I did this to myself!

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    This is my first attempt at writing a story. I hope you enjoy it.

    - I asked for full time chastity
    : I told my wife that I wanted to wear a chastity cage 24/7 and I wanted her to hold the keys.

    - We'll play a game : I put 30 red tokens and 1 green token in a bag. Every other night she picks a token.

    1. If a red chip is pulled, cage is removed and I am teased for at least 10 minutes. No orgasm.

    2. If a green chip is pulled, cage is removed and I am teased for at least 10 minutes. Then ruined orgasm.

    - When she doesn't pull a chip : I will worship her pussy for as long as she likes, if she wants me to.

    - In exchange for playing the game - I will take over all household chores and cook all of our meals. In addition, I will massage her anywhere she wants me to, every single night. She agrees.

    - When teasing me the first time : I start rubbing her butt and tits. She stops and tells me that I shouldn't be touching her because it's distracting. I make an arm binder out of an old shirt. She likes that and she slides the arm binder up my arms (behind my back) so my arms are pinned to my sides. I sew arm sleeves and sew on Velcro straps so I can't remove it myself.

    - The next night before pussy worship : she slides on the arm binder, so I can't use my hands.

    - Before the 2nd tease : she tells me she doesn't want me to talk and doesn't want me to look at her while she teases me. I go get a roll of electrical tape and ask her for her panties, which she gives me. I stuff the panties in my mouth and tape my mouth shut. She takes the tape, and carefully adds more to my mouth and chin. Then she gently tapes my eyes shut. It is very erotic! Then she puts the arm binder on me. She tells me that from now on, this is how I will be teased.

    - Before the next pussy worship : She puts the arm binder on me and then she tapes over my eyes. She tells me that from now on, this is how I will be when worshiping her.

    - She tapes my face almost every night : Now almost every night after dinner (when I am not worshiping her pussy) she has me kneel beside her. Arms bound to my side with my arm binder, she stuffs her panties in my mouth and tapes up my entire face. From my forehead to my chin, leaving only my nose exposed. Then 1 of 2 things happen...
    1. We go to the bedroom, and she picks a token from the bag.
    2. I lay down on the carpet in front of the sofa while she relaxes either watching TV or reading a book, and she uses me as a human carpet (this was my suggestion). She rubs her feet all over my body, caged cock and taped face. Her favorite thing becomes covering my nostrils with both feet and smothering me. I quietly whimper when I need air. I buy a couple of cases of extra wide electrical tape, so she'll never run out.

    - I start chaining my cock cage to the bed frame : during pussy worship. She says I should always do that. Sometimes, after she has been pleasured, she leaves me bound and chained to he bed while she relaxes with a book or tv.

    - I show her how to bind my cock and balls with string - One time before a tease, I show my wife how to bind my cock and balls tightly with thick string so I have no chance of cumming during a tease session. From then on, after removing my cage for a tease, she always binds my cock and balls tightly. And she becomes really good at it!

    - I massage her until she falls asleep : No matter what, every night I massage her anywhere she wants until she falls asleep. She tells me I can only remove the tape from my face after she falls asleep.

    - I get locking wrist and ankle cuffs and a collar : I ask her if I can buy locking wrist/ankle cuffs. She says, “What about a collar?” I buy them and she makes me beg her to use them. Now every night when I get home from work, I lock them on and give her the keys. She puts them in a kitchen safe (that I bought for her) and sets it to open at midnight. I can't remove them until she falls asleep.

    - One Saturday morning : I get up before her. I lock on the cuffs and collar, and put the keys in the kitchen safe and set it for midnight. Then I go into the kitchen and put on her frilly cooking apron. I make her breakfast. Then I go wake her up by rubbing her feet. The table is set for one person. She sits down and I serve her breakfast. Then I kneel beside her. While she eats, she occasionally gives me a bite. “Mmm, I like this a lot” she says smiling.

    - After Breakfast : she says she wants to go to the gym. I tell her to take her time, I will clean the house while she is gone. When she comes home, I run to the door and greet her with loving kisses. Then I kneel down and kiss the tops of her shoes. “Oh, I really like this.” she says, smiling. I lead her to the couch, take off her shoes and socks and start to massage her feet. “They might be a little stinky” she says. I sniff her feet and they are pretty stinky, but I say, “I think they smell wonderful!”. “Really?” she says coyly. To prove it, I start kissing her feet and toes. “Wow, I love that” she says. I kiss and massage her feet for about 5 minutes, then I stop because I'm in the middle of laundry. “Hey, I didn't say you could stop” she says in a kind of commanding voice. I resume and then ask her if I can suck on her toes. “I don't know...”, she says and smiles. I start begging her to suck her toes. “Just my toes?”. I start sucking and licking her stinky toes and feet. I'm in heaven and so is she. When she's had enough, she tells me she needs to take a shower. I tell her that I need to finish the laundry. “I really like this new you” she says, and walks off to take a shower.

    - After her shower : I am vacuuming the living room. She comes in and I invite her to have a seat. I ask her if I can get her anything to drink or eat. She tells me what she wants and I go get it and bring it to her. “Wow, I could really get used to this” she says.

    - The pampering continues : I finish cleaning the house as she relaxes in the living room. I bring her a little bell to ring if she needs me. “Awesome” she says. I fix and bring her lunch, then continue to clean the house. When dinner time comes, I prepare the meal, set the table for one, then go to her in the living room. “Dinner is served” I say. She sits down at the table and I kneel beside her and bow my head submissively. She reads a book while she eats, mostly ignoring me. Every once in a while she'll feed me some food. When she's finished she retires to the living room and I clean up the dishes. When I finish, I go to her. “Have you finished cleaning up, hon?” I nod my head yes. “Good boy. Now bring me the tape and your arm binder.”

    - COVID HITS : I lose my job, she works from home. All food is delivered. Everything we need is delivered.

    - I start a new routine...

    - I wake up before her : I lock on the cuffs and collar. Put on a pair of her panties, the frilly apron and prepare breakfast.

    - I wake her up : by kissing and worshiping her feet.

    - I prepare and serve her breakfast : She eats at the table, I kneel at her side, getting her coffee when she requests it. She feeds me some of her meal when she wants to.

    - While she works : I start doing the housework. I give her a bell to ring when she needs something.

    - I prepare and serve her lunch : same routine as breakfast.

    - I prepare and serve her dinner : same routine as lunch.

    - After dinner : she relaxes in living room with TV or a book while I clean up. Afterwards I join her in the living room. Then1 of 3 things happen...
    1. She puts me in the arm binder and tapes my entire face except my nose and mouth. Then I am bound, kneeling by the bed, cock cage locked to the bed frame and I worship her pussy. Afterwards, she removes my arm binder and I massage her until she falls asleep.
    2. She puts me in the arm binder and tapes my entire face except my nose. Then a teasing session begins. No chips anymore, she will decide if I have earned a ruined orgasm. She enjoys pinching my nostrils shut while bringing me to the point of orgasm. Afterwards, she removes my arm binder and I massage her until she falls asleep.
    3. She puts me in the arm binder and tapes my entire face except my nose. Then, she relaxes on the couch and reads a book or watches tv. I lay face up under her feet so she can tease and smother me with her feet.
    * I can only remove the cuffs, collar and tape from my face after she falls asleep.

    - Tomorrow, add something else : When she says this, I add something new to our routine. She asks me this every couple of days.

    - My horniness drives me to desire more kink : Twice a week, I am allowed to surf the internet so I can find more kinky things to add to our routine.

    - I request a torture sessions : I am so horny that I beg her to start giving me torture sessions. I buy nipple clamps, nipple suckers, whips, a paddle, 2 wide pinwheels, a large dildo and lots of clothes pins. She makes me beg her to torture me and I do. She really gets into this and I am bound (with my arm binder) and tortured before and during a tease session. Even before pussy worship!

    - I always stand at her side : when I am not doing anything. She often squeezes and pinches my balls while she's working.

    - I ask for bondage - I send her lots of photos with bound males. I buy lots of soft, thick rope. She makes me beg for bondage. I spend many an evening with my face taped, hogtied on the floor while she watches TV. Now she always ties me up during a tease/torture session and when I'm serving as her carpet.

    - I shave my legs : When I show her she tells me that she wants me to be completely hairless. I shave off all of my body hair. When I show her she rubs the hair on my head, “I still see hair”. I don't have much hair on my head so I shave my head. When I show her she laughs, strokes my eyebrows and says “I still see hair”. I shave off my eyebrows. She says that from that day forward I must keep my myself free of all hair. She starts drawing on my head with magic markers, giving me eyebrows and sometimes head hair. I look totally ridiculous. Now she laughs and laughs every time she sees me.

    - She starts taping my entire head : I soon understood why she wanted me to shave my head hair and eyebrows. Most every day, at some point, she tapes my entire head and neck. Only my ears, mouth and nose remain un-taped. She leaves small holes for my eyes making it challenging for me to see. At night after dinner, if I am worshiping her pussy, she tapes my eyes shut. For a tease session or just watching tv, my mouth and eyes are taped shut. I am not allowed to remove the tape until after she falls asleep. Removing it is very challenging and sometimes takes me an hour.

    - I always wear nipple suckers : Every morning, along with the cuffs, collar, panties and apron, I am required to put nipple suckers on my nipples. I can only take them off at night after she falls asleep. My nipples become large, puffy and very sensitive. She thinks this is really funny!

    - She is constantly laughing at me : Every day, as she tapes my head, she laughs and says things like, “Remember, you asked for this”. She thinks my situation is so funny. And I begged her to do all of these kinky things to me.

    - I ask for a testicle cuff : She agrees. It's metal, about an inch wide and very heavy. She declares that it will only be removed for showering.

    - I have to ask permission to speak : After watching a renaissance movie, I suggest that I address her respectfully and call her “My Queen”. She loves it and says from now on, I am not allowed to speak unless she gives me permission.

    - I haven't had an orgasm in months : I realize that it's been months since I've had an orgasm. I am constantly leaking sperm, which my wife says is kind of like I'm orgasming all the time. I'm only let out of my cock cage when she wants to torture and tease my penis. I am out of my mind horny, and it drives me to think of more and more kinky things for my wife to do to me.

    - I need her permission to use the bathroom : This was one of my dumber ideas. I suggest that during the day, I should have to ask her for permission to use the bathroom. Since I am not allowed to speak, I have to whimper quietly and point to my crotch. “Ask me in fifteen minutes” she'll say laughing. She loves to make me wait but is annoyed when I have to go. One time, after I use the bathroom, I get a really stupid idea. I get a wooden spoon from the kitchen. I give it to her, bend over and spread my ass checks with my hands as wide as I can. “I'm sorry I had to use the bathroom, my Queen. Please smack my anus 10 times”. “Only 10 times”, she asks, smiling. “At least 20 times”, I blurt out. She takes the wooden spoon and starts smacking my anus. It stings sooo good. From then on, every time I use the bathroom, she smacks my anus at least 20 times. Now my ass hole is always stinging!

    - I eat from her hand : One time during a meal she scoops up some food with her hand and feeds it to me. She loves it and it becomes our new routine. Sometimes she smears food all over my face. I am not allowed to wash it off until she gives me permission.

    - I start sleeping in the spare room : One night after taking off my cuffs and face tape, I crawled into bed and accidentally woke her up. She gets really upset and tells me to fix it. I suggest that I start sleeping in our little spare bedroom so as not to disturb her. She agrees.

    - Cuffs and collar 24/7 : One night after the kitchen safe opens, I find that my cuff and collar keys are not there. I start wearing my cuffs and collar 24/7. They are only removed for showering.

    - I eat from her feet : One morning while I am making oatmeal for breakfast, I get a crazy, stupid idea. I take a large bowl and put some oatmeal in it. I lay a large piece of plastic and the bowl of oatmeal under the table. When she comes in to eat her breakfast I am waiting underneath the table on my hands and knees. She smiles and sits down. “Do want me to feed you with my feet?” she asks. I say that I do, and she makes me beg for it. “Okay, If that what you really want”, she says laughing. Then she mashes her naked foot into the oatmeal and I lick it off of her feet, as she eats her breakfast. She loves it and says that from now on, I will only ever eat food from her feet. This becomes our routine for every meal. Sometimes she smears the food all over my face with her feet. I am not allowed to wash it off until she gives me permission.

    - I ask for a remote control vibrating butt plug : When it arrives, she makes me beg her for it. Now, I come to her when she vibrates the plug strongly. It is only removed when I have to use the bathroom, shower and when I sleep.

    - I ask for a locking leather crotch pouch : It completely covers my locked dick and balls and locks around the base ring of my cock cage. It is only removed for showering, teasing/torture or when I have to pee. Now I hardly ever see my locked dick and balls.

    - We add anal worship : One time during her massage I ask if I can worship her asshole. She makes me beg for it. After three nights of begging, she allows me to worship her anus. I lick her ass working my way to her puckered asshole. Then I begin licking it with long, slow licks. She loves it! I stick my tongue in and out of her anus. She tells me to stick my tongue as far as I can into her asshole. I have a long tongue and I get it pretty far inside her. She tells me not to move, then she clenches her asshole shut, gripping my tongue with her anus. She holds me like that and starts to masturbate. She comes hard, with my tongue deep in her ass. She loves the anal worship so much that I do this multiple times a day and always during pussy worship and her massages.

    - I eat from her anus : One time during her massage, she was eating some nuts. She unceremoniously sticks a nut partially in her asshole. “Have a nut” she says. I eat the nut from her asshole. “From now on”, say declares, “You will only ever eat food from my feet or my ass”. At this point I am kissing and licking her feet and ass multiple times a day.

    - I add a rubber hood : I ask her for a full rubber hood so she won't have to tape my face anymore (removing the tape takes so long). She agrees but says she still can tape my head if she wants. It has holes nostrils, mouth and two small holes for my eyes, . I put it on first thing in the morning and don't remove it until after she falls asleep. Sometimes she tapes my entire head, then she puts the rubber hood on me. Again, I can't remove these until after she has fallen asleep. Now she hardly ever sees my face anymore.

    - She requests a smaller cock cage : She notices that it's getting a little roomy in my cock cage, so she requests a smaller cage. She helps me pick it out. It's called the vice mini. It is pink, extremely confining, impossible to remove and does not allow for any erections.

    - Torturing is teasing : Every morning I have to beg her for bondage and torture. The begging must be completely earnest. At some point, she declares that my cock cage will only be removed when she wants to torture my penis and balls. She slaps them, rolls pinwheels all over them, pinches them, uses clothespins and tightly binds them. She usually ends the torture session by tightly binding my balls, then binding my cock down between my balls with lots of string. Then she tightly wraps my bound genitals with lots of electrical tape until they look like a black, tape ball. She slips the locking leather crouch pouch over this and locks it in place. This is always very intense. She leaves them taped and locked like that for at least an hour or two. At some point, I have to beg and beg her to unlock the pouch so I can remove the tape and string. After my genitals are released from their taped/string bound prison, I go right back into my cock cage and testicle cuff and locking leather crotch pouch..

    - I add a locking hood : This was my dumbest idea ever! I ask her if I can buy a full leather locking hood. She agrees and helps me pick it out. I buy a tight fitting, locking leather hood with a locking gag and blindfold. Now, I put on the leather hood and lock it on every morning when I wake up (before she wakes up) and give her the key. She adds the blindfold during massages and pussy worship. The gag is always locked in place unless I am worshiping her pussy or eating food from her feet or anus. One time she set the timer for 2 days and I was forced to wear the leather hood the whole time!

    My head is always in bondage : Everyday morning starts with my head in bondage. Sometimes it's the leather hood. Sometimes it's the rubber hood and the leather hood. Sometimes, she tapes my entire head except for my ears, eye's, nose and mouth. Then she puts me in the rubber hood and then locks on the leather hood as well!

    - She never sees my face anymore : Now, when she wants my face taped, she has me do it. Otherwise, I am wearing the rubber hood and/or the leather hood. She has me remove all the pictures of me from the house and pack them into boxes in the garage. I am now her face-less servant!

    - She orders me to buy a maids uniform : since now I am basically her maid. She helps me pick out a locking maids uniform, complete with a bra, guarders, stockings and locking 3 inch high heels. I have to beg to her to let me wear them. Now every morning I lock them on when I wake up and she locks the keys with the other keys in the kitchen safe and sets the timer. Now I can only unlock the uniform, shoes and hoods when the timer goes off, usually around midnight. She often has me sleep the uniform and hood overnight. Now, whenever she sees me, I am wearing a locked leather hood, cuffs, collar, locked leather crotch pouch and the locked maids uniform with locking 3 inch high heels! I am just a chastity maid to her. And this really turns me on!

    - She makes me sleep in women's night wear : We buy some very feminine nighties online. Every night, if the safe timer opens, I must sleep in a woman's nightie.

    - All of my clothes are packed away : I now can only wear my maids uniform or a nightie.

    - She paints my nails : One night while she was painting her nails, she announces that my nails will also be painted. She paints my finger nails and toe nails bright pink with red tips. I am not allowed to cut my nails, as she wants me to grow them nice and long. From then on, she declares, my nails will always be long and painted.

    - I ask for a locking corset : Every morning I put it on over my maids uniform. After I wake my wife up, she makes me beg her to tighten it. And she loves to make it as tight as she can! Then she locks it on so I can't remove it. This makes doing my chores even harder!

    - She starts calling me Pinkie : My new name is Pinkie. She says it's because I dress like a girl, my caged dick is pink, and my dick is now smaller than her pinkie.

    - She wants me to buy even larger nipples suckers : My nipples are now permanently huge from wearing nipple suckers every day. They are about a half inch around and at least an inch long. So my wife tells me to buy even bigger nipple suckers. Her goal, she says, is to make them at least an inch in diameter and 2 inches long. This turns me on sooo much!

    - I add chains : One morning, after a long, heavy tease and denial session with lots of torture, I get another really stupid idea. I should add chains to my cuffs and collar! She makes me beg her for this and she finally agrees. Now every morning, in addition to everything else, I lock a short chain between my ankle cuffs. I also lock a longer chain between my wrist cuffs (just long enough to be able to go to the bathroom). And another chain runs from my locked collar to the middle of my wrist chain and down to the middle of my ankle chain. It is very restrictive and makes house work and cooking extremely challenging! She can't believe that I asked for this and thinks it's the funniest thing ever! Every morning, I put all keys in the kitchen safe and she sets the timer. I spend many a night sleeping with my hood(s), cuffs, collar, shoes, chains and uniform locked on!

    - I make bondage easier... for her : I ask for 2 spreader bars, locking elbow and thigh cuffs and locking bondage mittens. I also add a locking head harness with a D ring at the top. I tell her it will make it easier for her bind me. She agrees. I install a hook with a pulley attached to the ceiling in the middle of her office and the middle of my little room which she starts calling the slave room. Every morning, I am required to kneel before her and beg her for bondage and torture, which she loves. Our torture sessions move to the slave room where I am bound hand and foot. Spreader bars lock my knees and feet wide apart. My elbow cuffs are chained behind my back, my hands are locked in bondage mittens and chained if front of me. The top of my locking head harness is chained to a hook attached to the pulley in the ceiling and I am pulled up taunt. I am completely bound, helpless and exposed. She enjoys paddling and whipping me all over. She lightly smacks, squeezes and pinches my balls. She tortures my nipple with pinches, pin wheels, suckers and clamps with weights. She loves to paddle my anus with a wooden spoon. She rubs the pinwheels painfully all over my whole body, balls and anus. She uses clothes pins liberally. I spend a lot of time getting tortured every day!

    - I am more turned on than ever : My dick constantly tries to get hard inside it's tiny cage. I haven't come in months! I am so horny all of the time and it drives me to crave more kinking things.

    - She also wants more : During a tease/torture session, she asks what other kinky things am I going to make her do to me. My imagination runs wild!

    - I am my own worst enemy : Every couple of days, she chains me to my desk/computer and I have to find more kinky things . Then she searches my browsing history and buys the kinky things that what she wants to. I never know what's coming next.

    - She adds a posture collar : This replaces my regular locking collar. It is a tall, stiff collar that locks around my neck, forcing my chin up. Now my head now has very little side to side moment and it forces me to look straight ahead. This is added to my every day uniform!

    - She adds a bra with internal spikes : From my browsing history, she buys me a bra with sharp, tiny spikes covering the inside (which I found on the internet). She makes me beg her to wear it. I wear this under my maid uniform, so the spikes are always pressing into my man tits. Now, I either wear the painful large nipple suckers or the painful spiked bra. My chest and nipples are constantly being tortured!

    - She orders a cock cage with internal spikes : It's a 3d printed cage. It's small and covers my entire penis. Spikes line the entire inside. She orders it in pink, of course. When it arrives, she makes me beg her to lock it on me. She declares that this cage will now be my permanent cage. When I am flaccid, the spikes poke my dick so I am in a little pain all of the time. But when I get hard, which is a lot of the time, the spikes dig painfully into my dick from all sides. I instantly regret finding it on the internet. Now my penis is always being tortured by spikes!

    - She orders spiked testicle covers : I accidentally find a locking ball clamp torture device. It's two steel clamps, shaped like testicles, that lock on and have over thirty half inch spikes that you can screw into the covers in all directions, torturing the balls. When she sees this in my browsing history, she buys it right away. When it arrives, she laughs and laughs. “If you can find a full body suit covered with internal spikes, I'll make you wear that all the time too!” I hope I can't find one of those. When they arrive she makes me beg her to use them on me. The first time she uses them, I am bound hand and foot, suspended from the pulley in my slave room. When she clamps them on my balls, the pain is immediate. She slowly tightens the covers, crushing my testicles until I am whimpering. Then she locks them in place. “Wow, these are awesome! I think your going to regret finding these”. I do regret it. “All right, let's get some spikes screwed into those testicles!”, she says gleefully. She starts by screwing in each spike just a tiny bit. It feels as though I have pins sticking into my testicles everywhere, because I do. She takes a picture with her phone and shows me. Each testicle has about 16 spikes screwed into it from all angles. She laughs and promises that each time she clamps this on my testicles, she will screw the spikes in a little more. Until each each testicle has all sixteen spikes screwed in all the way! Now my chest, dick and balls always have spikes pressing into them. And I'm still always horny!

    - She adds underwear with internal spikes : These have spikes that line the entire inside of the underwear. I have to put these on every morning as part of my uniform. The spikes cover my entire ass as well as my tortured crotch. She adds tight rubber underwear so the spikes are always pressing into me. Now I have spikes digging into me from my waist down to the tops of my legs and my chest every day, all day long!

    - She adds electricity : It's a remote control tens unit so she can shock my testicles, cock and anus. She makes me beg for it. It comes with two pads, a sound that inserts into my urethra and a metal butt plug. Now every morning, after I wake up my wife, she clamps the spiked testicle covers on my balls. Then she screws the spikes into my testicles until I am whimpering. She adds the electrical pads to my testicle clamps, inserts the metal butt plug and inserts the metal sound into my cock hole through the end of my spiked cage and tapes it in place. Then she slips the spiked underwear on me, covered by the tight rubber underwear. She makes sure I get varied shock torture to my genitals and asshole throughout the day, every day. I am only allowed to remove it to use the bathroom and at night, after she falls asleep!

    - I ask her to milk me : At some point I realize that she is going to tease/torture me and deny me an orgasm forever. But I need to release sperm, for health reasons I tell her. She buys a huge strap on dildo and when she uses it on me, sperm just leaks out of my caged dick. We both love this and she announces that, from this day forward, this is the only way sperm will leave my body.

    - She wants a hard penis, but not mine : My stupid solution is a locking face harness with an attachable dildo. Now, when she wants a hard dick, I have to tape my entire head, eyes and mouth except for my ears and nose. Then I kneel by the bed and she locks on my bondage mittens, then locks my wrists and ankles together behind my back. Then she chains my cock cage to the bed frame. She buckles the face dildo on my head, re-enforcing it with more tape. She takes the controls for my genital/anus shocker, lays on the bed and slowly starts fucking my face. When the dildo is all the way inside her, her pussy covers my nose so I can't breath. Sometimes she holds me there with her hands and my struggles for air really seem to turn her on. And me too! My dick tries to get hard and the spikes in my small cage torture it from all sides. She shocks my tortured dick, balls with spikes in them and anus more and more as she gets closer to her orgasm. As she comes, she turns up the electricity and pulls the dildo in deep, smothering me. I jerk around, unable to breath and in pain while she comes hard. She continues to smother me until she calms down. I beg her not to lock me in the spiked cage during these sessions, but she just laughs and says, “Hey, you begged me for this!” After that, I am rarely allowed to lick her pussy ever again! And I never, ever get to see it anymore!

    - I will be hairless... permanently - as Covid waned, she starts making appointments at a nearby salon so all of my hair can be removed permanently. It's the only time I can wear normal clothes, and my cock is caged in the non-spiked cage. The beautician, who thinks this is very funny, uses a laser and systematically starts removing all of my hair. I beg my wife to let me keep my head hair and eyebrows and she relents. But then she suddenly starts teasing my dick every night, bringing me to the edge of orgasm over and over, then locking me back up. I am going crazy! Then one night after an 2 hours teasing and denying me, she says she will sit on my cock and I can come in her pussy, but only if I beg to have my head hair and eye brows removed permanently! I'm a horny mess and so I beg and beg her. She laughs hard and sits on my dick. Three thrusts later and I explode and almost pass out. “You are so easy”, she laughs. My wife calls the beautician and tells her that I begged to have my head hair and eyebrows removed permanently. The next time I see the beautician, she has the craziest smile on her face. She tells me that she always wanted to do this to someone. As she permanently removes my eyebrows, she laughs and says, “You know, when I'm finished with you, you'll never be able to grow any hair anywhere on your body ever again.” What have I done!!!

    - My new routine : Every night when I go into my slave room, I close the door which now locks from the outside. My wife has the only key. Sometime during the day, she sets an alarm clock in my room and leaves me a note telling me what kind of bondage my head should be in the next morning. When my alarm goes off in the morning, I must first “clean myself out” with a few enemas. Then I shower and remove any hair that has yet to be removed permanently. I read the note that she has left me which tells me what kind of bondage she wants me to do with my head. It can involve tape, the rubber hood or nothing. Then I must always lock on the leather hood and lock on the blindfold in place. Finally, I have to lock on my ankle, knee, elbow and wrist cuffs. I put on my nipple suckers, the spiked bra and then lock on my maids uniform over this. Then I add my corset. Finally, I lock my wrist cuffs over my head to the pulley attached to the ceiling and wait for her.

    - She dresses me every morning : At some point, I hear the lock being opened to my slave room. “Good morning Pinkie”, she'll say laughing. “Time to get you all comfortable”. The first thing she does is apply the testicle clamps. Then she slowly starts screwing in all of the testicle spikes. As I start whimpering she says things like, “Doesn't that feel good, Pinkie?” “Here, let's screw each of them in a little more” and she giggles as she does this. Each of my testicles is completely clamped and skewered with spikes everywhere. She doesn't stop until she is satisfied that I'm in real pain. “That's what what my Pinkie likes, isn't it?” “Remember. You begged for this.” I moan and she laughs. Then she sticks the electric pads to the ball clamps, inserts the shocking sound through the tip of my spiked cage, deep into my urethra and tapes it in place. She inserts the metal butt plug which she also tapes in place. She pulls up the the panties lined with spikes, over my already tortured penis and balls. Then she pulls on the tight, rubber underwear. She then makes the corset as tight as she can. She locks the posture collar over my bondage hood. Then releases my hands from the pulley above and locks on my bondage chains. The chains now attach to my collar, wrist cuffs, knee cuffs and ankle cuffs. It is so restrictive, I can barely move! Finally, she turns my genital/anus shocker to random and tells me to go make her breakfast (whatever she requests) and make myself oatmeal. When she comes in and sits at the table, I am under the table with a large dog bowl full of oatmeal. As she eats her breakfast, she mashes her naked toes into the oatmeal and I lick it off until her feet are clean. After breakfast, she locks my gag in place. I clean up the dishes and kitchen. I perform housework until it is lunch time. Then I make her lunch. Again, she eats at the table, with me under the table licking my food off her naked feet. After lunch, if I am finished my housework, she “puts me in storage” for the afternoon. This means that I am bound hand and foot. Spreader bars lock my knees and feet wide apart. My elbow cuffs are chained behind my back, my hands are locked in bondage mittens and chained if front of me. My gag and blindfold are locked in place. Then top of my head harness is chained to the pulley in her office ceiling, my slave room ceiling or my slave room closet ceiling. I am then pulled up taunt with the pulley. I can barely move. The shockers get turned to random, and I remain bound like this all afternoon while she works. Sometimes she takes breaks to torture me. She loves to smack my anus with a wooden spoon. Other times she ignores me completely. My cock is always trying to get painfully hard in it's tiny spiked prison. When she is ready for dinner, I am unbound so I can fix her a meal. After I clean up dinner, I am bound again for either pussy worship, torture or her human carpet while she watches TV. And I did this to myself!

    - Her friend comes to visit : So one day after lunch, my wife hands me a note and all of my keys (except my cock cage key). It says that I should go take a shower. Then clean myself out with a few enemas. Then I should put on my nipple suckers and spiked bra. Then lock on my maids uniform and heels. Lock on all my cuffs and collar. Insert the urethral shocker in my dick and tape it in place. Then insert my metal butt plug. Put the spiked clamps on my balls. Add the shocking pads to the metal genital clamp, dick sound and butt plug. Put on the spiked underwear and the tight rubber underwear and add the corset. Then I am to tape my entire head, face and neck with electrical tape leaving only my mouth and nose exposed. Then I should wait in my slave room for further instructions.

    - Preparing me for dinner : Sometime later, my wife enters my slave room. She locks the bondage mittens on me, then she chains my elbow cuffs behind my back and my bondage mittens in front of me. Then she takes off her panties, stuffs them in my mouth and tapes it shut. Then she adds more tape to my head. She pulls the rubber hood over my head, then locks the leather hood on my head. I feel something else being pulled over my head and now I can smell her pussy. She says she's been wearing these panties for about a week so they should be quite fragrant. She locks on my posture collar, then locks on my face harness and attaches it to the chain pulley in the ceiling of my slave closet. My ankles and feet are locked far apart with the spreader bars. She pulls the pulley taunt so that I can barely move. She tightens the clamp on my balls then slowly tightens all of the spikes to my testicle, driving then painfully into my clamped balls. She turns my genital/anus shocker to random shocks. I am in all kinds of pain but I can hardly move. Then announces that she and a friend, Marty, are going out to an early dinner. I hear her take a few pictures with her phone. “Have fun”, she says sarcastically. I hear her shut and lock the closet door.

    - The waiting begins : So there I am, bound hand and foot completely unable to move. Nipple suckers attached painfully to my nipples. Spikes digging into chest, ass, and genitals. Various shocks coursing through my spiked cock cage, my clamped testicles full of painful spikes and my butt plug. My wife's pussy scent fills my nostrils. I can do nothing but be tortured and wait. And who is Marty?

    - The ladies return home : Sometime later, I hear the door open. “So, you'll be sleeping in his room”, my wife says. “That's fine”, a woman says. “This must be Marty” I think to myself. “And where is Pinkie?”, Marty says. “Oh, he's in storage”, my wife says. She then unlocks the closet door and opens it. Marty gasps. “Oh my God, you weren't kidding!” My wife says, “He begged me to do this, didn't you Pinkie?” I shake my head yes the best I can. My wife shows Marty my spiked bra, spiked underwear, spiked cock cage, spiked testicle covers and shocking unit. “How often does he dress like this?”, Marty asks my wife. “Everyday, all day”, my wife laughs. “Watch this!”, my wife says and proceeds to turn my genital shocker to high. I thrash around the best I can, electricity coursing through my genitals and anus. Both woman start laughing hysterically. Then my wife turns the shocker to low and I calm down. “And he actually likes this?” Marty asks. My wife laughs so hard, “No, he loves it! He begs me everyday to bind and torture him, don't you Pinkie?” She turns the shocker up to high again and I frantically shake my head yes the best I can. “Oh, this is going to be so much fun!” Marty says. I begin to get a little scared! My wife turns the genital shocker to random, unceremoniously closes the closet door and locks it. Then they both leave the room, talking.

    - I am prepared for a fun evening... For the ladies : After what seems like forever my wife unlocks the closet door and releases me from my bondage. Everything is removed except for the tape on my head and my spiked cock cage. When Marty sees me naked she almost falls over laughing. “What happened to his body hair!?” “He begged me to have it permanently removed, didn't you, Pinkie?”. I nod my head yes. “And his nipples are huge! Wow!”, Marty says, “You are just a freak, aren't you Pinkie! What does his face look like?” “I really don't remember”, my wife says flatly. “I haven't seen it in months”. Marty laughs hard. My wife leads me to the living room and I am told to sit on the floor and extend my hands. I feel them taping my hands into fists. Then they tape my back from my neck all the way down to my butt. They have me lay down and each take a foot, and start covering it with tape. They tape all the way up to just below my knees. I feel them spread my legs wide and they tape my feet to the ends of a spreader bar. Then they pull the spreader bar up and tape my hands to the ends of the spreader bar. My genitals and ass are completely exposed. Now they start taping in earnest. They both start taping my arms from my wrists, down to my armpits. Then they tape my chest down to just above my pubic area, leaving my nipples exposed. Then they take wide strips of tape and pull my ass checks wide apart, taping them open and fully exposing my anus. The woman are laughing and having a great time. And I am so turned on, my dick struggles painfully in it's spiked prison. They add more and more tape until I am completely covered in wide electrical tape except for my ears, nose, nipples, anus and crotch. I can hardly move a muscle. “Look at him struggle in his cage”, my wife laughs, “He's loving this.” “He won't be loving it for too much longer”, Marty says laughing. I hear pictures being taken.

    - Let the torture begin : I hear the ladies leave the room. When they come back, I feel my wife unlocking my cock cage. My dick immediately springs to a full erection. “Wow, he really does love this!” Marty says. Then I feel pinwheels rolling over my nipples, which feels like tiny needles. It is extremely painful! Then nipple clamps are applied to each nipple and I feel them being pulled away from my chest. They must be attaching them to the spreader bar. Now, my poor stretched nipples are being whipped! I feel string being tied to my cock head. The string is pulled painfully up, and attached to the spreader bar. Now the base of my balls is being wrapped with rope, over and over, binding and pulling them away from my body. More pictures are taken. Then someone starts smacking my anus with a wooden spoon while the other starts rolling pinwheels up and down my dick. It feels like I'm being masturbated with hundreds of pins. My ass hole starts really stinging but they don't stop. They are having way too much fun, laughing and giggling while torturing the hell out of me. And I am totally helpless to do anything about it! They keep saying things like, “He is soo lucky, getting all this attention from two beautiful women”, “He is such a pain slut!”, “He is always begging me to torture him”. Suddenly, my balls are being lightly smacked with the wooden spoon while the the pinwheels roll all over my exposed anus. I am breathing hard and in a lot of pain, but I'm loving and hating it both at the same time. One of them start smacking my anus with the wooden spoon again, while the other rolls the pinwheels all over my poor stretched nipples. “This is making me soo hot!”, Marty says breathing hard. “Me too” my wife groans. Then the torture suddenly stops. Do I hear them kissing? Yes, they are making out with other, moaning in ecstasy! My wife is groaning loudly and I feel my balls being squeezed. I can hear my wife nearing an orgasm and as she approaches it, she squeezes my balls harder and harder. She cums loudly and I feel like my balls are going to pop! Then she releases her grip on my balls.

    - It's Martys turn : I hear them start to make out again. Then Marty whispers something and suddenly some one is sitting on my face, cutting off my air supply! I hear more moaning, but it's Marty this time. She is rubbing her clit back and forth on my nose. Her scent is intoxicating but I am only getting small windows of breathing time. I hear them making out again. As Marty starts to near her orgasm, she sits full on my face. I can't breathe and I jerk and struggle for air. Marty cums and just as I think I'm going to pass out, she lifts up giving me the air I so desperately need. “That was incredible. The more I smothered him, the more turned on I got” Marty says. “Oh, he loves being smothered.” my wife says and laughs, “Don't you Pinkie?”. Then she pinches my nostrils shut and they start making out again. I whimper and whimper and she finally lets me have air. “Do you want to take break and have some wine?” my wife asks. “Sure. All that torturing has made me thirsty” Marty says.

    - I get a break... Sort of : They release my nipples form the clamps and a fresh wave of pain hits my nipples. The string is removed from my cock head but they leave my balls tied. “I have an idea” my wife says and she runs out of the room. She comes back in and starts applying electrical pads to my balls and the metal butt plug in my ass. Then she inserts the shocking sound into my dick. I know what's coming and random shocks start coursing through my groin and anus. “This will keep him occupied”. Then they leave me there, completely mummified and tortured by the shocks. After a while, I lose my erection.

    - The torture continues : It seems like forever, when I think I hear them come back into the living room. Then a piece of electrical tape is taped over my nostrils. Then the electricity on my anus and genitals is increased. I'm thrashing around, unable to breathe when I can suddenly breathe and the shocking stops. As my breathing returns to normal my wife says, “Take a deep breathe”. I do and the tape is immediately placed over my nostrils and the electricity is turned up high. I thrash around the best I can as the shocks increase and decrease. The women are laughing and having a great time. I start whimpering in earnest. I need air! The shocking stops and the tape sealing my nostrils shut is removed. As soon as I can catch my breath, the tape is replaced and the shocks start again. This cycle happens over and over again with the women saying, “I could watch this all day”, 'Look, his dick is getting hard again. He loves it!” and “Maybe we just leave his nostrils taped shut and see what happens”. Finally the tape sealing my nostrils is removed. So are the electrical pads on my balls, the sound from my dick, and butt plug from my ass.

    - Torture, phase 3 : Tape is wound tightly around my bound balls, crushing them painfully. One woman starts lightly slapping my bound balls while the other sits on my face, with my nose buried in their ass hole. My already sore nipples are viciously pinched and pulled. The woman who is sitting on my face lifts up. As I breath in fresh air, she farts right up my nose. My dick springs to full erection. “Hah, he loves the smell of my farts!', Marty exclaims. She re-inserts my nose up her anus and starts a new attack on my nipples. My wife resumes smacking my balls. I have no choice but to take their abuse. My wife stops smacking my balls and starts smacking my hard dick with both hands, clapping her hands together with my dick in between. I'm struggling for air as Marty lifts up. She farts as I take a deep breath. The smell is so intense I almost pass out. As soon as I breath in, Marty sits back down on my face, my nose in her asshole. I forced to hold her fart in my lungs. Now my wife starts paddling my anus with the wooden spoon. It was already sore and stinging so the paddling is very intense. My women are laughing and giggling, having a great time. Then I fell the pinwheels rolling up and down on my hard dick. It feels like I am being masturbated with the pinwheels. My nose is buried deep in Marty asshole, and the pinwheels continue to masturbate me. Amazingly, I begin to feel like I'm going to come. My wife senses this and says, “Oh my God, he loves this so much, I think he's about to come!”. Marty laughs, sits up for a moment and farts loudly. I need air so I breath in deeply and Marty immediately buries my nose in her asshole, forcing me to hold her fart in my lungs. My wife continues rolling the pinwheels painfully up and down my dick faster and faster. I really need air! Then it happens. I feel come shooting from my dick. Over and over, come spurts out of my dick, while my wife continues to painfully masturbate me with the pinwheels. I pass out.

    - What's next? : I wake up to someone removing the tape and rope from my bound balls. The TV turns on. After a while, I lose my erection. Then someone puts the spiked cock cage back on my dick. I'm pulled around near the couch. One women places her feet on my groin and the other place her feet on my face. They sit, relax and watch TV. One is constantly smothering me with their feet. The other rests one foot on my caged dick. Then she takes her other foot and tries to put her toe up my asshole. My dick wrestles in it's cage. After a while Marty says, “Can we leave him like this overnight? I'm kind of tired, and I really don't feel like un-taping him”. I start whimpering. “Hey, I've got a great idea”, my wife says.

    - I'm taken to my room : The ladies pick me up by the spreader bar and take me to my “slave room”. I'm placed in the middle of the room. I can feel them attaching the middle of my spreader bar to the pulley attached to the ceiling. Then I am lifted off the floor and left swinging back and forth slowly. The vibrating dildo is shoved up my ass and taped in place. Then they start adding more tape until I am completely mummified, except for my nostrils. “Good night, Pinkie”, my wife says. Have a good nights sleep”, Marty says. I get pushed so I am swinging back and forth. Both woman start laughing hard. Then they leave the room locking the door behind them. I can't believe my wife left me like this.

    - My wife has mercy on me : After what seem like an eternity, my wife come into my room. She lowers the pulley so I am laying on the floor, then un-tapes my feet form the spreader bar then un-tapes one of my hands. “I wrote down your instructions for tomorrow. Sleep well, Pinkie”, my wife says sweetly. I hear the door get closed and locked. I am exhausted and can barely move. I start pulling the tape off my arms. Then I move on to my head. It takes me what seems like hours to remove all of the tape. Then I take a nice, long shower.
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