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Hubby Wearing a Bra

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by MDsh, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. I guess that where I look at it different. If I was to wear a Bra it would have to be padded and definetly noticable, a bra that definitely had a cup size to it. Congratulations to you @corsac@corsac for wearing one in public. I'm just assuming your also caged.
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  2. I understand. I do wear padded ones when I can. It's cold quite often here and I have a puffy down jacket that hides them well enough! Very small town and can't risk being noticed. Always caged of course :)
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  3. I have to be totally honest here and say one of my Mistresses favourite things is to have me dressed in lingerie , at home mostly but on occasion under my male clothing to go out , and there have been times when I have had to wear a bra at her instruction in public under my daily clothing , luckily so far if anybody has noticed they have never commented on it , but I am always worried that someone will , she knows this and I think it adds to her enjoyment even more ,
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  4. I try to wear a bra at weekends :)

    This was Saturday.. and out and about in public all day .
    Lucy x
  5. IMHO, there is no more feminine item of clothing than a bra. I wear one all of the time; even underdressing my male clothes. Have been doing so for about a year and a half and nobody has noticed except a lady bridge player at the Senior Center who was standing behind me, kibitzing, when she put her hand on my shoulder and obviously felt the strap adjuster. Even she has not said anything, but ever since then, she winks at me and gives me a knowing smile whenever I see her! I guess I'm just one of the girls!
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  6. Most recently we was going car shopping 100 miles from home, I was in a hot pink sports bra under my tight shirt. All of which was laid out for me to wear. Once we got almost to the interstate she said we need to stop. Once pulled over she looked me in the eye and said give me your shirt. The next 80 miles up the interstate in broad daylight, the pink sports bra was in plain view for anybody to look into the car and be seen.
    Last weekend she threatened to make me wear a tight white tank top over a blue sports bra. Luckily she changed her mind on that since she knew we would see people we know
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