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Hubby Wearing a Bra

Discussion in 'The Pedestal' started by MDsh, Jul 13, 2015.

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  2. I participate in a clinical research study in which I have to go to a clinic every month where they do an exam, draw blood, and do an EKG. My next appointment is today and Mistress is requiring me to wear my bra and forms under my male garb, to the exam, Naturally, I'm concerned about being outed as the nurse listens to my heart via stethoscope and attaches the leads for the EKG. I've been awake all night thinking about how I will handle this! (This mental anguish is just another devious way of Her tormenting me, I'm sure.) I've decided that, if anything is said or if my lingerie becomes obvious, I'm simply going to truthfully say that "I am a sissy and my Mistress requires that I wear this!" Of course, I don't expect my cage to be part of the discussion, but I guess it could. Mistress and I discussed my humiliation about this over breakfast and She told me that the truth is the best way to handle it and if I had a problem with handling it that way, She would require me to voluntarily display my bra up front and tell the nurse about myself. I chose to shut up and discuss it no further!
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  3. How did the exam go??
  4. I decided to wear a button up shirt to the exam and, when the time came for the EKG leads, I simply unbuttoned my shirt and exposed my form filled bra in all its glory. I asked the nurse if I needed to remove my bra, and she said, "no, this will be fine" and then she went ahead and attached the leads. Very clinically, she asked whether I had Gynocomastia and I told her no, that my Mistress simply requires that I wear the bra. She said, "well, that's great" and went on with the EKG, acting very clinical. Nothing else was said! I felt a little humiliated and my cage became a little tight!
  5. Good for you going to the exam with your bra on. I am pleased that the nurse was so professional. It is important that medical professionals respect those of us that are genderfluid x
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  6. Cool experience.
    The test scores must be higher than normal :)
  7. Wearing a bra makes me feel so self conscious. I am used to chastity, as much as one can be I guess, but a bra never goes unnoticed all day! It is a great tease in my opinion! I had to wear daily for two weeks an I never forgot I was wearing it lol.
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  8. The test scores were rather routine, but my cage got amazingly tight! Mistress just loves for me to be humiliated for my feminine side and She would love to have been there with me!
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  9. Hopefully my kh will tell me sometime I "must" wear a bra.
  10. MDsh, Why not humiliate and embarrass him, as my Mistress did me, by requiring your sub to go to a lingerie store and to ask for a proper bra fitting? I sat in the parking lot forever waiting for the store to empty out while working up courage to go in and ask. It was most humiliating for me!
  11. Oh. That is good! May have to consider that in the future! LOL
  12. I also love my bras ,, lovely to wear , without....something is missing ! best reg. GWENY
  13. Its fine.If you really love the lingerie. Then as a woman I would like to suggest you one online store which is Spicyligerie.com, there are so many plus size outfits plus other lingerie also and many women related undergarments and clothes. So you should visit there once I think.
  14. impressed!
  15. Since having had a proper bra fitting, I don't buy bras online any more. There's just so many variables and its hard to get a good fit!. Besides, I really like the interchange with women on bra style & fit issues
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  16. I have to add the "bra fitting" to the list of punishment ideas in my Chastity Contract. I am still working on the Contract and hope to have it ready for my KH by New Year's.
  17. Please put a copy of your contact online, love to read it.
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  18. I added pic of hubby's tattoo in the gallery.
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  19. It is still a work in progress, but when it is done I will gladly post it.
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  20. Pretty elaborate. Much more so than the one I am envisioning, but pretty cool looking.
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  21. I believe this question was originally directed to the woman at CM but in view of all the dialogue above I'll jump in. In the beginning the sensation is exciting but over time as it becomes a normal part of life it can certainly become a gentle reassuring affirmation of ones identity and ones role with respect to your kh. KarenTs link to the "brassiered" site above has a wealth of information about the myriad ways this simple piece of clothing triggers responses and behaviours among both men and women. For myself I LOVE making out in my bra.
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  22. I once stumbled upon a whole web site devoted to "bra training." I see it as torso training and humiliation. As you've described it, it's a strong reminder of power exchange.
  23. The site that you're talking about is probably www.brassiered.com as it discusses bra training for men. Also, you may want to look at and join the Men Wear Bras forum at http://hellotaxi.websitetoolbox.com/pm/inbox You'll have to join (free) to view it, but there you will find an active discussion among thousands of male bra wearers, where in chastity or not (most are not).
  24. I like the brassiered site. Hugs.
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