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Humiliating words a Cuckold would like to hear

Discussion in 'The Boudoir' started by instorage, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. After much consideration, I have decided on a way to deal with your erectile dysfunctional condition. I know you want to please me, but you must realize that compare to most other men, your penis is now much too small and impotent to ever again be of any use to a woman other then to make jokes about.. Every time you subject me to your sexual inadequacies trying to bring me to an orgasm you fail and every time it leaves me even more unsatisfied and unfulfilled. I know you can't help your erectile deficiency, but to deprive me of my sexual needs and fulfillment would be selfish of you and unfair to me. On the other hand, not to include you in my sex life would be selfish of me and unfair to you. So I have decided the only workable solution is to make you my cuckold husband! I've spent a lot of time thinking about this and in order to make it work, you've got to stop thinking of yourself as man who has a real cock between his legs. You need to accept the reality that your little penis is much too impotent to ever again penetrate my pussy or any woman's pussy for that matter. To prevent your continued obsession with trying, I'm going to lock it up in a male chastity device to which only I will possess the key. Right now the best thing for the both of us is for you to forget you even have a penis. While you are in your chastity training stage, I will refrain from taking lovers as long as you keep me satisfied orally with your tongue. Once your body becomes accustom to wearing the apparatus, it will remain on 24/7 and you will never again be allowed to touch your own penis. Like I said, it's best that you forget you even have one. When I do start to take lovers, I will not inform you in advance. But in keeping my promise to include you in my sex life, I will hurry home so that you may share in the taste and aroma of my nights sexual encounter, as I provide you with a very descriptive and detailed account of my lover, what he did to me and how it made me feel. Only when you show acceptance of your emasculation by consummating your role of a cuckold and clean my lover’s sperm from with in me will you be allowed to advance in your privileges as such. Just because you have a useless penis doesn’t mean we can’t share sexual excitement together. There’s a whole new world of sexual adventures waiting for you out there. Just think of how horny I’ll get watching you suck my lover’s cock and how gratified you’ll feel knowing just how instrumental you were in inducing the erection that will be pounding my pussy and ass to a night filled with orgasm. As for your own sexual release, from time to time I promise to have my lovers take you in the ass and milk your prostate with their stiff cocks.
  2. Beautiful writing instorage. I hope you get to hear those words for real.
  3. If I heard those words I would divorce her. :blink:
  4. No kidding.
  5. Sorry, I guess I wasn't too clear, this is not a real letter it is only a fictional one with wording that I thought a cuckold would like to hear. I thought maybe we could start a thread and hear from folks with a cuckold interest some things they would like there cuckoldress to say to them.
  6. These fantasies are not for everyone but I for one enjoyed what you wrote. Cuckolding is a natural leap from Femdom and like a lot of other fetishes it excites some of us and turns off others. To each his own.
  7. I dispute that most emphatically.

    . . . . but I agree with that.
  8. To say that cuckolding is a natural leap from Femdom is not to say that it is inevitable or even that it is a usual thing. It's just natural. That's why I used the word "leap" emphasizing the distance that must be traveled to go from ordinary Femdom to cuckolding. For those who take this route there is a progression from simple or temporary submission to a more complete and permanent submission. What I have experienced in Femdom is more of a permanent and complete submission. Along with this has come an almost complete emasculation which I enjoy. This has felt quite natural to me and losing the burden of masculinity has been delightful to me. The further submission to a cuckolding situation seems quite "natural" to me in light of this. This doesn't mean that I feel that it is natural for everyone. It's just one of many natural results of Femdom. I certainly did not mean to imply that everyone who is submissive must naturally become cuckolded, but merely that for those who do, it is a natural process and though dangerous or risky it can be liberating for some of us.
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  9. In that case, I would take issue with your use of the word 'natural'. I see nothing "natural" whatsoever in infidelity or adultery nor do I see any "natural" connection with Fem-dom.

    Call me old-fashioned if you wish but, if so, then I'm proud of it.
  10. The words you wrote for sure sound sexy for pure "cinema in your head". But they would not be sexy at all for me in reallity :)

    One thing I ask myself anyway is ... an essential part of the cuckold fantasies (or also the realities??) seems to be that the wife brings home semen from some stranger in her pussy to be licked by her husband. That sounds super dangerous ... I mean where do those cuckolding bulls come from? The only STD free island in the world, where HIV is not invented yet?

    I mean ... are there really still people out there who would have strangers spurt their infectious goo inside them?

    Please before anyone now says "We know the bull, hes a friend." ... unless the bull stayed chaste three month straight, took a HIV test and THEN spurted his sperm EXCLUSIVELY to that one woman, he will bring a major risk to kill cuckold and wife with his sickness.

    I mean .. I never heared anyone talk about that ... just wondering ... would condoms be such a bad idea?

    The wife could even bring the empty package of the condom home for the cuckold to collect as a souvenir. Would also allow the wife to go for a nice cafe with her ladies, while horny cuckold sits at home dreaming his cuckolding fantasy, and in the end she brings him an empty condom packaging thingy, so he can feel cuckolded. So many advantages when using condoms ... :)
  11. Fantasy or not, I thought your post was awesome!
  12. Very well said
  13. So, all you naysayers are sitting there, reading posts in a forum labelled "The Boudoir" (specifically placed there for "cuck? Cuckoldress? Alpha Male? Discuss your cuckold experiences here") and when someone tries to start a discussion about words a cuckold would like to hear you say things like "I see nothing "natural" whatsoever in infidelity or adultery" and "If I heard those words I would divorce her".

    Which brings me to question, WHY are you even reading posts in this forum? I realize forums are meant for friendly discussion, but why bring your dislike of cuckolding down upon those of us who do appreciate listening to our Wives tell us that we are inadequate and tiny and how she is going to take a lover. To each his own, I am sure you would not approve of some of the other things my Wife and i do as well, so what, this ain't church, I am not going to hell for enjoying life!

    To the original poster.... Well said, if i wasn't caged i might have been hard imagining my wife saying those words to me. In fact some of those things my wife has said to me in previous circumstances.

  14. As those comments are obviously aimed at me I shall simply reply where else are we supposed to discuss it and where does it say all comments have to be positive?

    If you don't like full steel belts you say so in the board for full steel belts.

    If you don't like sissy maids you say so in the board for sissy maids.

    If you don't like cuckoldry, you say so in the board for cuckoldry.

    Simples!! [​IMG]

  15. I never said all comments had to be positive, I only said, if you don't like seafood, why are you eating at Red Lobster? Makes no sense.

    If i don't like steel belts, i will not read the steel belts forum, instead of reading the steel belts forum and not liking what i am reading.

    If i wasn't a fan of chastity belts would i be a member of chastitymansion.com??

    This is the cuckolding portion of this forum, so expect to see things you don't like if you are gonna be here and don't agree with the premise!

    Thanks for letting me have my say.

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  16. I don't close my mind to areas and ideas which I don't find attractive. I am not attracted to Communism or Fascism but I find them interesting and no-one is going to tell me not to read about them. In consequence, I have my own thoughts about them which I reserve the right to express - as I do about cuckoldry.

    In the wise words of the late, great Frank Zappa:- "A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open."
  17. :sign0101: OK i will chime in here. The title of the thread is "Humiliating words a Cuckold would like to hear" . While i can appreciate the fact that someone is NOT on the "pro" side of cuckolding i think it would be better discussed in another thread like maybe "How do you feel about Cuckolding" or some such title. Hell i like dressing like a sissy and i am sure there is more then one member here that doesn't like that. If however i started a thread "What does a sissy likes to wear" i wouldn't expect someone who is not into dressing like a sissy to chime in and tell me how it disgusts them and how much they don't like it. That is not the premise of the thread. i would expect other sissies to chime in with what they like to wear. Free speech is free speech just try to do it in an appropriate thread.

    By the same token does that mean someone shouldn't read it? Of course not knowledge is power after all.
    i will now return you to your regular :sign0006: discussion.

    MM's sweetpea
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  18. Fair enough, Rachel, your point is well made and accepted with good grace but I would point out that my reply no.8 followed perfectly from the comments made by PT109 in his reply no.7 and that the discussion which ensued was relevant and received support. As far as I was concerned, the matter ended with my reply no.10 as quoted and supported by cockislocked in reply no.13 and the thread had lain dormant for a month until Kyttens pet's attack which I feel was unwarranted and could not be left unanswered.

    As you suggest, it is time to move on but not before entering into the spirit of your post above with:- [​IMG][​IMG]
  19. Humiliating words a Cuckold would like to hear?

    "pick up some superglue when you're at the shops, worm"
  20. Thanks for all the replies, the real world has keep me away for a while, but now have some idle time on my hands. Kyttens pet, you are right; I was just posting for the erotic entertainment of all and hoping to hear some other thoughts. Did not mean to debate what is natural and not.

    How about we try it again?

    Are you listening to me? I said, I’ve decided on what I want for my anniversary
    gift. I want the wedding night you promised me but were too inadequate to deliver. What a let down that was….. Two minutes of stroking that 3 inch cock of yours and all I got was a sticky hand. Well, tonight I’m going to get all the cock that I’ve been missing for these past 5 years. I’ve consented to be gangbanged at tonight’s party and I’ve volunteered you to make sure everyone waiting in line doesn’t get bored. And look honey, I even bought us matching outfits to wear. See, little chambermaid outfits with frilly panties. Yours are pink to match your little hot pink chastity belt. Ooh honey, I’m so excited. Just think of how much fun we’re going to have servicing all those big thick cocks tonight.
  21. Paulette: loved your sign emoticon! :happy0007:
  22. Concentrating more on the "humiliating" aspect of this, I am very intrigued/aroused by the wife deciding to delegate sexual release (by hand or prostate milking) to somebody else entirely; either when going out of town (like on a business trip, or vacation w/ lover), or [what the heck...] permanently! Especially humiliating would be for it to be a family member, such as [relative to the cuck] mother-in-laew, sister-in-law, or an adult-age stepdaughter. That last one really gets me going because (1) Not being a blood relative, there's a decent chance, not having any of the cuck's genes, that she's really cute & arousing; (2) being younger, she'd be MUCH more likely not to be able to keep it a secret for long, and can eventually bring all her girlfriends into it.
  23. we have had sex more then one time in our 20 plus years, but slave has been locked for about 2 and a half years, and although he has good oral skills, a girl does need more from time to time. and i prefer mine 8 or better, which my poor husband could never measure up to. so, ive said many times if he was a real man, hed be enjoying what others do! of course, hes a fantastic husband and slave, and i wouldnt trade him for anyone, well maybe a 14 inch. lol, no just kidding. hope you all enjoy.
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  24. Well said!!!!

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