lick what was left .
    We went back to town where I bought a Costco membership, the photo is of me with cum still on my face , but it doesn't show on the photo.
    Now that I'm forceably caged ( and loving it ),I know it will be a very long time until I'm allowed an orgasm.
    My Queen used to tell me many times that if she caged me I'd never get an orgasm for the rest of my life.

    When we were at the locksmiths getting the padlock ,I said I was having second thoughts because I'd need an orgasm at times ,to which she replied that she would consider allowing me one if I had a perfect day.

    I have scrubbed her toilet ,shower walls, tub, floors and obeyed her every command instantly , but she always finds many things I did wrong. Some amount to not reading her mind, like not turning at the right corner when going to somewhere I haven't been before and following her directions.
    It has become clear that she very much enjoys having her "useless sissy bitch" in heat and wishing for an orgasm.

    She enjoys having me remove my cage when cleaning ( naked) and getting an erection, she often has had me jerk myself until I tell her I'm getting close, then she has me stop and resume cleaning .
    I'm back in my cage when she's done with me for the day, and I'm sent home.

    Her thrill is the power to control me in everything especially my sex drive.
    Her greatest thrill is whipping me so fiercely that after one stroke I jump away and beg for no more , she orders me back in position to which I instantly obey ,all the while pleading for no more . The power she loves is watching me in pain return for more whipping at her command despite begging for no more . ( check the whip marks in my avatar)

    I read the first topic that came up when I googled blue balls, it was enough for me to google prostate massage , and a good thing I did.
    Today I bought a cheap prostate massage thing, and google told me how to use it .
    I wont use it ,until I tell my Queen.
    She said she'd like to use a dildo on me , so maybe I can get her to read what I googled today .

    I'm thinking I can milk myself while still caged , but so far not sure of anything to do with prostate stuff.

    Once again I think it will be up to my Queen what happened next .
  2. Hehehe blue balls are very real. I actually enjoy them, it’s just part of the tease and denial world I have been emmerssed in.

    For health reasons I have read it’s good cum (or be milked) on a weekly basis or so. It’s supposed to help reduce the risks of prostate cancer. Others might have come across other materials but that’s what I learned during my research period.
  3. If you are going to state that Blue Balls are real ... and there is science behind it ... then you should use that science to cure it ... meaning Blue Balls is nothing more then blood (swelling) engorging an area ... and one of the ways to encourage the swelling to leave genitals is to have an orgasm ... however a bag of ice will do the same thing.

    Also if you read the science side of it, women can get "Blue Balls" also ... meaning a sense of dull ache after a long arousal period ...

    So Blue Balls has nothing to do with releasing fluid from the testicles otherwise vasectomies would not be preformed ... yep that means an orgasm is not the fix to your Blue Balls, but a bag of ice is.
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  5. I enjoyed your predicament but be careful. There is a chastty device (tolleyboy.com) that covers your asshole as well as your cock. You will be spendng a longtime on the bidet and wont have access to your prostate!!!!
  6. When I was a 19 y/o soldier I once jumped out of a deuce & a 1/2 with a hundred lb pack on my back. It was about a 6-Ft drop & I immediately felt like a horse had kicked my balls. The next morning my balls were so tender & achy I went on sick call; the doc told me I had epidydimitis. The epididymes (tubules that surround the testes & collect sperm on their way Out) were swollen & damaged. The immediate treatment was to jack off 3x a day for a few weeks. (Since I wasn’t married.) the first few times i did, the cum was bloody & it hurt like hell, but eventually it got better.

    They also told me I’d be susceptible to blue balls or further similar injuries the rest of my life.

    Until that point I had never experienced blue balls, but a few years later I let myself get worked up too much on a first date & my balls ached like I’d been kicked. When I finally got home & jacked off it felt like a lead slug was escaping from my scrotum; the pain was that intense. Of course, no blood. Since I was 19 if I spend too much time sexually aroused w/o cumming I find the pain is debilitating & the eventual orgasm is more punishment than pleasure.

    I don’t get blue balls as long as I have sex or jack off before I get too excited for too long....which does make chastity a bit of a challenge. If I get too much T&D the pain actually kills my erection tout l’suite.

    But it has made me a big believer in prostate milking. I don’t mind a certain amount of pain...but chastity is literally no fun if you’re literally nauseous from the ache in your sack.

    I grant that most men haven’t ruptured their sperm tubes, but it makes me feel like too much blue balls can’t be a good thing for any man. If I don’t cum very often I really have to be milked. There is no other explanation of which I’m aware for the intense pain I feel other than the combination of vascular swelling that accompanies sexual arousal & the sperm that are most assuredly in my epidydimes.

    I recommend that all chaste boys be milked semi-regularly or cum one way or the other on regularly so that you can enjoy the benefits of chastity without being distracted by unnecessary pain and/or justified worry that you’re endangering your long-term prostate health for the sake of short-term fun.
  7. I read that lack of cumming/milking can cause prostrate problems and could even heighten the risk of prostrate cancer.

    I wish there was research on this. We should commission a study.
  8. But there is research on this topic. Studies involving finesteride in 2003 suggest that sex is associated with lower cancer risks. Link below to a popular article (non-technical) and an NHI study that shows the frequency of ejaculaton is the key variable, not the number of sex partners.

    I think most men would read these & conclude chastity poses a risk. I read them & conclude that a Mistress who loves her chaste boy will milk him or ruin him once or twice a week; and provide full orgasms often enough to keep the organs healthy. I personally see chastity as more about handing over control & less about being celibate; I know not everyone agrees, but I think caring Mistresses understand that everything involves tradeoffs & balancing rewards & risks. I think if I were to develop prostate cancer, I genuinely hope that as I lay dying nobody would be thinking “sure, he’s dying....but at least he didn’t orgasm for a couple dozen years. Man. He’s whining now...can you imagine what an asshole he’d be if I’d let him jack off?”

  9. The only time I experience blue balls is during extended teasing which may or may not end in a ruined orgasm. Any other time that I get hard my balls hardly change colour. I do leak a fair amount though. The trouble with a full orgasm I find is that although it is mind blowing I do feel somewhat flat afterwards. The whole frustration thing is a real turn on for me!