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Husband and Wife team. Hello!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Chastity Registry, Dec 2, 2017.

  1. Hey Friends,

    We are a husband and wife team that have been living the chastity lifestyle for about 3 years. We love all aspects of the lifestyle and we look forward to talking with like minded individuals.

    We also have plans to design/build the best chastity device and create a registry of users. We wont spam here, but if you're interested send us message or leave a comment below.


    A and J
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  2. welcome to the sight. i would be interested
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  3. Welcome @Chastity Registry@Chastity Registry , look forward to your participation on the forums. I would also be interested in seeing what kind of a device you come up with.
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  4. Interesting concept. How would the Registry work? Would it be a website of its own or what?
    As for designing devices, there are many excellent ones already so don't try and re-invent the wheel unless you have a revolutionary idea and/or are planning to go into production.
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  5. Thanks for the responses guys.
    we have hired an product designer from Italy that has worked in the sex toy industry before designing products.
    Ultimately we will have a device that replaces all other devices as well as a website that users would register their device thus creating a registry of wearers.
    We have very revolutionary idea that will change the game of chastity. We are very early in our design and we will keep you posted on updates.
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  6. Definitely looks promising. The revolutionary idea I had (not existing ATM) was something like a Lori 2A, but in a titanium alloy and able to be printed 3D in it via an app that would automatically size each individual device from a fill size 3D photo-image, Locking system (The Lori 2A uses two locks) could be the existing Lori method and/or something remote control by the KH.

    Fantasy now of course, but I'm sure it would be possible.
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  7. Very interesting!
    We are focused on security of the device. Currently most are escapable without a PA we have an idea to change this.
    We are also looking at different time delay locking solutions. Allowing the key holder to set a timer in days and the device will unlock it self or with a master key.
    Our designer is very excited about these ideas and has some ways to implement them without hindering ergonomics.
    Will keep you posted.
  8. Escape only seems to be an issue for those who self lock. The real problem is being able to orgasm while locked up. So far every device I have owned allowed me to orgasm simply by placing a vibrator against it or even moving the entire cage up and down like jerking off. My feeling is that if you are going to try to escape you are not into chastity but rather some other fetish where the goal is to be forced into wearing a cage and then trying to escape from it. Houdini Fetish perhaps. :)

    I have done a lot of studies in 50 years and one of the things I learned is that people will say that they will buy anything that sounds good but when it comes time to actually spend the money, you are lucky if a small percentage does buy it, especially if it is expensive. People will say anything because talk is cheap. Most guys into chastity with a loving Keyholder like me, do not try to escape since we are the ones who asked to be locked up so we would only be cheating ourselves.

    Good luck anyway, but so many have had claims and ideas that never reached fruition or went under due to lack of sales. Interest is easy to get. Getting the money is the hard part. :) Do you try to escape after promising your wife that you will not do so? If so, why would that be chastity instead of some form of BDSM?
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  9. Great reply!!
    I believe most of what you said except that even though I do not pull out of chastity when I am locked up I do know that I can.
    Having a device that is inescapable becomes extremely real and I personally find that fear arousing.
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  10. The Lori 2A is one of the few Lori devices that needs no piercing and is yet pretty secure. As are the MM devices if properly to the right sizing. But there are also some key programmable key locks (Medeco etc) which can work only on timings or other options. But as far as I know only just now on much larger locks than are on cbs. But in time..................:):D:D:)
  11. Best of luck, Great Idea!! Creating a secure device that doesn't rely on piercing or pain to prevent slip or removal is a task but possible!!
  12. Comfort and being able to sleep in it is very important and not looking to bulk so you can't hide it under the clothes.
  13. Sounds good and looking forward to seeing your design concepts.

    Keep us updated :)
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