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Discussion in 'The Powder Room' started by Serafina's pet, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Anyone else have fantasy/ dreams of being forced to go out to a club of some sort completely feminized. Perhaps a lifestyle friendly place where you have cage exposed abd be tied to a post. Or used how goddess sees fit. Taken home and having your goddess plow into you.
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  2. I have had those dreams.
  3. Last year, I was led into a Halloween party at a BDSM club by a leash attached to my cage - while I was wearing a bustier, fishnets, heels, wig and makeup. I'm hoping for a similar experience next week!
  4. That would be awsome. Where is this club?
  5. I've thought about it. Maybe not in a humiliating setting, but to be feminized by my Mistress and taken to a club/party, i think would be fun! She likes to see me dressed as a maid, and what better way to show her dominance over me than to dress me up, put a collar on me, and show off my cage to others :)
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  6. You are such a lucky girl! Do you think she would like to have two subs on leashes? lol
  7. It's in Atlanta. I had to drive almost 3 hours in that outfit and with heels, that made it difficult. Of course, we had to stop at a couple of drive thru fast food stops to show off my cleavage at the cashier window!
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  8. You forgot to add "And Loving It " it sounds very exciting to be shown off to others. My Mistress hasn't gone the way of dressing me in women's clothes yet. But who knows what these Little Ladies have up their sleeves.
  9. You have a very exciting dream. When is your dream going to become a reality?
  10. Have shared this with my goddess, it may never happen just not her thing
  11. Well all I can say to you is be Really Really nice to her and maybe she'll make it Her thing and yours. But having Dreams and Fantasies does keep life exciting.
  12. I think it would be awesome. Closest we came was last year. A group of her friends did a bar-hop on bicycles a few nights before Halloween. The theme was pirates and wenches. I got to go as the wench, but there were restrictions on quantity of make-up and I had to stuff my bra instead of using my actual breast forms. It was more comedic in appearance than sexy when my wife was done with me. Never the less I got to spend the whole night in public dressed as a woman. I also had many people laughing at me which was great fodder for my wife to humiliate me with latter. There was also one of the guys in the group that was fairly obsessed with me. Kept using his pirate sword to lift up my skirt. This is still discussed around the house today. All in all a good night. Still I'd love to do it right and go for as sexy as I could pull off and as femme as I could pull off. Until then I have my memories from last year. :D
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  13. Well my lady has been asking me why, and to explaned it to her. Not sure about you guys but when but on the spot not the best time. Anyhow I got a chance to explaned in detail the why, some of the past things I've done, and what I've done with her stuff. She has cought me in panties but never fully dressed assent until last few months she really got any idea how far into it i go. One of the hardest things we've done was to switch roles. But after I explaned some of this other stuff to her she seamed more responsive
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  14. You say one of the hardest things you've done is switch roles. Switching roles took time and having her except that you want to wear panties will also take some time. It took years for my wife to except me wanting to wear panties, chastity and me serving her. I know it's frustrating but being patient and allowing her the time she needs to except it is in my Opinion your best way to proceed. She may also never expected it and that something you may have to learn to live with.

    Speaking from experience, the nicer you are to her and the more things you do to make her life better makes her more receptive to your little kinks like wearing panties. Show her as much Love and Passion as you possibly can even in non sexual ways and I believe you'll be wearing nothing else but Panties and Dresses sooner than you realize. Good Luck
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  15. Thanks for advise, she seams to be coming around quicker and quicker. Best part is im not pushing or asking anymore. Just had a talk let it all out and let her do her thing. It' what she wants and how she wants it, and with her taking a more active role.i don't feel the need to ask or request like before and I think she is noticing that as well.
  16. Which club?
  17. I have not really been dressed up al the way, but my Wife/Mistress will make me wear panties and/or pantyhose under my clothes. I know...so tame compared. I have had dreams of her forcing me to dress fully and driving her around town. Finally stopping for dinner at a chain restaurant and her telling me that we are going in. I beg and plead and then she has me pull into the pick up parking spot where our diner is brought to the car. Whew.
  18. The first time that you go "out" dressed en femme is so thrilling and also very scary at the same time! I was required to do so to drive to a Pro Domme's house for a well deserved discipline session. It was scary enough, not knowing what the Mistress would do to me, but just driving there all dressed up was really a trip. All sorts of thoughts go through your mind from getting stopped by a cop to a breakdown to having to go to the restroom (which one shall I use? What if there's a woman in there?, etc, etc.). As it turned out, I had to stop for gas and was humiliated by a couple of guys watching me as I refueled the car! Being a sissy can be a really fun and humiliating journey!
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