Husband's Dreaded Orgasm

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    Ron never thought he'd live to dread an orgasm. But such is the price of getting caught cheating on your wife, especially a wife with a mean streak.

    Since getting caught three years earlier, Ron had been placed in chastity by Valerie. At first, she merely teased him with prolonged orgasm denial. But things gradually turned more ominous.

    Valerie announced her desire to take a lover. Ron could, of course, choose not to go along. But the last thing he wanted was for the details of his past affair to go public. So, he went along. Valerie had the goods. Pictures of him and his "sweetheart" coming out of the hotel. Phone records, the works. Now, she would repay with vengeance.

    Valerie ultimately announced she would be fucking Ron no more. His only orgasm would come when she gave him a hand job. But she was not content to leave well enough alone. She put him on an exercise regimen to increase his sexual stamina. She put him on the proper herbs and minerals to increase sperm production and prostate health. She dressed provocatively around the house. With Valerie, this was not a game. No prostate milking, no fantasy, just reality.

    Here was Ron's ultimate reality...the reality he came to dread. It started with about a month of orgasm denial, give or take a few days. Ron never knew when the exact day would fall.

    Valerie would force him to take a Viagra pill, even though he didn't need it...just to increase the effect. Ron would then strip, after which he would be forced to pick a number, at least 40 or more. Then he would roll a dice. Valerie would then tie him spread eagle to the bedposts, with his legs wide apart.

    At this time, she would remove the chastity device and put on a show. Typically she masturbated for him, making sure Ron got rock hard. Then she lubed up his cock and began a hard rapid hand job.

    Here's how it worked. Ron had to estimate about when he would cum. If he picked the number 50, for example, Valerie would give him 50 hard, rapid strokes of his cock. If he didn't cum by 50 strokes, game over. His cock went back into chastity, this time for two months.

    But what about the dice roll? If he rolled for example, six, he had to cum within 6 strokes of the number he picked. So if he picked the number 50, and rolled 6 on the dice, he could cum anywhere between 44-56. But if he rolled 1, he had to cum between 49-51.

    And if he came before 49? What if, in a pent up sexual state, he came on stroke 37? He would be punished. Valerie would ball up her fist, and give him 12 hard whacks with the flat of her fist to his testicles.

    Sure, she spaced it out. Because after all, just one hard blow can bend a man double. But sometimes Ron came way to earlier, and his punishment was more than he could bear.

    In time, Ron psychologically began to shut down so that the pain he knew would soon be coming prevented him from getting an erection. Valerie simply switched from hand job to blow job.

    She could deepthroat with the best of them. Few men received the quality of blowjobs that Ron received. Few men paid the price either.
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