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Hypnosis for orgasm control?

Discussion in 'The Tower' started by desertsub, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Has anyone here ever heard of or tried hypnosis for orgasm control. I know you can't be made to do anything against your will while hypnotized, but I truly want to refrain from orgasming without permission while having sex with my wife. I know that a hypnotist can do what is called a post hypnotic command which carries on after the hypnosis session, and that trigger words can be incorporated. I would like to look into being hypnotized and given a post hypnotic command that would allow me to only orgasm when my wife says a certain word. It would seem to me that if orgasms are a voluntary reaction as opposed to being involuntary, and the person being hypnotized was willing to submit to that kind of control it could be done. I know that hypnosis has been used with some success to control addictions which leads me to believe it might also be useful to control orgasms. Any thoughts?
  2. If you are interested in exploring hypnosis and femdomme without fear of losing your mind or your wallet, I suggest you explore the many websites and links offered by Lady Julia. She is a rare and wonderful Lady. No, I was not hypnotised into saying that!

  3. Another cool site to check out for hypno stuff is www.warpmymind.com I used to frequent it years ago, and they had tons of free files, and forums to discuss your hypno journey. It's been awhile since I've been back there though, so I don't know if it's still the same, or if they still have free mp3s?! Anyone here have some experience with them recently?
  4. Great links! They will definitely help me get started researching this, I thank you both.
  5. I'm not saying it isn't possible - but my experience at least suggests that it may not be as simple as one might hope.

    First let me say that I am a very good subject for hypnosis, having been hypnotized by professionals in a variety of circumstances, for a variety of reasons.

    But attempting to obtain this result has been somewhat elusive, and I've actually had better results from tantric exercises.

    I suspect that part of the problem is that without some physical training or practice (such as in tantra or similar) the orgasm reaction remains too much an automatic function. And as long as your body doesn't really have the capability no suggestion can give it to you. Sort of like no hypnotic suggestion can make me an Olympic skater - I need to train for that. Now once trained, hypnosis might be able to up my game, clear distractions etc. but if I don't know how to do it in the first place, that knowledge just isn't going to be there to draw on. My body has to recognize the impending point of no return ahead of time and learn how to relax itself just short of that point, hypnotism isn't going to give me that experience by itself.
  6. There was an mp3 available on this site (i think) that encouraged one to wear ones CB. Whether or not that worked I don't actually know but I do feel naked without mine and much prefer to be in it than not. So its my guess it worked and it was talking about this that prompted my partner to seek out more tapes of a similar nature.

    I have at my partners request spent too much time fruitlessly looking for a hypnosis recording that will give my partner
    control of my erection be that up or down on her say so
    control of my ability to orgasm so that I may not without a specific word being given to me
    and if possible control of the degree of my sexual excitement. If only a on/ off command
    Free would be great but paying a fee for something that has actually worked for others would be ok too.
    The suggestions above did not work out, one was far too vague and the other's site is closing.

    Any up to date pointers in the right direction would be great.

    We'd even consider me going to see a professional in the UK if anyone knows a kink friendly one.
  7. I have quite a few hypnosis mp3s including, orgasm control, chastity, and many more which I have collected over the years.

    The only problem even the best mp3s face is that they are tailored to the results but not the person. Ideally the hypnosis should be based around the results you want and incorporate your motives, words and desires etc and all after talking with the hypnotherapist, you just can't get that in a pre recorded mp3.

    Conscious and unconscious decisions and processes can be influenced by hypnotherapy but automatic responses can't to my knowledge, you can't hypnotise someone to stop breathing. As an example, hypnotherapy can cure the fear of spiders. In this case hypnotherapy doesn't remove fear, fear is an automatic response, what it does is change how the person sees spiders so the fear response isn't invoked in the first place.

    Male orgasm is an automatic response which happens in 2 parts and are separable. The 2 parts are the orgasm itself, and the ejaculation. With practise you can get to know exactly when each one is going to happen and, although you can't actually stop them, you can change the stimulation so they don't occur, just as changing how someone sees spiders doesn't invoke the fear response.

    Although the orgasm itself is an automatic response and most of us know when the point of no return is, as mentioned, getting to the stage of orgasming is, in part, a mental process as much as a physical one. I'm sure we have all heard someone say "the brain is the biggest sexual organ" and I'm sure most of us have experienced a time when they found it hard or impossible to cum and sometimes even get erect because they were in a bad mood, tired, worried or just not into it, and at that time, no amount of physical stimulation got them there.

    If getting there is a mental process, wether conscious or subconscious, then it can be effected by hypnotherapy. You definately could, with hypnosis, be able to penetrate and last while pleasing your Mistress. The down side for you is that, to get to that stage, the pleasure you receive from the penetration itself has to be diminished or changed to stop you reaching the point of no return. Most of the "no orgasm" mp3s tend to concentrate on just making you stop before the point of no return, cool down, and then carry on or change the stimulation in some way which, to be fair, would really annoy your Mistress if you stopped half way through one of her orgasms.

    Triggers can be set up, and will work, to stop the male enjoying it enough to reach the point of no return and triggers can be set up that would increase his pleasure and enable him to cum......or not.....depending on wether the Domme chooses to use the trigger. The trigger to orgasm would allow the male to reach the point of no return rather than make him orgasm immediately. It could also be used to make it feel more pleasurable so he would cum quicker.

    Hope that all makes sense.

    All my opinion of course, but based on me being a certified hypnotherapist among other things. And I'm kink friendly :)
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  8. This post has links to a free file that provides some CB belt security as well as a few triggers for orgasm control.

    It is designed to give all the controls and triggers to your keyholder, not the hypno domme. It's a free file, but if you are more interested in the orgasm control and not the chastity, there is a similar "Edge and Tease" file that adds a few more triggers, for only a nominal cost. http://esuccubus.com/content/edge-and-tease

    I also agree with what bondagefan65 had to say. Many of those automatic responses are difficult for your body/mind to figure out how to manipulate in line with the suggestions in a MP3 file. It might take some time, but it is not necessarily impossible.

    I would be interested what bondagefan65 has to say about the Keyholder Binding file, from a certified hypnotherapist perspective.
  9. Anything that works, as long as it is legal, is great, and so if the file works for the individual, and they get the results they desire, then that is great and I'm sure the file will work great for some, to a degree for others and unfortunately not at all for the remainder. Its also free, so no harm in trying it. It is still generic though and will have those varying effects on different people and, if it doesn't work, doesn't mean hypnosis won't work for the individual. It just means that the person needs something different.

    If what you were looking for was a break down and assessment of the use of language, metaphors, embedded commands, NLP and so on, then my assessment of that doesn't matter one bit. What matters is results. On the other thread one person has said it worked for them, so it must work mustn't it? ......... And if that works, ...........imagine now how well a live, tailored session would work? ;)
  10. Everything I've read about hypnosis says that listening to a file is a pale imitation of a life hypnosis session. A file can be hit or miss, but in a live session there is much more opportunity to establish and deepen a good trance.

    That being said, files can be a low-hurdle way for hypnosis newbies to test out the waters. It's good to have a hynotherapist affirm that.
  11. It appears that at least some aspects of repeatedly listening to
    are working. Whilst still being denied my gf allowed me a three days of being unlocked, I had a little soreness and we thought it best to let it heal before getting back in. I could get erect but when anywhere near approaching a point where I thought I might either ejaculate or even orgasm my erection subsided and I lost interest.

    I had no desire to try self stimulation whilst not locked. More surprisingly was not that wanted to put it back on earlier, for some time now I have felt naked without it, but the real sense of relief I felt when I was allowed to put it back on. Much to the amusement of my KH who simply said; "If you enjoy wearing it that much.. " smiled and went to work. Which seems quite ominous.

    My gf does not yet know I have keyholders-binding yet and I think I might need to listen to it for a while longer yet before i do tell her. Heaven only knows what she will make of that, hopefully she will want to at least put some of it to the test.
  12. It sounds like the file is working quite well for you. Those are pretty solid results!

    From my experience, there isn't much in the way of *feeling* it working, but after a while you realize that some natural patterns have changed pretty dramatically, and you have an aha(!) that the suggestions are actually working after all. It might feel like you are sort of pretending or just going along with it.....but after a few weeks, it becomes quite clear that the rules of the game have changed.

    One way to test the waters with your keyholder is to try out the freeze command with her. If that works, most of the rest should be working in some fashion too. If that doesn't work, perhaps listen a few more times. Active use of the commands should help cement the suggestions and keep them fresher in your awareness.

    I'd be very curious to hear what your Keyholder thinks of it once you test the waters. From my experience, they seem to very much enjoy getting access to very easily applied *real* power over you.

    Good luck,