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Hubby Wearing a Bra

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by MDsh, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. Please note the "brassiered" site has a section on male chastity also.
  2. Thanks for a great insight into bra training. I own a couple that i mainly use for my breast forms i have never worn one out of the house ! i do like the idea of the humiliation of wearing it under male clothes. i would prefer to go out dressed fully en femme ! Guess that would be for my Goddess to decide. Male clothes bra and breast forms sounds terrifying someone would be bound to notice. I also really like the sound of a bra fitting got me straining in my cage.
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  3. I wear a bra and forms under my male clothes almost all of the time and it has not been a problem for me except on one occasion. That was while playing bridge at the Senior Center. One of the ladies there came up behind me to see my hand and she placed her hand on my shoulder. As she walked away, I felt her hand slide down to the center on my back and I immediately knew that she was feeling from my bra. Later, we had eye contact and she just gave me a knowing look and a big smile. Ever since then, whenever I see her, I get that same knowing smile, but there has never been a word spoken about my bras.

    I have a smaller set of breast forms and use a smaller B cup bra when underdressing, so as to not be so very conspicuous! I go out at least 3 days a week shopping underdressed and have had no problems whatsoever!
  4. After we started chastity we tried all the things we read about including having me wear panties and a bra. I found an online website that sells bras and panties in men's sizes so they fit very well. Did it for 3-4 months but we both lost interest in it as I make one ugly woman and not much humiliates me. I have done much worse than wear female garments hidden under my regular clothes. In the end we ended up with just teasing and denial. No D/s, feminization, Cuckolding, pegging, etc.. I have done those things over a 47 year period but not anymore. I went from cuckolding to being the bull. Much better to get all the fun stuff from a wife rather than left overs.

    I cannot take S&M anymore at the level I was at since I do not heal as well as I used to. Since our girlfriend left, I have no one to dominate me the way she did and after a year of pegging I ending up with an anal fissure due to a too big strapon the tore my anus which required surgery to repair,. So it is just being locked up all the time and denied orgasms indefinitely. I do have nicer and more expensive female underwear than my wife does though. Just do not wear it except once in awhile my wife would tell me to put on my silk panties when she wants to pretend I am her old girlfriend. She likes to torture my nipples so she does not want me to wear a bra. I even have blouses, negligees and pretty women's pajama sets as well as socks. I even have a full makeup kit but with scars from a misspent youth and a face like a character out of the Godfather, I make one ugly women, makeup or not. :)
  5. I love the bra and it does make me that much more of a sissy or feminine feeling. I wear under my normal clothes daily and wear underwire bras of unlined, lightly lined to a push up. I know my staff has noticed but they have never said anything to me. I wear everything though, under my clothes from garters to corsets, stockings and cami's. My wife thinks I am a little nuts but she doesn't mind it to much. But I would say 95% of the time I am wearing something under my clothes
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  6. I had a mistress that required me to buy a matching red bra and panty set, and wear it to work for weeks. The feeling of submissiveness is incredible.
    Once had a female coworker in an elevator pat my back...she felt my bra and I got a dazzling smile. Memorable.
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  7. To show how old I am, I just began to post my Senior Center experience all over again! It's hell to be an old gurl!
  8. I love my cuckold wearing a bra, I make sure it has solid cups so it show under his shirt...makes me wet....
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  9. Mistress forces me to wear a bra 42-B almost every day; even when she has me wear a thin shirt and the bra shows--unless I have to go to work and then solid shirt. When we go to the beach, I am in bra and panties and thin White shorts and see through top and I change into a two piece bikini as Mistress wants me to get tan lines. Yes many Women have come up and smiled/laughed at me and asked Mistress how she trained me--then I have to explain that I am a bra and panty wearing sissy and, if she feels mean and really wants to humiliate me, she will pull down the bottom of my suit and they can all see that my sissy clit is locked up--then there is lots of laughter.
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  10. I have a few bras, both sport and regular ones. I like wearing them, but my Mistress does not require that I wear them all the time like my panties. When I wear them I definitely feel more feminine, especially when I wear the lacy ones.

    Sadly it is hard to find 42's in the smaller cup sizes. I would love to find matching bra and pantie sets.
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  11. Every sissies dream lol
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  12. Mistress keeps me in bras and panties 24,7 even in bed, she says it keeps me better domesticated and thoughtful to her needs.
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  13. Penny, I just bought two 42-B bras at Lane Bryant and the sales lady knew they were for me as I told her so. She helped me find some bras, took me to the dressing room where I tried them on. She brought me new ones and even came into the dressing room, without a problem, to help me. She helped hook my bra and then unhook it. I was in panties when this was going on; unless she had me try on a bra also. Wound up spending $300 on bras, panties, skirt, blouse and it was great. Try Lane Bryant and this is a real post.
  14. I also have had some great experiences at Lane Bryant.
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  15. Thank you donni. What an amazing time for you. I'm not sure I could be as open as you, but I admit I would love to have a similar experience. My fear would be that the sales lady would freak out if I told her the bras were for me.
  16. Since going to my local Lane Bryant for a bra fitting (at the direction on Mistress) several years ago, I frequently go there to shop for lingerie, tops, dresses, etc. I have become friends with the manager and several of the SA's. They tell me that there are many of us sissies who come there and that they enjoy waiting on us since we tend to know what we want, don't browse forever without buying like GG's do and we tend to spend when there. Most of them are on commission and like the revenue that we represent. The manager told me that she has to train all of their new SA's on dealing with men and that our business is really important.

    The ladies there have been very open and helpful to me. Dressing as a woman is much more involved than I ever thought and they have taught me how to match lingerie, tops, slacks, skirts, etc and the need for accessorizing to complete a look. They all now about my cage and even had me bring my spare cage in there (in a brown bag) to demonstrate how it works and now several of them are trying to get their hubbies encaged!
  17. Thank you DonnaSue for relating your fun experiences. I've never been my local Lane Bryant, but it sounds like I'd better check it out.
  18. Forgot to mention that I am a plus size girl and Lane Bryant specializes in larger sizes. If your bra band size is larger than 38, LB will work for you, If not, I suppose that Victoria's Secret would be a good alternative. The SA's at VS are somewhat younger and maybe less understanding, but all are on commission and enjoy the revenue from us gurls!
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  19. I have worn my wife's bras around the house ( I'm lucky that were about the same size in that area ) I sort of liked it but the unique thing is my Mistress doesn't want me to wear one in public. She does require that I wear panties but not a Bra. She still wants me to look like a normal man on the outside.
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  20. @Penney@Penney in the UK primark do Bralets . I'm a 44 inch chest and the Xl fits great :) IMG_20170914_51931.jpg
  21. Oh I am sooooo jealous! And Lucy is so cute....Do they ship to the US? That is enough reason to come for a visit. Not that I need any reason. I always have fun every time I visit.
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  22. I learned by accident dressing him up makes him more submissive to me. He admits it's made him more understanding of what us gals go through to look beautiful. I don't make him wear a bra 24-7, but I prefer him in lingerie, makeup and perfume for even "vanilla" sex. If he's getting disciplined or locked up, it's mandatory.

    I use silicone breast forms so they can pull on the bra straps. I usually help him with his new bras, so I can adjust them for him. I will put it on him with the silicone forms and adjust it on him. Then I take it off, tighten the straps a little more and put it back on him with the forms. He says it's tight and feels confining, but I tell him he's supposed to know he's wearing a bra. The only soft cup bras I usually let him wear are bullet bras. Almost everything else is underwire.

    He's learned to walk and stand in 4" and 5" heels, but he can't seem to deal with 6" heels. They make him more submissive to me, too, as he'll do almost anything to go to 4 or 5 inches. If he's been particularly naughty, like he just was when I was out of town on a trip for the hotel, he has to stand in the corner both before and after his disciplinary session in 6" heels. In fact, I just let him out of the corner a little bit ago and he's upstairs fixing his makeup. He spent a lot of time getting spanked this morning, so there was lots of tears which made a worse mess of his makeup than usual, so it's going to take him longer than usual to fix it and get back into that cute pink maid uniform and wait on me some more today. In fact, he's probably going to get another spanking for taking too long (tee hee hee)..

    He spent a half hour in the corner this morning before his disciplinary session, then the better part of 2 hours across my lap or bent over and then another hour in the corner. He ejaculated 3 times across my lap, so that earned him 3 tawsings (and licking up all that ejaculate) and he lost count on the 3rd one, so we started again and I "helped" him count, which is the usual penalty. When he ejaculates across my lap, he gets a tawsing then we start the trip across my lap all over again.

    You'd think he'd have learned by now the more he looks at pornography, the worse it gets for him.
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  23. Could we have a copy as well???
  24. My Mistress wants me to look like a man while in public. So she's not into having me wear a bra only panties.

    Today as I was in a shopping mall where no one knows me I went into a Victoria Secrets store and was looking at Different items, pretending that I was looking for something for my wife. I picked up a beautiful pink and black lace bra and almost asked the sales lady if I could try it on. It was on the tip of my tounge but I didn't say it. I've never worn a Bra in public before but it does interest me.
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  25. Nobody has ever noticed my bra, or they have never said anything. Depending on the style and what's over they are easy to hide. They are not however easy to forget you are wearing!